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Testimonials from Tutors

Read below what tutors have been saying about us recently:

“Generally, this site is spot on. I have tried other sites and they just don't compare.”

Jacob, Chelsea (17/11/2017)

“A very good and easy to use website to establish a link between the students and tutors!”

Namra, Leeds (16/11/2017)

“I am impressed with the prompt communication, its very effective.”

Muhammad Tahir, Ashton-under-Lyne (15/11/2017)

“Sometimes tutees say they have contacted me but I do not receive an email notification nor do I see their attempt in my messages. Further, they seem unsure about what they need to do when I accept them.”

Elizabeth, Iver (13/11/2017)

“First Tutors is excellent for showing information about your tutoring skills, qualifications, pricing and availability. It has a clear design and is accessible to potential clients. The method of contacting and initial communication works well and the price charged to the potential customer is fair. The only tiny issue is you are limited to advertising within a 25 mile radius, so to catch people in the city, I had to have a separate profile with a different postcode. I haven't generated much work through the site so far, but then I haven't got a premium account. I would only consider upgrading if I felt i could definitely got more work out of the site. Nonetheless, I'm very happy with it.”

Philip, Norwich (13/11/2017)

“I am so happy first tutors was recommended to me. It is easy to use and has enabled me to put myself out there as a tutor and find plenty of work. I have found it extremely helpful and have recommended it too many.”

Elizabeth, Chatteris (09/11/2017)

“Great service for both students and tutors. As a tutor, I have clearly experienced how First Tutors always acts in ways that ensure the interests of both students and tutors are well/better served.”

Ali, Otley (07/11/2017)

“I can't think of much that would make the site much easier or nicer for me as a tutor. Students seem easily able to find and communicate with me, and I have no trouble doing the same. The service all works very smoothly.”

Vicky, Spennymoor (02/11/2017)

“Great site and service, practical and easy to use. Thank you.”

Magali, Bolton (30/10/2017)

“Super fast at answering any queries and a great platform for tutors !”

Anna, Loughborough (27/10/2017)

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