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Testimonials from Students

Read below what students have been saying about us recently:

“I learn how to creat an UML (component diagram ) of an idea
the tutor was very knowlegable and happy to help and answer questions
I'm satisfied.”

Gada, Manchester (14/04/2020)

“This site helped me in finding a very supportive tutor.”

Queensley, Beccles (08/12/2019)

“This is not to publish on your site:
I am just wondering about this situation: once what happened was the student was taught an extra hour. He did not pay for the extra hour and stopped all contact.
how do we report this to first tutor profile so that any other tutor is aware of the tutee's scamming nature?


Charu, Sheffield (07/12/2018)

“I have found my perfect tutor and very pleased with first tutor”

Lina, Woking (26/07/2017)

“You put me in touch with an excellent **Contact Detail Removed**. Many thanks.”

Lesley, Swaffham (25/04/2017)

“This site is good for finding great tutors that understands their subject well”

Adeoluwa, Dagenham (24/03/2017)

“Shahid is an excellent teacher, clear, concise and patient. I was able to successfully achieve my objectives in Wordpress. I”

Sophie, Ladbroke Grove (11/01/2017)

“First Tutor site has provided a nice interactive platform to connect with students across different universities and schools in UK. The website is managed very efficiently . Also, the support team is very quick to respond to any queries .
Kshiti, (IT, Language Tutor)”

Kshiti, Wigston (04/12/2016)

“I am very pleased to come across First Tutors especially as such a wide range of subjects are offered. I was very happy with the tuition I received from First Tutors.”

Nic, Canonbury (07/07/2016)

“I have to give a big THANK to her for helping me out all the way from the start of my course to getting a degree, With her help, she got me to understand the different ways to acknowledge methods in course related topic, she has explained very clear and simple about the topics. I really much appreciate her for always emptying her time slots for me because she wants me to do my best and achieve a good grade. I would say that not only she is good at teaching and explaining, she also cares a lot about what you are explaining and if it can get to the student clearly.

Overall, I would definitely recommend her as a tutor for anyone. She is a brilliant tutor.”

Jenny, Lambeth (26/04/2016)

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