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Find private teachers in your area to help you with elocution, drama, cookery and range of other subject areas. If you are looking for professional private lessons, First Tutors: Arts & Crafts profiles teachers across the UK. So whether you are preparing for that all important exam or developing an interest just for fun, First Tutors: Arts & Crafts is an excellent place to begin your search.

Tell me more about First Tutors: Arts & Crafts

First Tutors: Arts & Crafts helps you locate private teachers across the UK in one simple search. Whether you are looking for elocution lessons for professional purposes, drama lessons to pass LAMDA exams or cookery classes to bring out your inner chef, First Tutors: Arts & Crafts is designed to help you reach your goal. Simply enter your postcode in the search fields above and browse the profiles of professional teachers in your local area. You can choose between those teachers who deliver lessons from their own homes or premises and those who are willing to travel to your office or home. Although First Tutors: Arts & Crafts is a new service, our sister site, First Tutors: Academic, has been catering for students seeking private tuition since 2005 and has been recognised in the national press, The Good Schools Guide as well and through numerous industry awards. To find out more about First Tutors: Arts & Crafts and how we operate please visit our learners and parents section, our teachers section or read more about us.

Why private lessons?

There's no faster way to learn than through the dedicated attention of a teacher working with you on a one-to-one basis. First Tutors: Arts & Crafts helps you to find teachers in a variety of subjects, including elocution, cookery and drama, able to teach you on an individual basis. To identify which teacher is best for you, we've asked teachers to outline their approach to lessons, experience and qualifications. If you are a teacher looking to deliver private lessons, please visit our teachers section to learn more about us.