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Testimonials from Students

Read below what students have been saying about us recently:

“Very easy to use and found a brilliant tutor straight away. Highly recommended.”

Louise, Ladbroke Grove (29/03/2020)

“Simple and easy. I’ve been trying to find a piano teacher for years and not knowing how to make a choice. first tutors makes it easy by checking the important details for you and collating it all in one place. Making and responding to requests was easy and I felt safe arranging my lessons.”

Mary, Dorking (28/03/2020)

“Using this site has been a great boon to my learning the piano. They have a good selection with good information. The site is easy to use and helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending it.”

Nick, Birmingham (20/03/2020)

“The missing point is because it took a bit of time to get my head around how the site works (the mechanics of getting a second tutor lined up for free etc) but the site has been highly effective in finding a good tutor”

Ben, Lymm (17/03/2020)

“I found an excellent tutor through this website, what else should I expect?”

Oscar, Manchester (17/03/2020)

“He has a great breadth of knowledge and exceptional intelligence, combined with the humility to accept a challenge to his views and to revise his opinions on occasion. This is an excellent attitude in a teacher.

I would like highly recommend everyone to learn with this responsible ,kind and highly intelligent teacher !”

Music, Juniper Green (15/03/2020)

“As a teacher of the fairly niche subject of music production, First Tutors has helped me to gain exposure under local search results, making it easier for students to find my tuition services. First Tutors makes communicating with a potential student straightforward and importantly offers a safe way to establish first contact. Discussing details with a potential student upfront via the website's messaging platform works great. I find it particularly useful as my subject can is quite broad and often there is specific questions regarding student goals and technical information I need to obtain from the student before our first lesson; this helps me a lot preparation.”

James, Leamington Spa (14/03/2020)

“The site is very accurate and clearly states everything. First tutors enabled me to find an amazing guitar tutor and feel very safe.
They are thorough in the information they provide”

Stephanie, Bexleyheath (13/03/2020)

“Many of the tutors were slow to respond but we found a great one in the end.”

Wilson, Richmond upon Thames (07/03/2020)

“Everybody looking for the right tutor should use this website. Having a choice of tutors helps you choose the right one for you.”

Tony, Uckfield (01/03/2020)

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