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Southampton is a city in South East England with a population of about 254,000. It is home to one of the most significant ports in the country. The port is associated with the RMS Titanic, as well as being one of the launching points for D-Day. Interestingly, Southampton is also the location of the longest remaining medieval walls in the country. It has numerous museums, including the Southampton SeaCity Museum, the Tudor House and Garden Museum, and Solent Sky. Other cultural centres in the area include the Mayflower Theatre, the Southampton City Art Gallery, and the Guildhall.

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Bachelors: Bachelor of Chinese language& Literature (1998)
. I am currently a Mandarin teacher in a university , teaching university students and adult learners .I have experience teaching students in a primary school and a secondary school. My lessons depend on the individual needs of the students whether it is for preparation for an exam,for tourists ,for business travellers or for those wanting to learn for their pleasure. My tutoring covers pronunciation ,conversations,grammar, reading, culture and simplified Chinese character writing. I can...


Masters: Masters in Condensed Matter Physics (2009)
from my students over the years is that I break down complicated topics for them in a way that they can easily understand it. Perhaps it's because I love science (Physics, Maths and Chemistry) and I enjoy being able to teach these subjects and help my students reach their goals. I am a PhD student in Physics and have a Masters degree in Physics with extensive experience in tutoring Physics, Maths and Chemistry. I provide...


Doctorate: PhD Chemistry (2006)
gained teaching experience during my PhD, where I supervised other students in the research group, both PhD and MSc, by advising and encouraging them in their research. I also led tutorial classes for undergraduate students and helped with A-level Chemistry lessons in the local secondary school as a Student Tutor. From my experience, each student is different with different strengths, weaknesses and learning styles and therefore the lessons would be specific to the needs of...


PGCE: Secondary Mathematics (2016)
the Navy's Admiralty Board, the PGCE numeracy test and a variety of other job interviews and aptitude tests. The tutoring I offer will unlock your potential to get the best grade possible in the available time. As well as maths content, additional skills addressed include exam technique, timing and confidence. ***RESULTS FROM 2017 STUDENTS*** GCSE Improvement from predicted or mock exam grade after tuition Improved by 1 grade -> 2 students Improved by 2 grades...


QTS: QTS (Qualified to teach in maintained schools) (2006)
and Literature). I have also taught A Level Media Studies and Film Studies - these subjects often go well with English A Level! With new tutees, I am keen to find out their needs, anxieties and strengths. To this end, it is useful to see something that you have written and to talk to you about your experiences of English at school/college. It is important to see tutoring as a partnership working towards a goal....


Bachelors: 1st class degree in Economics (2014)
college to help them with our A-level course, as well as a friend at university to help him with the maths on his course. I have strong experience in working with children of all ages. I previously coached football to children from the ages of 5 to 13 on a weekly basis. I was also part of a team for two years that took part in fundraising a holiday for 12 children from the 'Young...


Bachelors: BSc Mathematics (2007)
able learner, I would set higher target and challenges for them to exceed their current ZPD level. Nonetheless, I have also worked with pupils with learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyscalculia where a mixtures of different visual resources and hand-on technique (e.g. Ronit Bird's approach) are used to maintain attention and build up their confidence in Mathematics. Regardless of an individual's Mathematics capabilities, I believe every child has a underlying potential waiting to be...


Doctorate: PhD (2003)
level standard and written an online research methods course and a leading textbook in Psychology and Crime. My approach to tutoring is student-centered and based around an initial review of the way the tutee learns and produces work. From this it is possible to provide a teaching plan to help the student attain their goals. I am a friendly, approachable tutor with experience teaching students from many different backgrounds and with a variety of learning...


PGCE: TeachFirst Secondary Science (2016)
I am now embarking on a new career and am studying Medicine with the aim to become a Doctor. Because I love teaching so much (and miss it), I am continuing tutoring preferably the AQA syllabus for GCSE but this isn't mandatory. I am a calm tutor who wants to see the best in my pupils. If the student does not understand the science first time I will teach in many different ways in order...


PGCE: PGCE-FE(Masters Level) (2017)
to understand the subject very well. because of that I was able to pass well Subject: Maths Outcome: Help me to pass my maths subject with good grade Written by Ishmael T Made learning easy and fun Adolf was one of the best teachers I met in my senior school level, he made my learn simple as he patiently explains to the class what he teaches. He didn't only teach me maths, he taught me...

