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How important are the Key Stage 2 SATs results?

July 3rd, 2017 by Grace Dickins

With the KS2 SATs results being released to schools later this week, we thought there was no better time to look at how important they are to your child's future.

What do SATs assess?

SATs assess how well students have understood what they've learnt in three subjects: mathematics, reading, and spelling, grammar and punctuation. It's only the second year of the new, harder SATs so 2017 results will only be comparable with last year.

Not all schools offer SATs. Independent schools can choose whether to offer them, but they usually still do an equivalent at the end of primary/prep school to assess students ability.

Do the results really matter?

SATs are important to the future education of your child. Many secondary schools use the results to gauge student ability in order to organise th... Read More »

The Secret Life of 4 and 5 Year Olds

June 12th, 2017 by Sarah Adams

This Channel 4 Observational Documentary follows four and five year olds as they take their first steps towards independence and embark on the new challenges of going to school. The series follows their development from the moment they meet for the first time, through the forming of friendships to learning social rituals and friendly competition. The entire process is observed and monitored by leading scientists and child psychologists who will provide occasional comment on the children's stages of development.

Filming for the series will take place in North London over the Summer holidays and filming days are led by two highly trained teachers. The children are filmed for no more than 5 hours per day and they would be needed for one or two weeks filming over a 6 week period from July 24th.

... Read More »

FREE family days out for the summer holidays

June 12th, 2017 by Sarah Adams

Summer's coming and although it may feel as though the kids have only just gone back to school, they'll need entertaining once again this summer holiday. There's no need to break the bank though, we've found some FREE family days out available nationwide!

Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust offers free activities from bug hunting, crown making to pond dipping - there is an activity for children of all ages. Admission to the woods are free and their website has free printable activity sheets available to keep your children occupied in all weathers. To find your closest woodland, check out their website.

Free Swim-Safe Sessions

Children aged 7-14 can take part in open water 'Swim Safe' sessions running i... Read More »

Entrance Exams - Does your child need a tutor?

June 11th, 2017 by Sara

In recent years there have been many debates regarding the standard of British schools. We are seen as a world leader in education by many countries abroad but at home teachers and parents sometimes disagree. By the time children reach the age of 9 many parents are frantically researching which top independent or grammar school their child could obtain a place at.

Once they know which school they would like their child to attend the next task is to evaluate their child's current level at school taking into account their strengths and weaknesses. Most parents have a pretty good idea which subjects their child struggles and excels at but a teacher or private tutor can help identify exactly what kind of help is needed. The school's website often provide past exam papers and indicate what would be seen as a pass mark, this gives parents a good indication of the school's standard and if their child would be able to pass the ... Read More »

How we occupied the kids before computers

June 6th, 2017 by Sara

Hooray! School has finished and summer holidays begin. No doubt your children are looking forward to all the fun activities they can do with their family and friends during the 6 weeks holidays most schools enjoy in the UK. Some parents may feel overwhelmed with organising and brainstorming ideas to keep their children occupied whilst having fun, not to mention the cost often involved in taking them to theme parks, leisure centres or similar venues.

First Tutors have put together 7 retro low cost kids games to keep your little ones learning and active.


Hopping on one foot is a complex movement and promotes not just physical coordination, but balance and cognitive development too. The game as we know it today dates back to the 17th century and is even believed to have been played by Roman children. It can be played alone or with several players and involves tossing a small object (stone/pebble) into numbered triang... Read More »

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