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Testimonials from Tutees

Read below what tutees have been saying about us recently:

“Very easy to use and the advert system for a tutor to respond if available means you can save a lot of time and arrange tutoring within days.”

Matthew, Bolton (26/04/2017)

“This site was very useful to find a tutor for my son. The tutor turned out to be a great choice too and helped my son immensely.”

Anand, Westhill (25/04/2017)

“It would be useful to have an entry form for the tutees detailing a little more information than currently passed onto the tutors. It would mean that the initial stage would be much faster, at the moment there is a lot of messaging.
But overall an excellent service.”

Jayne, North Berwick (25/04/2017)

“Easy to use, easy to find tutors in my area, the tutor I found was excellent.”

Marion, Keswick (25/04/2017)

“Happy to have found First Tutors website, its easy to use and very informative. Have now been put in touch with a suitable tutor.”

Lorna, Fareham (25/04/2017)

“User friendly and efficient. Provided several tutors within a day- very pleased!”

Alex, Bloomsbury (24/04/2017)

“Both my daughter and I have been very impressed by the First Tutors website. The information is clear and well presented. We were unsure whether **Contact Detail Removed** tuition would be beneficial but my daughter says that she feels very relaxed using this medium and prefers it to face to face tuition. The first tutor we contacted Julian,responded within an hour and we set up a plan of study for my daughter in a very short period of time. My daughter enjoys her tuition in Government & politics and describes Julian as a "brilliant teacher".”

Madeleine, Saffron Walden (24/04/2017)

“generally very easy to use the web site , and tutors in the areas have reasonable amount of back ground information. We've always managed to find a suitable subject tutor.”

Sue, Newcastle (24/04/2017)

“Clear guidance on the tutors and very easy to communicate with them and get the right one before having to commit to any financial obligation.”

Alison, Bradford on Avon (23/04/2017)

“This site was very easy to use and allowed my to find a excellent tutor for my child quickly who was available as we needed additional tutoring ASAP for my child's AS levels.”

Paula, Brough (23/04/2017)

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