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Testimonials from Tutees

Read below what tutees have been saying about us recently:

“I didn't expect that I could find a very
good music teacher for my son so easily. Fee is transparent. That was good too.”

Atsuko, Tooting (21/03/2019)

“All very impressive and made finding an excellent tutor easy.”

Julie, Stafford (18/03/2019)

“Very nice work done here and thanks for helping me get in touch with my tutor.
As a suggestion, I would advice to try and get more publicity to what you do, as i must admit i had some doubts whether the site was legit or not when i was asked to pay.
Thanks again anyway!”

Konstantina, Glasgow (16/03/2019)

“sometimes the communication between tutor and tutee stops being possible, because the request closes before they can make up their mind. it's not the problem of the site, but it does make communication harder in certain situations (e.g. a person forgot to check the site as the notification went to mail junk)”

Erik, Glasgow (16/03/2019)

“FirstTutors has proven to be excellent for my needs. I found my local recorder teacher quickly and easily and am very much enjoying my lessons. The way in which you select your tutor, using their profile, references, photo and hourly rate, then correspond with them is straightforward and efficient. Once you have been accepted by your chosen tutor you are put into direct contact in order to make your own lesson arrangements. It's an easy to navigate site and I have also found an excellent language teacher too! Thank you”

Teresa, Brockenhurst (13/03/2019)

“I find the site helpful for introducing new pupils, there has sometimes been confusion as to how they get (buy) my details.

Lucy, Southend-on-Sea (11/03/2019)

“Very quick response to my email sent. I found the best guy to teach my fosterchild . Excellent service.”

Jan, Bracknell (06/03/2019)

“This is making my business work very well by providing teaching leads on a regular basis - and ensuring that the tutors on the site are up to date (by deleting profiles that aren't used) and that means that tutees have a good experience. It has allowed me to go fully self-employed as a music tutor as I generate several leads per month.

Thank you first tutors :)

The only thing could be giving more emphasis with "awards" and "badges" on your profile for those with degrees and qualifications, and those where music teaching is their full time position vs. people who are doing 1 lesson per week etc.”

Jessica, Worcester (06/03/2019)

“Very good site for finding music teacher in your area”

Mark, Farnham (05/03/2019)

“Jinfeng is a very good teacher, he communicates well and is very patient. For beginners, he is able to explain things in simple terms but also makes it clear that these basic techniques and learning are important to grasp and shouldn't be overlooked.”

Bronagh, Cambridge (05/03/2019)

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