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Testimonials from Teachers

Read below what teachers have been saying about us recently:

“Better fee system than competitors as firsttutor does not take a sizable cut from every lesson but take one off fee from student. firsttutor system is more user friendly unlike competitors. None of the over the top web stuff but tutors are left to teach as they wish.”

Shajahan, Leeds (12/08/2020)

“I'm a full-time tutor and this is by far the best site I've used. The experience is great - straightforward, fair and transparent. I love it and recommend it to everyone!”

Kate, Petersfield (12/07/2020)

“Safe, easy to use and efficient environment. Highly recommended”

Tanya, Peterborough (11/05/2020)

“Very good website, easy to use. Would it be possible to enhance the timetable so students can see mutual availability/book times in a more easy way during these difficult times?”

Paola, Aberdeen (11/05/2020)

“It is an excellent Tutor website for both students and teachers. The best thing is no hidden charges for students.
I have registered with another tutor website, however, not only students pay the agent fee for tutor's contact details, but also tutors have to collect a furth**Telephone Number Removed** from students to pay the website online after commencing the first lesson. Why the website does not ask students directly? It is tricky.
Therefore, I think First tutors is a trusted tutor website for both teachers and students.”

Qimin, Gravesend (03/04/2020)

“make it clearer and easier for students to purchase contact details and to understand they have to do it before being able to contact teachers to exchange contact details.”

Marie, Bridgnorth (28/02/2020)

“Excellent service. I am sk happy with all the work.”

Piriyatharsini, Redcar (13/02/2020)

“I'm very happy with First Tutors and the service they are providing.”

Richa, Edinburgh (22/10/2019)

“I consider that the feedback request should be longer within the teaching process since sometimes the frequency of the lessons is as little as 1 a week/2weeks and the students see themselves forced to give a review without much overall criteria of the process they are in.

Also a second request for feedback around 3months or so would be very beneficial, since the student might have just missed the email or not had been able to reply on the first attempt.

Please could you get back to me with your thoughts on the matter?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


Cristina, Godalming (11/09/2019)

“I am impressed by your thorough approach, which I imagine, ensures that this website delivers for customers. Thank you!”

Sarah, Merton (04/09/2019)

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