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We are determined to try and make your experience as a customer a pleasant one. So we'd like to understand from you what you think we're doing well and where we're getting it wrong. This is the place to comment on the service First Tutors: I.T. provides as an online IT trainer-matching service, however, if you have a specific question please use our Contact Us form.

If you want to comment on your IT trainer's performance, we will always e-mail you 3 weeks after you bought their details to ask how you got on. Please do comment regarding their private training at that time (once you have had a while to get to know each other) through our special feedback form in your members area (not here!).

If your comment is positive, we would like to publish it - if that isn't okay, just let us know. If your comment is negative we'll do what we can to resolve the issue but please don't be abusive to our staff as they do have feelings! Thank you.

Site Feedback


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