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Testimonials from Tutors

Read below what tutors have been saying about us recently:

“brilliant site! and friendly staff with a great "can do" approach”

Douglas Howard, Hull (17/07/2019)

“I am very pleased with the site.
The only suggestions I would like to make:
1) dates should be put next to Feedback.
2) it would good to show how long ago a tutor has logged in to their profile. This will give indication to tutees of whether a tutor is still tutoring.”

Simon, Hampton (04/07/2019)

“This site has been very helpful in helping me find students”

Charlotte, Weston-super-Mare (23/06/2019)

“First Tutors is a good platform for me to find additional students on top of the regular students referred to me by the **Contact Detail Removed** I work with. I have 1 to 4 students at a time, and I get good matches.”

Ferdinand, Greenwich (17/06/2019)

“Great website. I only have good things to say about First Tutors.”

Jack, Derby (13/06/2019)

“First tutors are very help in getting reliable students .”

Venkata, Amersham (12/06/2019)

“This website has been a godsend to me, being a home tutor. It has brought me a pretty well constant supply of pupils, unlike some of the other websites I have registered with. Thank you so much!”

Christine, Wimborne (10/06/2019)

“I can only say how happy I’ve been with the contact from first tutors so Thankyou.”

Claire, Tonbridge (08/06/2019)

“Good communications and clear instructions on how to make contact snd proceed with tutoring sessions. Thankyou”

Graeme, Worcester (04/06/2019)

“I am very pleased with Marta. Her lessons are enjoyable and focused on exactly what I am trying to achieve as a learner. She also is in regular contact with very helpful materials which build on what has been covered durin the lessons.”

Paul, Wandsworth (29/05/2019)

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