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About First Tutors: I.T.

First Tutors: I.T. is a new online IT trainer-matching service. Sister site, First Tutors: I.T.: Academic was first established in 2005 as the first of its kind, First Tutors: I.T. has followed with the aim of helping you to find IT trainers in your area anywhere in the UK. We are committed to raising professional standards and as such and provide a facility for clients to give feedback on their training. We have won industry awards, been recommended by The Good Schools Guide and appear regularly in the education, regional and national press.

Why Use Us?

Choice - Browse several IT trainers in your local area serving a wide variety of needs and areas of specialism. Whether you need to brush up your professional skills or want to learn a new programming language for fun, First Tutors: I.T. caters for everyone from all different age groups and needs. Choose the specialism you require and the professional IT trainer of your preference to deliver top class IT training on a tailor made basis just for you!

Competitive Pricing - First Tutors: I.T. ask for a £4.99-19.99* introduction fee and that's all! (and you only pay it once you've used the members area to discuss arrangements with your trainer). Agencies may charge hundreds of pounds to big budget organisations for training but we recognise that for individual users and small businesses cutting out the middle man and the expense with it is hugely attractive. With First Tutors: I.T., there are no additional agency fees, only the one off introduction we ask for and that's it! We understand that many clients are happy to manage their relationship with a IT trainer themselves and would prefer not to continue paying an agency for that service.

Flexibility - There is no restriction to usual agency hours, our fully functioning service can be accessed 24:7, whenever suits you, we can work to your hours.

Accessibility - Our sister site, First Tutors: I.T. is an award-winning website and easy to navigate. We have a professional development team focused on delivering a high quality user experience. If you have any ideas how we can make your experience better, please do contact us to let us know.

First Tutors: I.T. vs a Typical Agency

First Tutors: I.T. differs from Training Agencies and Brokers and it is important that you understand how:

  • Browse and select your IT trainer - it is your choice who you choose for your needs, we aren't the middle man
  • Contact IT trainers directly to discuss your needs - no payment necessary, you can talk in our private forums first
  • We don't perform CRB checks or ask for certification - this means you must ask for any references/CRBs your trainer offers to ensure you are satisfied.
  • We ask for a one-off £4.99-19.99* introduction fee and that's all. We don't ask for a £4.99-19.99* fee on top of every hour a trainer teaches but equally we cannot fairly intervene if you are not happy with the trainer you have chosen because we do not manage the ongoing relationship. We do however collect feedback from all clients regarding their IT trainer a couple of weeks after making an introduction for the benefit of other learners.

* Our one-off fees are variable and linked to the tutor's price per hour to make our service as affordable as possible