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Testimonials from Tutors

Read below what tutors have been saying about us recently:

“Sina is really a hardworking student. I have very good time with her.”

Wei, Cambridge (10/12/2018)

“First Tutors are great to work with. They are timely and efficient with their correspondence. Emailing clients is quick and safe.
Thank you First Tutors.

Ros, Caerphilly (05/12/2018)

“Almost 5 years of regular tuition clients and excellent service from First Tutors.”

Samea, Waltham Forest (02/12/2018)

“First tutors is very efficient and user friendly website.”

John, Bellshill (28/11/2018)

“Love the site, live the business model. Please make an android app though.”

Thomas, Hove (24/11/2018)

“I find the website straightforward and simple to use.”

Jan, Oxford (21/11/2018)

“I like that the site fee is one off and the student as opposed to the tutors are charged, I will definitely recommend this site to fellow tutors”

Anna, Edinburgh (19/11/2018)

“From a tutor's perspective, the website is very well managed and all the systems are straightforward. I have never encountered any problems with it. All approvals are speedy and efficient.”

Rosie, Pickering (18/11/2018)

“It’s very good unless you get a parent who projects their own failures onto you as a tutor.

Rather than accept they aren’t good parents (on an education level) they blame those who try to sort out the mess they’ve made in the first place

I would sympathise with anyone who had come across this peevish type of individual (eg katia burrows)

There should be a mechanism where you can sue someone for writing false reports about you as a professional

But other than that I can’t conplain xx”

Jonathan, Leeds (16/11/2018)

“The best tutoring site - matches tutors with tutees very quickly!”

Nishat, Oxford (16/11/2018)

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