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Testimonials from Teachers

Read below what teachers have been saying about us recently:

“I am very happy and very pleased with the site. The communication is easy and efficient.

I do not know how it works from the student's side when they initially contact a potential teacher, but in the messages I receive they always ask about my availability without giving any clues about their availability. My suggestion is that they mention something about their preferences: "I prefer lessons in the morning", "I do not really want lessons on the weekend", "The ideal time is 2pm weekdays, but if that is not possible it could be later"; something like that. (This is just a suggestion. It would make life easier on my end).

On another note, I would like to thank you guys for the opportunity to be part of this community. I have two students from the site and both of them are first class. Thank you so much.

Kind Regards,

Solange Maria, Holland Park (29/05/2017)

“Excellent service, very fast replying any question, very professional. The site provide very nice and dedicated students that you can trust.”

Patricia, Stockport (14/03/2017)

“I can't think of any suggestions for improvement. Everything seems perfect !”

Stefan, Chelsea (13/03/2017)

“I have been offering my services a a tutor on First Tutors for years and have never had a problem. It has helped me find lots of my students.”

Sonia, Kingston upon Thames (20/02/2017)

“I like first Tutor's systems and all the procedures. Its secure and both students, teachers can rely on 100%.

I Love First Tutor.”

Shahina, Tower Hamlets (24/10/2016)

“It wasn't clear for me in my first job whether I would get paid through the website or directly by parents.”

Rosalie, Brighton (23/10/2016)

“First Tutors are very efficient keeping learner and tutor in contact during the initial link up.”

Jane, Cupar (17/08/2016)

“First Tutors is a very good website. It is supportive and offers much useful information. I have received many wonderful students through this site. I would recommend First Tutors to those who want to teach!”

Ria, Stockport (23/06/2016)

“Fantastic website, works very well and extremely professional.”

Hina, Wellingborough (19/06/2016)

“Have gained some great pupils thanks to this tutorial website!”

Margaret, Sale (15/06/2016)

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