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Online Maths and Physics Lessons

Proven Methodology, Highly Experienced 1st Class Master Imperial College MEng qualified Tutor OFFERING Expert services in 7/11+/GCSE/AL. With a 100% success rate of students achieving AT LEAST an A/A* grade. Providing Guidance as Interview Coach, Education Consultant & Mentor helping Top London/Boarding/Grammar School & Uni. students F2F/online since 2014 (Harrow, Haberdashers, St.Paul's | Oxford, Cam, Imperial, UCL, LSE).

2-hour Group sessions – a maximum of 8 students per table (£50 /session).
The aim of these sessions is to familiarize with the content as well as understanding how to apply the concept to exam questions.During the sessions, students are continuously given exam-style questions during the session as well as outside of session for homework. Offered in 11+ MATHS, GCSE MATHS, GCSE FURTHER MATHS, GCSE CHEMISTRY & GCSE PHYSICS.


Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London. Elected as Vice President of Tamil Society, Student year Representative of Mechanical Engineering Dept. and Head of Manufacturing of Vehicle Design Society.

Speak English & Tamil, achieved A* A* A*AA in my A-level exams: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Tamil, Physics and Chemistry. Professional musician forming a musical band alongside siblings.


100% success rate of students achieving AT LEAST an A/A* grade AND helping them to get into elite schools and universities (including Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, Harvard).

My students successfully passed exams in numerous Grammar Schools and/or Independent Schools: Henrietta Barnett School , Lady Eleanor Holles, St Olave's Grammar School, Merchant Taylors School, Nonsuch High School for Girls, Surbiton High School, King's College School, Kendrick School , Tiffin School , The Tiffin Girls' School , Notre Dame School Cobham, St. Paul's, Eton, , St. George's, Reading School, Hampton Prep and Hampton School, Kingston Grammar School, St Paul's, Reeds, Wimbledon High, Sir William Perkins, , Haberdashers Askes, City of London Girls and Boys, KCS Wimbledon, Emanuel, Latymer, Westminster, Radley, Tonbridge, Radnor House, St. Catherine's, The Mall, The John Lyon School , Godolphin and Latymer, Royal Grammar School, , Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools, St. John's, Harrow, Henrietta Barnett, Queen Elizabeth's School, Sutton Grammar School, Wilson's School, Queen Elizabeth's School, Shrewsbury House Pre-Preparatory School etc.


■ GCSE, IGCSE, IB, A-Level (LINEAR & 9-1 SPECIFICATIONS) High School Tutoring

  1. Specialising in Physics A-level (Edexcel, OCR, AQA, WJEC, ICAAE, CIE), Mathematics & Further Mathematics A- level (Edexcel, OCR, OCR MEI, AQA), Specialising in Chemistry A-level (Edexcel, OCR, AQA, WJEC, ICAAE, CIE), GCSE Mathematics and Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology).
  2. Providing online option during the COVID-19 Pandemic with over 1000 hours of online tutoring experience
  3. Last minute exam sessions AVAILABLE in August/September 2020 for Autumn exam resits proposal by Ofqual. Sessions providing optimal approach for resits, including identification and support in weaker areas, results- driven exam technique practice focussed on improving speed.
  4. Home-schooling students (including resits, gap year, extra subjects not offered by school, extenuating circumstances)

■ Selective School, Private School Entrance and University Admissions

  1. Providing support with Common School Entrance and University Admissions
  2. Personal statement assistance for UCAS undergraduate application including Statement ideation, structure support and multi-draft feedback
  3. Extracurricular leadership support to strengthen private school, university application including planning, execution and reporting
  4. Oxbridge, G5 applications and other rigorous application processes including interview and university exam preparation
  5. Career advice, career development and mentoring post 16- education including support on what school, what university, what course, gap-year placements application
  6. Offering student motivation, guidance and mentoring to help empower students in personal, academic, and professional situations.

■ University Tutoring

  1. Assistance with STEM undergraduates including practical coursework’s, thesis and dissertations.
  2. Year in Industry, Graduate job applications including preparation at all stages of the recruitment process including: CV, Personal Statement psychometric testing (SHL, Kenexa, CEB, Gartner, etc and telephone & F2F interviews (competency, motivation, business including Assessment Centres)

Tutoring Experience

  1. Tutoring experience of 6+ years with all of my students achieving their predicted grades or higher (A/A*)
  2. Taught over 50+ diverse students from grammar, private and state schools including Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Latymer School, Dame Alice Owens School, Harrow, Haberdashers, Henrietta Barnett, Mill Hill County, North London Collegiate School, St Olave’s Grammar School
  3. Proven teaching methodology of at least one to two grade improvements in Maths, Physics and Chemistry GCSE and A-Level.
  4. Supported and taught children of high net worth individuals, including families from the UK, Eastern Europe, Bangkok, Middle East and Russia
  5. Provided university mentoring & extra-curricular leadership consulting for high achieving students applying for G5 universities, including 3 students for successful US Ivy League School admissions to Harvard, MIT universities
  6. Conducted Admissions University Open day tours as Imperial College Ambassador and shortlisted potential candidate for the Mechanical Engineering Admissions team at Imperial College.
  7. Ran Personal statement & Interview workshops for university application along with CV workshops & recruitment process guidance for Year in Industry & Graduate application.
  8. Successfully ran crash courses for independent schools in the past in physics and chemistry GCSE & A-Level
  9. Supported as teaching assistant for 1st Year Mathematic tutorials at Imperial College University
  10. Recipient of Senior Award for A- Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics in recognition of the strong performances - completed extensively in UKMT Mathematical Challenges, achieving several Gold certificates and representing at Maths Olympiad.

