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Testimonials from Teachers

Read below what teachers have been saying about us recently:

“Excellent service for both tutors and students. I have had some great students through using this site and have been able to do some very rewarding work with them.”

John, Nelson (19/08/2019)

“The only issue I have is that a lot of potential students don't seem to know that they have to pay for a tutors details until right before they need to pay… So I always have to tell them it's your fee.”

Matt, Swindon (06/08/2019)

“Very happy so far, in fact most of my new students have contacted me via FirstTutors. It offers a safe, reliable and trustworthy opportunity for music teachers and potential students to progress in their music education.”

Claire, Chesterfield (06/08/2019)

“Great site for any tutor - excellent customer support and an overall fantastic platform! Well worth the extra money in order to publish a tutor video - this really adds the extra touch to a profile!”

Lydia Catherine, Cardiff (21/07/2019)

“first tutors system seems to work fine to me, i cant think of anything i would change.”

Steven, Grimsby (20/07/2019)

“I am very happy indeed with the prompt and helpful service I receive from First Tutors. As a teacher I am thrilled with the amount of leads they are giving me. The site is professionally run and efficient. It is also a safe way to initially contact potential pupils.”

Kate, York (26/06/2019)

“First Tutors is a great website. Very well organised, prompt customer service and reliable. It should be No.1 choice for any teacher in the business. Much Respect”

Amro, Watford (25/06/2019)

“I am so impressed with the First Tutors site. All the team are so helpful and I have built up a healthy client base because of this service. The interface is easy to use, edit & adapt to my developing business. Thank you so much First Tutors!”

Tina, Woodford Green (05/06/2019)

“All great so far! You have enabled me to teach the most fantastic students, from all backgrounds, from beginner to grade 8 and beyond.

My only negative is in relation to feedback. Many of my students have been emailed to leave feedback before their first lesson, leading to one leaving feedback straight after her trial lesson, before actual lessons began (two weeks on). Unfortunately, whilst her feedback read very positively, she had not been for an official lesson so dropped a star due to having been unable to find my home easily (she didn't download directions or respond to emails saying this was essential). Frustratingly, I'm sure she would have given five stars since; she tells me how lessons and learning to play have changed her life and significantly improved her health, is moved by the impact playing the piano has upon her life now, is doing fantastically lesson by lesson and has decided she would quite like to do grades!

I cannot fault any other aspect of your website. It is very helpful and comforting to have a platform from which to advertise subjects offered and feel my details are secure until I feel confident I can take students on.”

Frances, Cheltenham (13/04/2019)

“First Tutors has proved to be a reliable source of committed students and the system, to date, has always worked very well to help start the process of building excellent tutor/student learning relationships.”

Trevor, Bristol (02/04/2019)

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