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London Teachers and London Lessons

With a population of 8.8 million people, London, England is the largest city in the United Kingdom. It boasts more than 200 museums, including the Tate Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum, and world-renowned landmarks like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, and the Tower of London.

It also has 3,147 schools, more than 40% of which are contained within the boroughs of Inner London. Parents of the nearly 1.5 million pupils who attend school in London face a broad education system that can be difficult to navigate, but First Tutors can help.

Meet some of our London Tutors



Bachelors: First Class Honours (87% average, highest in LSE) (2016)
also takes advantage of "generation": students asked to generate their own answers to questions before being shown the correct answer, remember the correct solution more robustly than students who are just given the solutions. After each lesson, I ask my students to create memorable flashcards, using a technique known as "visceralisation". I teach my students how to organise their flashcards systematically so they can review them over spaced intervals - this takes advantage of "spaced...


Bachelors: Bachelor of Laws with Honours First Class (2012)
of the year they look forward to taking their law exams. If you are looking for a tutor who supports you and motivates you then please get in touch. My slots for this type of student tend to fill very quickly at the beginning of the academic year. My teaching is of the highest quality, very thorough and tailored to the individual. I focus on getting the best out of my students. I strives to...


Bachelors: Petroleum Engineering (2014)
time should be wasted sharpening pencils and looking for books etc. •- Some students, depending on their level, are given story books to practise their reading in their own time. •- Please help me to help your child by making sure s/he complete their 5-10minute-a-day homework. •- If I am not available for the day and time that suit you, you could join my waiting list if you wish. •- I can travel anywhere in...


Bachelors: 2:1 MA in PPE (politics, philosophy, economics) (2012)
technique for each exam board, I ensure my tutees study only the necessary material, and that they understand this at a much deeper level, leading to greater retention rates (and ultimately, higher scores). 2) Rapport. By getting to know the students I teach, in particular, their particular learning style and skillset, I can harness their strengths and bring up any weaknesses. 3) Practice. Through regular exam practice and assessment, students can see exactly how much...


PGCE: PGCE French (1998)
of teaching – from thorough differentiated lesson planning, designing own teaching material and marking. I am now working as a part-time French teacher in an OFSTED -rated as outstanding school in Tower Hamlets. Being a native French speaker I have an in-depth knowledge of the language, its pronunciation and experience of the country. With an excellent knowledge of French grammar, I cater for the needs of those students who are interested in the language but...


Bachelors: BSC (2018)
the IB's CAS programme. After school I volunteered at different primary schools in townships around South Africa. I have worked with both adults and children which has enabled me to adapt my style of teaching depending on the student. I believe it is important to understand that each student has different needs. My aim is to identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to create balanced lessons. I think that patience is key to creating...


Bachelors: 2:1 French and Arabic (2014)
together she had good basic skills and could communicate effectively. I helped another student learn some basic Arabic before her trip to Morocco. I tutored an opera singer in French; helping her with her French accent and understanding the language to enable her to improve her singing. 2016- present Assessments I also carry out assessments for GSCE, A-level and all entrance exams to assess what areas that particular student needs to work on. I have...
Ka Ki

Ka Ki

Masters: Mecahnical Engineering (MEng) (2015)
students about higher education, assist them with their UCAS application and answer any questions they may have. Everyone is different and they all have their unique ways of learning. I appreciate that and will explore with the student, finding the best method for them to learn. Some prefer learning by going through detailed example in steps, some prefer learning by tackling the problem themselves and ask questions as they go along. My aim is to...


Bachelors: BSc (Hons) (2017)
Economics: A I have over 5 years experience teaching Economics and Geography on YouTube, amassing almost 400,000 views. I have also taught in a school in the West Midlands as part of an internship. The last student I tutored received 100% in his coursework + entrance to Westminster school. I will look over past papers, highlight the main topics and problems and work with you to get top grades. As I am a tutor, my...


Bachelors: BA Legal Studies (2002)
to teaching privately, I have supervised P.hDs' and been involved in training the judiciary. I provide a personalised strategy, identifying your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses by developing skills, habits and a mind set that will give you a competitive edge well beyond your studies. With a step-by-step logical and structured approach, I take complex topics and makes them clear, so that you gain mastery in your subject. Following my systems will result in: -...

Subjects Taught: Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Combined Science, French, German, Spanish, History, Geography, Business Related, Craft and Design, Mandarin, Government and Politics, Computer Studies / I.T., Economics, Law, Entrance Exams, Music, Drama, English (Foreign Language), Arabic, Philosophy / Critical Thinking, Study Skills

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Fastest Responding London Tutors

  • Armand

    Armand, London
    Joined: 03/06/2013 | Av. Price: £60.00 p.h.
    Law, Study Skills
    Bachelors: Bachelor of Laws with Honours First Class (2012)

  • Therese, London
    Joined: 20/05/2011 | Av. Price: £20.00 p.h.
    PGCE: PGCE French (1998)

  • Liam

    Liam, London
    Joined: 01/09/2016 | Av. Price: £35.00 p.h.
    Maths, Physics
    Masters: 1st Class (MEng) Mechancial Engineering with Management (2015)

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Newest London Tutors

  • Jennie

    Jennie, London
    Joined: 31/07/2018 | Av. Price: £30.00 p.h.
    Bachelors: 1st (2018)

