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Testimonials from Tutors

Read below what tutors have been saying about us recently:

“As a tutor, I have found the website really helpful.”

Desmond, Hove (12/09/2017)

“Great platform for students and tutors. The format is quite user friendly and it seems like it is popular.
I don't like the form where it tells you how many hours the student wants as most students seem to ignore this anyway.

Over all it is very good.”

Charlie, Chelsea (12/09/2017)

“Great website. My only 'negative' would be that people do not come back to you after you have responded to their initial enquiry. It would be nice just to receive a 'thanks, but no thanks' kind of message instead of being left to wonder. Other than that, I am extremely happy.”

Suzanne, Shoreham-by-sea (01/09/2017)

“Really easy to use and has been great as an inexperienced tutor to find work very quickly- excellent site!”

Grace, Horsham (31/08/2017)

“Easy to use, I do wonder if parents /pupils find it has easy as they often try to contact me not understanding the sites protocol.”

Mark, Grantham (29/08/2017)

“A safe forum in which to organise tuition with genuine clients.”

David, Harrow (27/08/2017)

“Usually very good. Gives great service. Please increase the time before a log out!”

Philip, Leeds (24/08/2017)

“This is an excellent service which doesn't overcharge parents and this results in an interesting diversity of pupils, whilst we tutors are free to organise our own time and payments. We take the same payments no matter how much other agencies siphon off! There have been no shortage of committed pupils through the site.”

Rosalyn, Bristol (21/08/2017)

“Very good professional hassle free model of operation. I have immensely benefited from this site and I wish them all the best.”

Nayeem, Belfast (20/08/2017)

“Excellent web site, very easy to use/navigate. My only concern is that you cannot receive any feedback from tutees who have received poor tuition from a prior tutor.”

Alisdair, Havant (17/08/2017)

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