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Find private tutors in your area of New Zealand for primary, secondary and tertiary level home or private tuition. First Tutors: NZ have private tutors for home tuition all over New Zealand, offering subjects from Maths and English to photography and languages. Private tuition from experienced home tutors is offered for Entrance exams, NCEA Levels 1 - 3 and tertiary level examinations. Search to find your private tutor and start using our home tuition services.

About First Tutors: NZ

First Tutors: NZ is a web-based service for finding a private tutor anywhere in New Zealand. Originally established in England, due to the demand for private tuition from home tutors, First Tutors now offers private tuition in New Zealand. Private Tuition is taking off as one of the fastest growing markets in New Zealand with more and more students and parents choosing a private tutor for home tuition to help them learn. Just use the search box above and select a home tutor from the list to enjoy excellent private tuition either at your home or the tutor's - we list both private tutors and home tutors who can travel to you. Find out more about First Tutors: NZ and how we work by visiting our private tutors section, our students and parents section, or learn more about us.

Why choose Private Tuition?

The main reasons parents use home tutors to provide private tuition for their children are: to help a child who has fallen behind, to learn another subject outside of school, to take their child's abilities further than they would be in class, or to give their child more attention than is possible in a classroom - the benefits of a dedicated private tutor can be huge! Private tuition from a home tutor can raise the levels of your child's school performance, help them to increase their confidence, or give them motivation or enjoyment in a subject - children often bond with their private tutor easier than with a teacher. A home tutor can also help the child become better able to develop study skills and the discipline needed for successful study that can be applied to most subjects. Our private tutors are not just for children though, if you've ever wanted to learn a new subject as an adult home tuition could be just the way to do it! Chatting with our private tutors is free so there is nothing to lose. Visit our students and parents section to learn more about home tuition.

For Private Tutors

If you are a private tutor or a home tutor you can register with First Tutors: NZ for free to advertise your tuition services anywhere in New Zealand. This will enable you to showcase your qualifications and experience as a private tutor and to specify how, when and where you are available for home tuition. We have an "open marketplace", so students can choose private tutors on the merit of what they outline in their tutor profiles, and then contact them online in a safe, secure environment before commencing lessons. Remember, it is free to join our service as a private tutor. Visit our home tutors section to learn more about how we approach private tuition.

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