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Testimonials from Teachers

Read below what teachers have been saying about us recently:

“I've never had any issues with the site, the moderators or the service. Some of my tutees however have expressed difficulty navigating the site, specifically leaving feedback. There appears to be a disparity between tutor usage and tutee usage. That aside it has been very helpful for my business, I haven't converted all my leads but done OK :)


Ricardo, Hounslow (17/10/2017)

“I don't want my feedback to be published.

I found this website very reliable for students and great platform for tutors at the same time. I would like to ask if your company only runs this site in the UK? I'm wondering if there's any chance that you would have this site available in Hong Kong?”

Pik Shan, Cambridge (03/10/2017)

“First Tutors is a very professionally run tutoring site that has been organised in such a way as to give tutees complete confidence in the quality and qualifications of any potential tutor.”

Ben, Leatherhead (25/09/2017)

“It's all pretty good on here, seems a very respectable and legitimate platform.”

Sean, Basingstoke (24/09/2017)

“I would like to thank the First Tutors Team for their hard work, professionalism and help!”

Julia, Salford (24/06/2017)

“Well constructed and put together website and nice details including maps and messaging system. The only reason I didnt give it 10 is because occasionally i get a double request from the same person and I cant seem to find a way of letting the site know this.”

James, Hemel Hempstead (29/03/2017)

“Fantastic! Only improvement I would make is to let students know very clearly that First Tutors charge the fee (not the tutor) for purchasing details!”

Ross, Coventry (20/03/2017)

“I think the site is a brilliant idea that has been executed very well. It feels safe and secure which, going into private tuition for the first time, is a great comfort. It also seems that students are more committed to turning up to the first lesson as they have already paid for the teacher's details.

There is also a lot of support and guidance on how to use the site. Overall, I am very impressed and glad I signed up!”

Rebecca, Havering (26/02/2017)

“An affordable and rewarding service. I've met trustable and ambitious students on Firsttutors. I'd like to see this site grow bigger and bigger! I am permanently devoted to it!”

Catalin Marius, Lambeth (20/02/2017)

“Recieved many pupils through this site. I find it is a great help. Students can check feedback from existing students before deciding to contact tutor. Very happy teacher”

Stewart, Livingston (06/01/2017)

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