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Testimonials from Teachers

Read below what teachers have been saying about us recently:

“All great so far! You have enabled me to teach the most fantastic students, from all backgrounds, from beginner to grade 8 and beyond.

My only negative is in relation to feedback. Many of my students have been emailed to leave feedback before their first lesson, leading to one leaving feedback straight after her trial lesson, before actual lessons began (two weeks on). Unfortunately, whilst her feedback read very positively, she had not been for an official lesson so dropped a star due to having been unable to find my home easily (she didn't download directions or respond to emails saying this was essential). Frustratingly, I'm sure she would have given five stars since; she tells me how lessons and learning to play have changed her life and significantly improved her health, is moved by the impact playing the piano has upon her life now, is doing fantastically lesson by lesson and has decided she would quite like to do grades!

I cannot fault any other aspect of your website. It is very helpful and comforting to have a platform from which to advertise subjects offered and feel my details are secure until I feel confident I can take students on.”

Frances, Cheltenham (13/04/2019)

“First Tutors has proved to be a reliable source of committed students and the system, to date, has always worked very well to help start the process of building excellent tutor/student learning relationships.”

Trevor, Badminton (02/04/2019)

“Have had great success with this website and already have several students bringing in a noticeable extra income each month!”

Andrew, Greenhithe (23/03/2019)

“sometimes the communication between tutor and tutee stops being possible, because the request closes before they can make up their mind. it's not the problem of the site, but it does make communication harder in certain situations (e.g. a person forgot to check the site as the notification went to mail junk)”

Erik, Glasgow (16/03/2019)

“I find the site helpful for introducing new pupils, there has sometimes been confusion as to how they get (buy) my details.

Lucy, Southend-on-Sea (11/03/2019)

“This is making my business work very well by providing teaching leads on a regular basis - and ensuring that the tutors on the site are up to date (by deleting profiles that aren't used) and that means that tutees have a good experience. It has allowed me to go fully self-employed as a music tutor as I generate several leads per month.

Thank you first tutors :)

The only thing could be giving more emphasis with "awards" and "badges" on your profile for those with degrees and qualifications, and those where music teaching is their full time position vs. people who are doing 1 lesson per week etc.”

Jessica, Worcester (06/03/2019)

“It's the best site for the private lessons I've ever joined.”

Claudia, Bristol (21/02/2019)

“Always efficient and the site works well. Thanks for your service.”

Anna, Stockport (18/02/2019)

“Excellent site with good support! Would recommend it for all who seek tutoring!”

Dorijan, Ealing (12/02/2019)

“At first I was unsure about First Tutors but over the weeks and months I have received more new contacts from them than any other of the tutor sites and with good outcomes too. New customers mostly seem happy with the way it works for them too. Thanks First Tutors.”

Paul, Norwich (27/01/2019)

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