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Search to find UK dance instructors near you! First Tutors: Dance profiles UK dance teachers offering individual dance instruction through private dance lessons and classes across the UK. So whether you're looking for guidance for professional or personal reasons, First Tutors: Dance is a great place to look!

About First Tutors: Dance

First Tutors: Dance is a UK wide online service enabling you to find dance teachers in your local area. Dance classes can inspire confidence for the first dance at your wedding, help you glide across the ballroom with ease, and keep you in shape! Browse to select your perfect dance teacher for all your dance instruction needs. Dance lessons will typically take place at the dance instructor's home or studio, or sometimes at own your home depending on your preference. Our sister site, First Tutors: Academic, has been catering for clients seeking private tuition since 2005 and has been recognised in The Good Schools Guide and national press as well as winning industry awards. To find out more about First Tutors: Dance and how we operate please visit our clients section, our Dance teachers section or read more about us.

Why opt for Dance Classes with a Private Dance Instructor?

Perhaps you long to dance like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, or maybe your wedding day is approaching and the idea of that first dance terrifies you... Whatever your motivation, a little dance instruction with lessons adapted for your individual needs will bring you that much closer to making your dreams a rock 'n' rolling reality!

As a parent you may choose dance classes for your children to engage them in a new hobby, to stretch them in more diverse ways than school allows, to set their posture on the right track or just to help them work off some of that energy! Dance classes can help a child to increase their confidence, and give them a positive hobby to develop. Visit our students and parents section to learn more about Dance classes.

For Dance Teachers and Instructors

Dance teachers can register free with First Tutors: Dance to begin advertising their private dance classes across their preferred area. This enables you to showcase your experience and to specify when and where they wish to instruct your dance lessons. It is an "open marketplace", so a client can choose dance instructors on the merit of their teaching experience outlined in their teacher profiles, and contact them securely online before commencing the dance classes. Visit our dance instructors section to learn more about our approach to dance classes and instruction.