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Testimonials from Teachers

Read below what teachers have been saying about us recently:

“First Tutors provides an excellent service. I am very pleased with it”

Deborah, Chelmsford (29/06/2022)

“This is a brilliant service, I highly recommend it for all music tutors!”

Nicholas, Barking (25/06/2022)

“I'm very happy with the arrangements and have had quite a lot of interest; possibly more than I anticipated considering there is a charge for parents.
I like the fact that you can respond by email rather than have them call you.
As most instrumental music lessons are 30 minutes long, I think the hourly rate is misleading so would prefer that the lesson fee was specified at the 30 minute cost.”

Helen, Cowbridge (10/04/2022)

“First Tutors is my go-to site for finding new students. Reliable, fairly priced for teachers and students, and flexible.”

Elliot, Twickenham (08/04/2022)

“First Tutors is an excellent and secure site. It has been my most successful endeavour to gain students and I feel completely confident that I am always safe when they have come through this site.”

Rachel, Renfrew (28/03/2022)

“**Web Address Removed** is an amazing well organised website for people to search for their needs in any fields of learning. Highly recommend to anyone both giving or receiving tuition to try with this platform.”

Kung Shing, Ellesmere Port (19/03/2022)

“I find First Tutors an excellent platform and service. Thank you.”

Enikő, Oxford (11/03/2022)

“I have used this site for quite a few years and it is a very good way to connect with new pupils. The only negative thing I have to say is that I receive quite a number of initial messages which when I respond I get no reply. Even if the tutee has made other arrangements it would just be nice to know this.”

Zack, Andover (15/02/2022)

“I like First Tutors, its a very easy to use and communicate with new customers.”

Alex, Blandford Forum (07/02/2022)

“The process could be improved by dates and times not being automatically blocked out initially in the first message.”

Lucy, Hinckley (07/02/2022)

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