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First Tutors helps you search for the best online Primary Sociology lessons in the UK. Please use our service to search for online Primary Sociology teachers and choose the ones which fulfil your requirements.

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focused on the needs of the student and thus student-centred. It's personalised and is not only backed up by extreme dedication and commitment, but designed to bring out the best in the student. The time spent on understanding the student, their learning style and how they perceive their academic challenges is critical to my success. My experience both of the academic and the business worlds has served to support this imaginative approach. Whether you need...
too many great success stories to list here but I think the secret of my students' success is that they walk away from my lessons with confidence in their own abilities. My approach varies according to the student's profile and expectations. Once I know exactly what the student wants to learn, why they want to learn and how they learn best, I will put together an individual learning plan with SMART targets so that we...


Masters: MSc Psychology (2017)
university, and is now completing a PhD, I found ways to overcome challenges in my workload, which I hope to pass on to others who may be experiencing similar worries, stresses or doubts about their ability. Having cared for my disabled brother my whole life, I understand the importance of all support being person-centred and needs-led and like to break things down to the person's level of understanding in order to allow them to build...


Doctorate: Ph.D in Molecular Biology and Genetics (2002)
understand what my student needs and tailor my tutoring and mentoring to this effect. I also find teaching with visual aids and innovative tools an effective method of teaching some aspects of science. Tutoring at this level builds trust and confidence in my students so they are able to work with me on the areas they need most. I believe this trust is important in progressing and obtaining the most out of tutoring. I can...


PGCE: PGCE Teaching and Learning in HE (high commendation) (2009)
and my lessons will vary depending on my student. Part of my job as a tutor is to encourage passion for a subject. I do not believe talent or intelligence is purely innate. They are harnessed through effort and will. As such, every student can achieve an A, a 1st, or any form of excellence in any subject or art. That's why Albert Einstein said, "There's nothing special about me. I'm just passionately curious." A...
ensuring they were academically supported so that they did not fall behind their curriculum requirements as they were unable to attend class. Transformed withdrawn and socially reserved children to embrace literacy and English writing skills and reading comprehension. Previous children have blossomed in their confidence and it was such a rewarding blessing to see some of the children I taught proceed to receive "Student of the Year" awards and gain acceptance at the High School...
offered. I have seven years teaching experience at various levels from primary to masters level. I also have experience teaching individually and as a group. My approach to tutoring is based upon several elements. Firstly, it is important to be flexible as every student is different and they therefore learn in different ways, thus it is essential to be flexible and adaptable. Secondly, it is based upon being organised and methodical in planning and preparation...
is often difficult to accomplish in the classroom. I enjoy working with children and young people, and seek to understand the individual mindset of a person in order to render concepts comprehensible and even familiar. I have worked with educational programmes employing dynamic and participatory learning strategies, such as those of Paolo Freire, aiming to encourage independent thought and consideration of issues. These approaches centre on non-hierarchical forms of learning in which 'teacher' and 'pupil'...


Masters: Master of Arts (Media and Cultural Studies) (2012)
professional I have been invited to conduct media workshops with children, adolescents and undergraduate students. I have also written and curated research content for online encyclopaedias and research projects alike, with a focus on sociology, anthropology and culture. I have taken lectures and practical work on film sound and short film and also supervised documentary film work of undergraduate students at the University of Reading from January to June 2017. I am interactive, creative and...
be a favourite among students if an exciting and encouraging environment is present. Therefore, my approach is to maintain a positive attitude at all points, so as to create a stimulating environment where students are able to enjoy the subject they may once have been struggling with. As well as this, an environment needs to be created in which the student feels that they can ask for clarification or a further explanation on a topic...

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