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Become a world citizen. Use our search function to find language teachers in your area to help you master an international lingua franca like French, German or Spanish or a more exotic tongue, like Chinese, Polish or Arabic. Regardless of the scope of your linguistic ambition, First Tutors: Languages is a great place to start: we have teachers catering to all knowledge levels across the whole of the UK.

About First Tutors: Languages

First Tutors: Languages is a web-based service that allows you to find the right language teacher for you, no matter where you are in the UK. Use our search tool to filter tutors by qualifications, experience and customer feedback ratings; make contact with the tutor of you choice through our private forums to arrange the time, date and specifics of your lessons; and then enjoy your language lessons wherever suits you, be it at home, the teacher's home, or over the internet. We collect at least two references on all of our teachers and run them through ID checks, so you can choose with confidence. Our sister site, First Tutors: Academic, has been catering for students seeking private tuition since 2005 and has been recognised in The Good Schools Guide as well as winning industry awards. To find out more about First Tutors: Languages and how we operate please visit our learners and parents section, our language teachers section or read more about us.

Why Learn a Language?

Learning a language opens up new frontiers. It lets you access and appreciate new cultures and opportunities, and will vastly improve your experience in the language's host country. Maybe you need an extra language for work, perhaps you are planning your retirement abroad or just want to brush up on a language you have studied before. Visit our learners section to learn more about language lessons.

For Language Teachers

Register with us for free to start expanding your client base. You can showcase your qualifications and experience, specify which languages you wish to teach, choose whether to work from home or to travel (or both!) and let prospective clients know when you're available. Our site works on an open marketplace system, where tutees choose teachers based on their experience and suitability and then contact them through our forums. Have a look at our teachers section to learn more about our approach to Language teaching.