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Looking for Primary Mechanical Engineering Teachers? First Tutors makes it easy for you to find the most recommended 1 on 1 Primary Mechanical Engineering tutor in your city. Please use First Tutors search system to locate tutors in your area then just pick whomever best suits your educational needs.

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in full with relevant theory exam tips, short methods (2 - non-calculator papers) Option 2: Discuss two papers in full with relevant theory exam tips, short methods (2 - calculator papers) Option 3: Discuss two papers in full with relevant theory exam tips, short methods (1 non-calculator paper and 1 calculator paper) AS Level Options (1 student - £140, 2- students - £190, 2+ students – please ask) Option 1: Discuss two papers in full...


Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Combined Science, Entrance Exams, Mechanical Engineering
Doctorate: Freeze - Thaw fatigue of composite materials (2020)
lecturer teaching various engineering, science, maths and technology subjects, from individuals to groups of over 100, and at all levels from GCSE/Nat 5 to Masters. I am also a member of various SQA teams, involved in writing, checking and marking of various qualifications including physics from Nat 5 through to advanced higher. I have an open and welcoming approach to tutoring. To me all forms of teaching should be about getting the student to build...


Doctorate: Mechanical Engineering: Embedded Tribology (2020)
more than three years of regular teaching experience (Assistant Professor (2012 to date) & Lecturer (2009 to 2012)) from well known Public sector university (UET Lahore Pakistan). Additionally, I have been tutoring one-to-one and small groups since 2005. I believe all students are talented, if they need to use their brains and activities more effectively and efficiently. I have approach of teaching the student in ascertaining them with full guidance to hunt for solution themselves....
AQA, Edexcel and OCR and managing and training a team of professional teachers. Developing research based new coaching techniques with effective methodology. I have taught (GCSE and A level courses from 2006 to 2010) I taught Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Design and Technology, Industrial materials and General Mechanical engineering. From June 2009 till November 2012 I formed Alphatutors Biz teaching, GCSE, A level students covering subjects of Physics, D&T, Engineering, Chemistry, Mathematics and I taught on...
disciplines encompassing my subjects of interest. I have been tutoring and teaching for many years since my high school years until today. Therefore, you will be tutored by a competent person who has a extensive and wide range of experiences with students. I adopt a policy where I adjust my teaching skills,techniques,and standards to the level and needs of all students who are understandably at different levels. Whether you are looking for little help or...
helping with Spanish and English. Having been a student for the past 19 years, I am well aware of the struggles a student can face. I find that making mistakes is often the best way to improve, therefore I will never be dissapointed if a student makes a mistake; in fact, I shall use that opportunity to shine light on why that answer is incorrect, in order for the student to understand why the answer...


Masters: Engineering Design with Study in Industry (2017)
lower years in Maths and DT-Product Design classes, working with students of ages 11 to 16. For younger students my approach tends to involve looking at the work they're covering in school and building upon this in more depth, also highlighting where, as an engineer, it comes in useful in real life examples. For GCSE and A-Level students, from my personal experience and what I have learnt from my students, I have found that what...


Masters: Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering (2012)
to a wide range of age groups and abilities. My main subjects are Maths, Physics, Economics and Chemistry, which I tutor to all school levels (A-level, IB, GCSE, IGCSE etc.), 11+, 13+ and 16+. Additionally, I tutor Engineering, Maths, Physics and Economics to undergraduate level on a case by case basis. Moreover, I have experience supporting successful applications to Oxbridge for courses such as Engineering, Natural Sciences, Physics, Economics and Computer Science. My success rate...


Masters: 2:1, MSci Natural Sciences (2013)
assistant physics teacher through the Cavendish Laboratory Education Outreach. Trusted to help in the preparation and delivery of lessons and plan the physics curriculum for year 8. Teaching in China, Camford Royal School, Beijing Jul - Aug 2011 One month placement teaching English as a foreign language at a national summer school in China. Planned and delivered lessons as part of a team of foreign teachers with the aid of translators. Teaching in India, Rushey...
a Lead Power Electronics Engineer in a Semiconductor manufacturing company. Dealing with Electronics/Electrical and Mechanical issues most of the time. I have 10 years of Industrial experience in engineering. Furthermore, continuing my PhD program this year and will be giving lectures in the University as a lecturer. Teaching GCSE, A-levels to University level since 8 years. Expert in maths, physics, chemistry, computer and electronics subject.Helping Phd on their research work. Devoted to tution and enjoy...

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