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Testimonials from Learners

Read below what learners have been saying about us recently:

“Excellent site. I wish I would have found it earlier”

Ana, Twickenham (16/11/2017)

“I am only a very basic computer person, and I found the site was easy to use.”

Roisin, Montacute (14/11/2017)

“This is a great platform to get in contact with interested tutees :)”

Ines, Glasgow (04/11/2017)

“I, as a tutor, have met some really nice people through your site and hope to continue to help more students interested in learning this interesting and very useful language. Site is easy to use, quick and I have never had any problems. Thank you for your service.”

Anne, St. Albans (26/10/2017)

“Helpful information on this site, although only one out of the 3 tutors contacted got back to me, so i wonder if their profiles are up to date”

Sandra, Canterbury (19/10/2017)

“I can say that this site is very good and the tutors seemed to be just what I was looking for”

Margaret, Wigton (16/10/2017)

“Anne Holt is excellent. Just what I was looking for”

Christopher, Bracknell (16/10/2017)

“Great website. I have found a few students, thanks to your help!”

Maria, Wandsworth (14/10/2017)

“A very good site that has enabled me to find a suitable tutor”

Tim, Coventry (06/10/2017)

“I like this site. It helped me to find what I was looking for.”

David, Hornchurch (06/10/2017)

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