  • Arisa

    Arisa, London
    Joined: 16/05/2018 | Av. Price: £30.00 p.h.
    Bachelors: Bachelor of the Music (2016)

  • Georgina

    Georgina, London
    Joined: 04/04/2018 | Av. Price: £35.00 p.h.
    French, German
    Bachelors: German with French Studies (2:1) (2017)

Featured London Tutors

  • Deniz

    Deniz, London
    Joined: 29/10/2007 | Av. Price: £76.67 p.h.
    : BEng, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (YTU) (0)

  • John

    John, London
    Joined: 27/12/2013 | Av. Price: £41.25 p.h.
    Bachelors: Acting (2013)

  • Kay

    Kay, London
    Joined: 08/02/2017 | Av. Price: £30.00 p.h.
    English, Craft and Design, History Of Art
    PGCE: Certificate In Education (1996)

First Tutors offers private, personalised tutoring in London, both online or in-home throughout the city's 32 boroughs. London-based tutors work with pupils of all ages, in many subjects—whether you prefer to revise for a French exam at a cafe close to Kensington Palace or you would like a tutor to meet with your child at your home in Shoreditch. For families and individuals who are busy, travel often, or enjoy the convenience of digital assistance, online tuition is an ideal option.

A qualified tutor in London can support you in the following areas:

Primary school tuition in London

First Tutors understands the importance of a strong academic foundation. Students in Key Stages 1 and 2 are introduced to critical literacy and numeracy skills that inform their education through secondary school and into university and the workforce.

Private tuition can help your child perform to his or her potential. A tutor can introduce or revisit English, maths, or science concepts with your child, drawing from age-appropriate resources like those offered by London's British Museum and Natural History Museum, as well as your pupil's teacher. Primary school tutors are also familiar with the national curriculum.

As your child approaches and completes Year 6, study skills tuition grows in importance. If you intend to pursue admission to certain grammar schools, tutors can ready your child for the appropriate entrance exams. Typically, entrance exams assess pupils in such areas as English, maths, and reasoning, and they govern admissions to top greater London grammar schools like:

Grammar School

London Ranking

Percentage of GCSE Results in A*-C Range

The Henrietta Barnett School



The Tiffins Girls' School



Wilson's School



St. Michael's Catholic Grammar School



St. Olave's Grammar School



A number of independent schools in London also use entrance exams to determine admission to Year 7. While the transition from primary to secondary school can be challenging, tutors are available to assist your family throughout this process.

Secondary School and Further Education in London

Students in Years 7 through 13 may feel a great deal of stress as they progress through their GCSEs and A levels. Earning an A*/9 or an A/8 on these critical assessments involves both subject knowledge and strategy. While GCSE-level study in English, maths, and science is compulsory, pupils with diverse interests may struggle to select other GCSE subjects. A private tutor with GCSE tuition experience can help your child identify promising GCSEs in the arts, humanities, modern foreign languages, and design and technology fields.

Your child's performance on GCSE exams and in GCSE subjects determines whether he or she continues on to A level studies and university. An expert tutor can help to ensure that your pupil earns the appropriate number of grade 4 and above passes. Recent updates to the A level and GCSE structure can make home tuition particularly valuable, as pupils move away from modular instruction and toward the linear model. If your child is enrolled in an International Baccalaureate programme, you can also find IB tuition at First Tutors.

Our tutors are comfortable assessing pupils' critical thinking skills, revision techniques, and time management strategies. Tutors can also address examination stress. They can help establish a strong subject foundation in Year 7, support your child's GCSE revision efforts in Year 11, assist with A level content issues in Year 12, or ready pupils for the all-important A level examinations in Year 13.

University-Level tuition in London

With a total of 40 universities, the city of London is home to the highest number of UK universities in a single area. If you or your child hopes to attend one of the most prestigious institutions in the country, he or she may be considering one of these universities:


London Ranking

Global Ranking

Imperial College London


17 (Tie)

University College London



King's College London



Queen Mary, University of London


116 (Tie)

London School of Economics and Political Science


244 (Tie)

Whether your child plans to study physics at Imperial College London or history at the London School of Economics and Political Science, First Tutors can provide valuable guidance during the undergraduate application process. For instance, tutors can help your child prepare or revise his or her personal statement. A tutor can also work with your child to develop admissions interview skills.

Once university begins, a private tutor can ensure that you or your child makes appropriate progress toward his or her degree. First tutors are subject matter experts, with the ability to personalise instruction to specific learning styles and needs. A first or second at university is well within reach with First Tutors.

Home tuition is available in a number of areas, including:

  • Arabic
  • Biology
  • Business-related
  • Chemistry
  • Combined science
  • Computer studies/I.T.
  • Craft and design
  • Drama
  • Economics
  • English
  • English (foreign language)
  • Entrance exams
  • French
  • Geography
  • German
  • Government and politics
  • History
  • Law
  • Mandarin
  • Maths
  • Music
  • PE/sport science
  • Philosophy/critical thinking
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Special needs
  • Study skills.

With a qualified private tutor, you can maintain or raise your grades, as well as build confidence in your knowledge and skills. First Tutors provides you with a centralised location to find the ideal tutor for your learning style, needs, and schedule. From primary school to university, and from Year 7 entrance exams to A levels, your or your child's academic goals can become a reality with First Tutors. Find your tutor today by entering your search criteria now.