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Windows Tutors

First Tutors’ tutor search can assist you search for quality private Windows tutoring throughout the UK.

Meet some of our Windows Trainers



Skills: PC Repair/Build, Systems: Windows, Languages: C, Languages: C++, Languages: VB, Skills: Ms Office, Skills: Internet/Email, Skills: Project Management, Systems Analysis, Security: Data / Information
Masters: Masters of Business Administration (2006)
Hi, I am a very friendly, technically qualified person,with a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and a Masters in Business Management, with a wealth of experience in both industry and academia. I am a very easy going, communicative, no-hassle kind of a person, really interested in helping you get th...


Market Drayton
Systems: Windows, Systems: Mac OS, Languages: Python, Skills: Ms Office, Skills: Blogging, Skills: Internet/Email
Masters: MSci Maths (2004)
I like to help people learn how to make more of the computers they have. Want to be able to use your computer properly but have never been able to learn a lot of the basics? I can help! I can teach you basic computer skills, how to manange your computer, your emails, use Word and Excel and how t...


Skills: PC Repair/Build, Systems: Windows, Languages: C, Languages: VB, Skills: Ms Office, Skills: Internet/Email, Theory: Information Systems
Doctorate: PhD (2018)
Hello! My name is Josh, and I am a lecturer in Engineering and Programming at the University of Portsmouth. I have recently finished my PhD studies in Electronic Engineering at the University of Kent. My research focuses on biometric systems (facial recognition, fingerprint interaction, etc.) when i...


Web: HTML/CSS, Graphics: CorelDraw, Systems: Windows, Systems: Mac OS, CMS: Wordpress, Skills: Ms Office, Skills: Internet/Email
PGCE: Information Systems & Computing (2001)
I have gained wealth of information whilst working in the IT field, both professionally and as a hobby. As an active IT person, I wish others to benefit from my knowledge. I am soft spoken and of very friendly character. My career spans to over 20-years of working in the Computer environment, I ha...


Skills: PC Repair/Build, IDEs: Dreamweaver, Systems: Windows, Systems: Mac OS, Skills: Ms Office, Skills: Internet/Email
Masters: Managing IT (2003)
I currently work for a large media company. I have worked here for 9 years in the IT department. I have previously completed 2 degrees in IT. I have previously taught individuals and classes of up to 150 at University for 2 years. At work I often compile documentation to simplify training for the IT...


Systems: Windows, Systems: Other, Skills: Ms Office, Skills: Internet/Email
PGCE: Geography (2008)
I am a qualified Geography teacher, and completed my PGCE at Exeter University. I am currently finishing a Masters degree in Online and Distance Education through the Open University. I am now working with the NHS in a role supporting the South region of the UK with delivery of learning using techn...


Systems: Windows, Skills: Ms Office, Skills: Internet/Email
Bachelors: BTEC HND Computing/Software Engineering (2007)
I approach all tasks in a professional and organised manner and am a reliable and punctual person who takes pride in my appearance. I can work independently and calmly under pressure using my own initiative where applicable with good problem solving skills. I am skilled in the use of a variety of co...


Theory: AI, Systems: Windows, Systems: Mac OS, Languages: C, Languages: Python, Databasing: MySQL, Security: Data / Information
Masters: Data Science (2023)
I hold a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, which has equipped me with a strong foundation in problem-solving and technical skills. During my undergraduate years, I explored diverse fields, including C programming, SolidWorks, and MATLAB, which not only expanded my technical proficiency bu...


Systems: Windows, Skills: Ms Office
Bachelors: B.Sc Hons Geology and Physical Geography (1997)
I have worked in IT helpdesk support and IT Training in a professional environment for over 20 years. I have a passion for learning Microsoft Office and O365 and passing on this knowledge to other people. I can offer training in Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint and Onedrive from basic to a...


Skills: PC Repair/Build, Systems: Windows, Systems: Other
Masters: MSc Advanced Networking (2015)
I am an optimistic, charismatic individual who is extremely passionate about education in general. What makes teaching appeal to me is to see that light bulb above your forehead shine bright with every knowledge you gain. I mix a little fun with seriousness as I believe this goes hand in hand. I per...

Levels We Offer For Windows Training: Beginner Windows, Intermediate Windows, Advanced Windows, Expert Windows

Whether you need assistance with understanding the difference between forms of Vista, what Windows 7 will mean for your computer use or any other aspect of using Microsoft Windows we can help you find one-to-one IT training to teach you in your area.

The two main forms of Windows used now, XP SP3 and Vista, are the most common Operating systems on home computers, and First Tutors: I.T. can offer focussed training to help you understand and use them better. First Tutors: I.T. also offer personal training in using Windows for people with any level of computing experience. If you wish to make the most of your Windows computer, you will find First Tutors: I.T. to be the only private training service in the UK to allow clients to ask personal questions about aspects of the course material to the tutors on offer before choosing the one they want, and equally the only IT training provider in the UK to post detailed client feedback about the training provided on the profiles of the trainers involved. Get more out of Windows with focussed training from First Tutors: I.T.!

Why choose First Tutors: I.T. for your Windows tutor search in the UK?

This is the best place to discover the most talented home Windows tutor for you. Each tutor is required to go thorough ID check. In addition, we provide extensive student reviews on each tutor to help you refine your online Windows teacher search. There are no hidden fees because we provide the tutor fees up front. Windows can be an extremely challenging subject, and working with an expert Windows teacher can really help you fulfill your education goal(s). First Tutors: I.T. is here to make it simple for you!

Become a Windows tutor in the UK!

Join First Tutors: I.T. if you are an online teacher wishing to offer your online Windows classes, or any of our other subjects, please register with First Tutors: I.T. or find out more about what we do here. An Windowstutor can make a positive impact in tutee's life!