Tutoring Approach

The benefit of private tutoring over being taught in larger classes is that the tutor is able to tailor work according to the student’s pace necessary to achieve the desired results. Typically, students have gaps in their knowledge which are holding them back from progressing. I will focus on any unidentified areas of weaknesses, adopt my teaching method to suit the student’s learning style (discussed below) and build them into strength to allow them to achieve the highest grade that is possible for them.

My broad career experience helps me to impart knowledge in a more enthusiastic, clearer, convincing, and mature way, with the ability to better relate scientific/mathematical concepts to everyday life and to the commercial world. This approach encourages students to think outside the box, apply the taught methodology and problem-solve the question in a structured manner with confidence to achieve the maximum marks possible.


I set on a mission: to create an environment that focused on offering results and providing a strong foundation they needed to succeed. Instead of relying on traditional rote memorization and repetitive exercises, my work is focused on helping students achieve at least an A grade in their chosen STEM subjects using my very own ‘Results- driven problem-solving approach’.


  1. My success lies in my ability to change my teaching style to suit the student’s needs
  2. I go beyond the syllabus to improve their understanding on the topic and ensure they are well-placed to answer the questions to the best of their abilities
  3. I put heavy emphasis on structing answers and presentation of understanding, asking students to teach back a topic taught by myself a few weeks ago. This helps in improving their communication skills as well as solidifying their revision of the topic.
  4. I strive towards making the topic interesting for the student encouraging the student to think more deeply around the topic. This includes stimulating students to seek further information on their own and asking more questions during the sessions.
  5. I provide practical and lively examples using everyday life and commercial examples to explain concepts In Maths, Physics and Chemistry.
  6. I guide my students using my very own ‘Result-Driven problem-solving approach’ methodology to tackle different scenario questions and obtaining the correct answers rather than relying on traditional rote memorization and repetitive exercises.
  7. I begin to teach students exam- questions and techniques from the first lesson in preparation for their 7/11+/GCSE/AL exam. Having liaised frequently with examiners, I explain the mark allocation for a question helping students understand examiners requirement as well as the optimum structure that needs to be implemented to maximise my student’s exam skills to gain the maximum marks possible.
  8. I simplify complex concepts allowing the students to digest the information more easily and ensure that the students have a sound grasp before moving on. This helps students to tackle harder exam question early on so that they are not overwhelmed with these concepts near to the exam season.
  9. I strive to establish a good working relationship between the tutee and myself such that the tutee feels comfortable to learn. Boosting student’s confidence and creating a driven environment where the student becomes a self-believer in success is my speciality.
  10. I go beyond a tutor and provide the students with efficient method of learning, revision strategies, time-management skill and other life-coaching skills to prepare the student for the real-world in the future.


I use a unique combination of a range of learning methods to allow students to understand their unique learning style and ultimately to foster a love of learning. In return, the student will receive high quality tuition boosting their grades in a result orientated culture.

  1. STRUCTURED LEARNING: The initial consultation will outline where the student is weak and where the student is strong. This will be used to tailor- make a formal study plan based on the student’s needs.
  2. CUSTOMISED LEARNING: The student will be given full control of their learning. This means that students are able to tailor their education according to their needs, helping them to build knowledge upon what they already know.
  3. RESULTS ORIENTATED LEARNING: Students will be continuously given exam-style questions during the session as well as outside of session for homework. During the session, I will closely monitor how students answer questions providing exam techniques to help convert excellent grasp of content to achieving high results.


“Piranavan was introduced to us by a friend to prepare our son for his physics and chemistry GCSE exams coming up in a year.
Piranavan kept the ground running and has quickly helped in identifying our son’s weak points in subjects he isn’t teaching and we were able to do a quick turn around in addressing the weaknesses.
He provides us with a daily feedback about the session and informs us about homework given. This has really helped us to know the exact stage he is at and the amount of work required to do.
With Piranavan’s guidance and expertise in teaching, our son has developed more confidence, which has put our minds at ease” ★★★★★
Adey – GCSE Maths & Sciences

“I like the teaching style of Piranavan. The fast paced yet in depth teaching is able to cover many topics with full understanding. Any questions from the students are answered in full detail. The exam questions given help boost confidence with exam work. I am very happy as a parent with the teaching provided by Piranavan” ★★★★★
Vitore – A-Level Chemistry

NOTE: If you are looking for Group sessions, this is something that I can also offer. I provide sessions for 11+ Mathematics, GCSE Mathematics, GCSE Further Mathematics, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics. The sessions are 2 hours long, £25/hr.

LanguagesEnglish (British), Tamil, German
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
References Available On File


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