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Testimonials from Tutors

Read below what tutors have been saying about us recently:

“Really easy instructions to follow
Also helpful and quick response from the help desk.
Highly recommended service”

Evi, Holland Park (26/05/2018)

“Great except on the occasion when I am in initial talks with a potential student - we exchange messages and I am waiting for a response. For some reason I am always then sent a 'don't forget to reply/ they are waiting for your decision' email when actually it's me that's waiting for a reply from them.

The added line about response times affecting your place in search then puts pressure on the tutor to decline a potential student before giving them enough time to get back.

This is my only nitpick.”

Michael, Canonbury (23/05/2018)

“It’s a very good website to use. I recommend it often to people looking to become tutors and people looking for tutors. It’s easy to access and upload all documents needed when becoming a tutor. It links with your emails which means that you don’t miss job opportunities. It allows you to search for potential students as well as looking at who has contacted you and whether you are avaible to tutor or not.”

Sabrina, Tooting (21/05/2018)

“I have found First Tutors very straightforward to use as a tutor and the tutees who have approached me through the site have been genuinely interested in finding out if I can meet their needs. All in all a positive experience so far.”

Janette, Tunbridge Wells (18/05/2018)

“Easy to use, fantastic tutoring leads, cannot fault!”

Sandev, Walsall (13/05/2018)

“Loving the new availability buttons. Saves a whole load of time emailing back and forth!”

Trish, Woodbridge (11/05/2018)

“First Tutors's customer service team was swift in getting back to me.”

Shani, Bloomsbury (05/05/2018)

“I have found the website easy to use and I have found various tutees though First Tutors. Very happy with the service and excellent communication if you have any questions.”

Ross, Leyland (04/05/2018)

“This is the first website I tried as a new tutor to the world of private tutoring and I have to say everything about the site has been easy and effective.”

Alan, Leicester (04/05/2018)

“I am really happy after using first tutors websites.”

Abida, Southampton (03/05/2018)

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