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Testimonials from Tutors

Read below what tutors have been saying about us recently:

“It seems that sometimes potential tutees are not clear about the fee you charge and get disgruntled at the final stage of communications.”

Christine, Milton Keynes (11/10/2018)

“Good service. The new time and day blocks does work really as the cluent and teacher need to discuss specific times and availability.”

Susan, Liverpool (10/10/2018)

“Just the last couple of times I eve had times removed on messages(mistaken for phone numbers or similar) but overall I’ve found First Tutors incredibly useful and effective.”

Sarah, Leamington Spa (04/10/2018)

“I think that First Tutor's service is excellent. I am looking forward to getting more clients through First Tutor's website!”

Tim, Wotton-under-Edge (29/09/2018)

“a good system which works for students and tutors and has brought several new clients my way.”

Michael, Bootle (21/09/2018)

“This is a great website that allows tutoring to be readily available and highly convenient for both tutees and tutors. I found the initial steps when contacted by a tutee for the first time hard to follow correctly, leading me to obtain warning messages. However, after confirming a first tutee it became easier to follow.”

Stefania, Edinburgh (21/09/2018)

“I have found the First Tutors website to be a very effective way of making contact with potential clients in the area. Many thanks!”

Kathryn, Thornton-cleveleys (13/09/2018)

“First Tutors is an excellent source of tutoring leads for me. It is convenient as all my paperwork is checked by them and my clients have that reassurance. i also find there is more chance of a successful introduction and regular work through first tutors as leads are more reliable.”

Kimberley, Renfrew (13/09/2018)

“Fabulous. I'm delighted with the ease at which tutees can find me and get in touch. Helpful FT staff always :)”

Steve, Nottingham (13/09/2018)

“It's very easy to use; everything is laid out as very clearly!”

Jim, Tower Hamlets (12/09/2018)

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