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Testimonials from Tutors

Read below what tutors have been saying about us recently:

“I found it very easy to set up as a tutor with First Tutors and my experience has been very positive so far.”

Juliette, Torquay (22/03/2018)

“Super super easy to find good tutees and great tutors”

Harry, Birmingham (20/03/2018)

“First Tutors provides an extremely professional environment for arranging tuition, with excellent resources to find a tutor/tutee which is right for you.”

James, Bath (20/03/2018)

“Professional and well designed, really good and easy to use.”

Maria, Brighton (16/03/2018)

“I have been with first tutors now for a few months. They have recommended 3 students in as many months and the guys are doing great learning piano and keyboard through myself. The website is truly brilliant and easy to operate. They prompt feedback from the students after a few lessons which un turn assists my student base… I fully recommend first tutor for controlling your role as a tutor, they are a 5* service… Hats off to them… Regards, John”

John, Prescot (16/03/2018)

“Really good and very well organised pages. Fairly easy to use and realiable source for seeking amd offering work.”

Muhammad Junaid, Warley (12/03/2018)

“First Tutors is my main source for the students to find me as it is very user friendly, reliable and has a very reasonable commission. There is also always someone to advise if I have questions.”

Marie, Bath (08/03/2018)

“It would be good if the line: "Student is awaiting your decision" were removed. It is almost always a question of not being able to make a decision because the potential student has failed to answer the last question posed.
Very good platform and service though. Very happy!

Philip, Faversham (07/03/2018)

“First tutors is pretty good.

A few points to improve are… Requests time out after two weeks, but that isn't made clear to clients necessarily. The styling is also a little bit dated, it could do with some fancy new css I think. Overall though very good!”

Arthur, Bristol (07/03/2018)

“I find it all very efficient, helpful and easy to use. It's great that tutors and potential learners can have a conversation before committing to lessons. Thanks.”

Helen, Stoke-on-Trent (02/03/2018)

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