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Testimonials from Clients

Read below what clients have been saying about us recently:

“Satisfied with your website service. No other comments really, all seems fine. I found what I was looking for.”

Megi, Maidstone (25/04/2018)

“Such a great service for tutors, easy to navigate and manage tutorials and student enquiries.”

Samantha, Oxford (08/09/2015)

“Informative, easy to navigate and source the right tutor!”

Ursula, Widnes (17/08/2015)

“I am very happy about your service , it's professional and very just and fair for both side the tutors and the students.
Thank you very much indeed for your help”

Salah, Bristol (08/08/2014)

“This site will build up a very good following among students by word of mouth.”

Iqbal, Ladbroke Grove (17/04/2014)

“Very clear, easy site to use. It took me only minutes to sort out what I needed and has been very smooth to use throughout the hiring process.”

Bm, Leigh (29/10/2012)

“But I would suggest a faster contact between students and tutors.”

Flavio, Hornchurch (03/05/2011)

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