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Edinburgh Tutors

Are you searching for the best private tutors in Edinburgh? First Tutors enables you to find a local teacher in Edinburgh and across Scotland. Home tutoring is an excellent way to bolster confidence whilst also improving grades. Read more ›

First Tutors is the best place to find the top Edinburgh tutors for your requirements, enabling you to find a home Edinburgh tutor for any subject ranging from primary through to university level.

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  1. Eddie

    Edinburgh Tutor
    I’m a 21 year old student at the University of Edinburgh about to start my 4th year of Civil and Environmental Engineering. In my part time I am a private tutor specialising in Maths, the Sciences and Geography. Ive been private tutoring in Edinburgh for 3 years now and have gained plenty experien...
  2. William

    Tuition in Edinburgh
    Fresh from my RAM graduate degree, I am excited to begin offering Cello, General Music, and Theory lessons in the New Year. I'm emboldened to teach, share, and explore following my most recent project in cross-arts collaboration, which focused on the intersection of music, visual art, and dance. I b...
  3. Patrick

    Tuition in Edinburgh
    I'm a current PhD candidate in philosophy at The University of Edinburgh with a passion both for tutoring and for my chosen subject. Growing up English meant I already had a background in complaining about the weather, so living in Edinburgh has been easy. When I'm not tutoring I enjoy travelling, r...
  4. Gayane

    Private Tutor in Edinburgh
    Hello, I am bilingual Russian teacher with Diploma in Russian language and Literature. I have lived in 4 different countries and have always tutored Russian on the side due to my passion towards Russian and teaching. I usually customize the lesson materials to your own needs, and incorporate vari...
  5. Julia

    Home Tuition in Edinburgh
    I'm starting my 4th year of university in the autumn in my joint degree of English-History. I am also a former IB student (from Finland) and because I know how difficult learning can be and how tough it appears, I really want to help people out. I'm also really keen on art and sketching, photograph...
  6. Robert

    Lessons in Edinburgh
    I am a 23 y/o postgrad student, currently waiting on my results for my dissertation in IBM with Finance, on track for a Masters qualification. My undergrad degree was in Math, my programme provided a detailed analysis of mathematical skills and knowledge and used ideas that can be incorporated in mo...
  7. Peter

    Private Tuition in Edinburgh
    I have a MSc in Business Management and certificates in Project Management My approach to teaching is to use real problems and have students identify solutions by drawing on the relationship of cause and effect. When assisting students with homework or answering questions I guide them through analys...
  8. Derek

    Lessons in Edinburgh
    Alongside my career as an educator, I have been self-employed variously as composer, conductor, musical director and record producer for a range of international clients, including The University of Edinburgh and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, EMI Music, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Caroli...
  9. Kaori

    Teacher in Edinburgh
    I am currently a student in the University of Edinburgh studying BSc Mathematics w/ Statistics. Though I was born in Japan, I spent the majority of my life in Singapore and California, hence English is a second language that is as comfortable to me as my native language of Japanese. In my spare time...
  10. Scott

    Tutoring in Edinburgh
    Since school I have had a passion for all things science and technology. This lead me to complete two degrees (BSc Hons and MSc) in Chemistry, followed by a job which marries both lab science and technology. I enjoy the problem solving, the research involved and the presentation of results or the d...

First Tutors can help Edinburgh parents and students connect with a highly skilled personal tutor. Tutoring sessions can be held in the privacy of your own home or in a nearby location, such as a park, library, school campus, or cafe. If fitting another appointment into your regular schedule seems impossible, you may find online tutoring sessions offer a greater amount of scheduling flexibility. You can choose to meet with your professional tutor for a face-to-face tutoring session on our secure online learning platform.

The accountability system for schools in Scotland has recently undergone some significant changes. Unlike other schools in the United Kingdom, schools in Edinburgh are not evaluated based on the scores their students make on standardised exams. Many residents of Scotland feel this is part of what makes their academic system unique and successful. However, for others, it can lead to a feeling of uncertainty when it comes to choosing a primary or secondary school for their children. It can also make it difficult to know if your child is receiving an adequate education.

Recently, the Scottish National Standardised Assessments were implemented for students in P1, P4, P7, and S3. While these scores are made available to school officials and parents of individual students, they are not used to publicly label schools for efficacy. During those years, however, it is now possible for parents to get a more objective view of their child's academic standing. If you find your child has not achieved their expected grade, it may be time to consider working with a personal tutor.

Primary School Tutors in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a relatively small selection of primary schools. Some of the schools in the city include:

Primary School



George Heriot's School



The Edinburgh Academy



St Mary's RC Primary School



Royal Mile Primary School



Leith Walk Primary School



No matter which primary school your child attends, they will likely have a relatively typical classroom experience. Your child will likely sit in a classroom with many other students while a single teacher stands at the front of the class delivering the academic material. This is because teachers must use the instructional method that resonates with the largest percentage of students.

While this undoubtedly allows for the most efficient use of educational funds and time, it's not always the best way to teach each individual student. This is because no two students are exactly alike. All students have their own unique learning styles and sets of interests, and each student will struggle and excel in different areas. Unfortunately, the instructor must continue at a fairly steady tempo regardless of the individual needs of students.

A personal tutor, on the other hand, is working only with your child. A tutor has the freedom to give their focus to the learning challenges your child is facing, and they can tailor their instructional delivery and programme of study to fit the unique academic needs of your child. With this kind of individualised approach, it is often possible for students to make academic gains more rapidly than with traditional instruction in a classroom setting.

Secondary School and Further Education Tuition in Edinburgh

The selection of secondary schools in Edinburgh is more extensive. Some of the options for secondary institutions include:

Secondary School



Boroughmuir High School



James Gillespie's High School



St Thomas of Aquin's High School



Trinity Academy



Broughton High School



In addition to working with your child on subject area mastery, a personal tutor can also help them develop broader learning skills. These can include study tactics, testing techniques, critical thinking skills, organisational methods, and time management strategies that can be applied across a wide range of subject areas to help your child achieve their academic goals more effectively.

No matter which secondary school your child attends, First Tutors can help you connect with a private tutor who can help your child achieve their academic potential.

University-Level Tuition in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is home to four universities, with more in the general vicinity, and nearly one-fifth of the city's population is comprised of university students. Some of the highly ranked nearby universities include:


UK Ranking

Global Ranking

University of Edinburgh



University of Glasgow



University of St Andrews



University of Aberdeen



University of Dundee



As you transition into university, you may find you need a little more help with the coursework. Home tuition in Edinburgh is available for a wide variety of subject areas, including:

  • Combined Science
  • Computer Studies
  • Drama
  • English
  • Government
  • Greek (Ancient)
  • History
  • Japanese
  • Maths
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Music
  • Physics
  • Politics
  • Security: Data/Information
  • Spanish
  • Social Care
  • Web Design
  • Writing

First Tutors provides parents and students with a convenient and centralised location to contact local tutors who are eager to help pupils reach their academic goals. Working with a personal tutor can be a valuable experience for students of all ages and ability levels. To connect with a personal tutor in your area, enter your search criteria now.