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First Tutors’ tutor search helps you to find the best History Of Art tutors in the UK. Please use our service to locate personal History Of Art tutors in your area and then choose the individual who best fulfils your educational needs.

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Masters: Mst in English (Distinction) (2012)
as Creative Writing at all levels, whether as part of the 11+, 13+ or GCSE examinations, or for the stand-alone Creative Writing qualification at A-Level. I am also a practising artist, and offer Art and History of Art tutoring at GCSE and A-Level. I have taught Art and Design in the public and charitable sectors, exhibited my work in several galleries, and have excellent art historical knowledge and understanding. I hold As at A-level in...


German, History, Music, History Of Art
Bachelors: Music 2:1 (2015)
a student at Eton College leaving with several qualifications. I am a friendly, enthusiastic and devoted teacher, eager to help, encourage and enable students to meet their potential. I have worked as a classroom teacher since 2015. I have taught all ages, from Year 4 up to Year 13, in classes and individually. I have taught GCSE, A Level, International Baccalaureate and the Cambridge Pre-U. At the higher end, all my sessions have been one-on-one...
of course a part-time tutor both online and in person. I am originally from Scotland, though I came to live in England four years ago after spending 15 years in the United States pursuing my education and other opportunities. I taught for 2 years at the University of Georgia as a Graduate Student where I received awards for teaching at departmental and university-wide levels. While in the US, I worked with student-athletes as their Academic...


English, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Philosophy / Critical Thinking, History Of Art
College: International Baccalaureate (2016)
with any work/projects you need any help with. I speak English and Dutch (I have a bilingual diploma) and have flexible working hours due to my degree. I'm a huge believer in the fact that anyone can do anything they're struggling with, sometimes they just need a little nudge in the right direction - and I'm here to provide that nudge! I've tutored people varying from age 9-18 for 5 years in a variety of...


Newton Stewart
History, Geography, Government and Politics, Classical Civilisation, History Of Art, Geology
Bachelors: Pending (2018)
I'll motivate you to learn in a fun and engaged way. The subjects might seem dry at first. But once you start seeing how they influence the world around you, you will feel motivated to learn more. This is were I come in. I study culture and archaeology with great passion. This passion comes from simple curiosity, a curiosity I wish to instill in everyone. Organizing a series of cultural field-trips has been instrumental in...
Georges Seurat in the mid 1880's. After gaining my first degree in History I attended the Courtauld Institute of Art for one year of a two year MA but unfortunately was unable to complete the course for financial reasons. I am a retired publisher who founded a publishing business in the mid nineteen-eighties specialising in books on history and travel. This business was sold in 2000 to a large publishing group and I then founded...


Masters: Degree MA English Literature/Language and Linguistics (2016)
ensures my skill in both creative writing and critical thinking which is useful for fictional pieces for exam folios as well as close reading papers/general analysis of texts. Also, due to studying language and linguistics at degree level, I am aptly knowledgeable of the basic and complex aspects of grammar, spelling and literary techniques. I have several students of different ages/abilities which include; Primary, Secondary, Foreign speakers and Adult learners. On account of this, I...
applied arts from the late-Antiquity. I am now working on a PhD thesis on Gaetano Marini (1742-1815), an Italian librarian and polymath scholar who became prefect of the Vatican Archives in 1782. I have taught Art History, Classical Civilzations, and Latin for many years in Italy and in the United Kingdom. In my past teaching roles, I taught 13 to 18-year-old students during regular and intensive courses. My courses were designed to serve as an...
Museum in Oxford as an art historian. I love reading and playing the piano and I also enjoy practising lots of sports. I am a passionate scout leader. I've been tutoring for six years and I've worked with students between 13 to 18 years old. I've helped students to study for exams and certifications. I always try to understand which is the best way to learn for each person. I've started tutoring during my first...


Masters: Modern History (2017)
the University of East Anglia. I feel confortable in tutoring British and continental history from the French Revolution to the present, especially the histories of Italy, Germany, England and Wales, and to a large extent that of Russia… Furthermore, I am knowledgeable of the GCSE and A-Level curriculums. I can offer tailored support towards the needs of the individual and I feel confortable tutoring a wide range of abilities. Having dyslexia and dyspraxia myself, I...

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