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Welcome to First Tutors: Australia! Helping you find tuition across Australia

Looking for primary, secondary tuition or university level private tutoring in Australia? First Tutors: Australia is an online resource designed to help you find private tuition within your local area, and gives you the option to browse the tutors we have available before choosing the tutor who best matches your tuition needs! We recruit tutors able to provide you with tutoring in subjects from English and Maths to arts and languages, and at all levels from kindergarten to tuition for state exams such as the HSC, VCE, QCE, SACE etc, or tutoring for university examinations.Why not run a search and see what First Tutors: Australia can offer you?

About First Tutors: Australia

First Tutors: Australia is a website designed to help you find a private tutor anywhere in Australia. Originally established in the UK, First Tutors: Australia is now available to find private tutors for home tuition across Australia. Private tuition used across Australia, with many students choosing to use the option of private tuition to help them achieve their full academic potential. Use the search above to find available home tutors, then select a private tutor from the results and enjoy quality private tuition either at your home or the tutor's - both home tutors teaching from home and private tutors who can travel to you are profiled on First Tutors: Australia. For additional information about First Tutors: Australia and how we operate visit our private tutors section, our students and parents section, or find out more about First Tutors: Australia and what we can do for you!

Who uses Private Tutors for Home Tutoring?

The most common reason parents choose a private tutor to give home tuition to their children are to help a child catch up in class, to learn additional subjects, to help a child stretch their abilities further than in school, or to give their child the one-on-one attention that is just not possible in a busy school environment - the benefits of a home tutor cannot be denied! Home tuition from a private tutor can boost your child's performance in school, improve their confidence, and motivate extra interest in a subject, as children often form a better connection with their home tutor than with a teacher. A private tutor can also help develop both study skills, and the discipline required for helpful study that can then be applied to any other subject.

The service our home tutors offer isn't just for kids! If you'd like to expand your education as an adult private tuition could be the ideal solution. Talking with our private tutors to check if they can meet your requirements is totally free so there's no reason not to get in touch! Visit our students and parents section to find out more on private tuition.

Information For Home Tutors

If you're a home tutor or private tutor you can join First Tutors: Australia for free to advertise the private tuition you offer anywhere in Australia. This allows you to showcase your qualifications and private tuition experience and to say where and when you are available for home tuition. We are an "open marketplace", so students choose their own home tutors and private tutors by reading their tutor profiles, and then contact them directly online through a secure forum offered by First Tutors: Australia before starting lessons. Visit our private tutors section to learn more about how we approach private tuition and remember that it's totally free to register with us as a private tutor!

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