Subjects Taught: Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Combined Science, French, German, Italian, Spanish, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Electronics / Electronic Engineering, Business Related, Mandarin, Psychology, Government and Politics, Computer Studies / I.T., Economics, Entrance Exams, Special Needs, Music, English (Foreign Language), Sociology, Urdu, PE / Sport Science, Study Skills, Health / Social Care, Mechanical Engineering

Lowest Price Southampton Tutors

  • Margot

    Margot, Southampton
    Joined: 29/09/2017 | Av. Price: £10.00 p.h.
    Bachelors: Naval architecture with HPMV (2017)

  • Matt, Southampton
    Joined: 27/03/2018 | Av. Price: £10.00 p.h.
    Other: DipHE (first-class) (2017)

  • Rachel

    Rachel, Southampton
    Joined: 23/06/2018 | Av. Price: £10.00 p.h.
    English, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Philosophy / Critical Thinking, History Of Art
    College: International Baccalaureate (2016)

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  • Xiaohan

    Xiaohan, Southampton
    Joined: 10/07/2011 | Av. Price: £25.00 p.h.
    Bachelors: Bachelor of Chinese language& Literature (1998)

  • Hamid

    Hamid, Southampton
    Joined: 30/04/2015 | Av. Price: £44.17 p.h.
    Maths, Physics, Chemistry
    Masters: Masters in Condensed Matter Physics (2009)

  • Katherine

    Katherine, Southampton
    Joined: 08/01/2010 | Av. Price: £40.00 p.h.
    Doctorate: PhD Chemistry (2006)

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  • Gemma

    Gemma, Southampton
    Joined: 25/02/2018 | Av. Price: £25.00 p.h.
    QTS: GTP (English) (2012)

  • Alice

    Alice, Southampton
    Joined: 01/06/2018 | Av. Price: £25.00 p.h.
    Masters: First Class Masters degree in Chemical Engineering (2016)

  • James

    James, Southampton
    Joined: 06/06/2016 | Av. Price: £20.00 p.h.
    School: A level Extended Project (2015)

While the city itself has a relatively small population, it is part of the larger metropolitan area of South Hampshire, or Solent City, which has a population of more than 855,000. Fortunately for parents living in Southampton, the school system is quite navigable, with about 80 individual schools serving approximately 33,000 students. First Tutors provides parents and students with a central platform to connect with highly qualified private tutors in the Southampton area.

Pupils of all ages and abilities can benefit from the experienced academic guidance and support of a personal tutor. As anyone who has ever been in a classroom can attest, schools are not always designed to provide individualised learning environments. It is nearly impossible for a classroom teacher to give each student the individual attention necessary to allow them to reach their full academic potential. In contrast, a professional tutor only works with one pupil at a time, which ensures your child will have their undivided attention throughout their tutoring sessions. This gives the tutor and pupil an opportunity to get to know one another, allowing the tutor to discover your child's academic strengths, areas that need focus, and preferred learning style. This information can then be put together to create a programme of study as unique as the student the tutor will be working with.

Primary School Tutors in Southampton

Far too often, parents only consider retaining the services of a personal tutor when their child begins struggling in school. However, your child can benefit from working with a professional tutor from the very first day of primary school regardless of the school they attend.

Some of the highest ranking primary schools in Southampton include:

Primary School


Percentage of Pupils Meeting Expected Standard

Springhill Catholic Primary School



Beechwood Junior School



Portswood Primary School



Bitterne Park Primary School



Holy Family Catholic Primary School



Even pupils attending the very best primary schools can benefit from one-to-one instructional time. First Tutors understands just how crucial the first years of primary school are for the development of numeracy and literacy skills. These are the fundamental building blocks on which the rest of your child's academic career will be based. If students fail to truly integrate these concepts during their primary school years, they may struggle significantly when they enter secondary school.

Private tuition provides your child with a substantial advantage in the level of academic support and guidance they will receive during this time. Working independently with a private tutor can also help them during the later years of primary school when they need to begin preparing for the transition into a secondary school setting. It is during Year 6 that a student can most benefit from working with a personal tutor to refine and elevate personal study skills, time management strategies, testing confidence, and organisational skills. The gap that occurs just before Year 7 can be utilised to enhance these skills, which can be applied in all subject areas going forward.

Secondary School and Further Education Tuition in Southampton

Choosing the right secondary school for your child in Southampton is a big decision. It can be helpful for parents to know how the different schools in the area compare to one another. Below are some of the highly ranked schools in Southampton.

Secondary School


Grade 5 or Above in English & Maths GCSEs

St Mary's Independent School



St Anne's Catholic School



Saint George Catholic Voluntary Aided College Southampton



Bitterne Park School



Upper Shirley High School



Regardless of which secondary school your child attends, they will begin to notice an increase in the amount of material they are expected to learn as they progress through their studies. This is due in large part to the GCSEs and A levels that students must eventually face. While the exams have been in use for some time, they have recently undergone drastic changes that have rippled across the curriculum and instructional methodologies of most secondary schools. Working with a private tutor can give your child an advantage in navigating the new system and achieving their best possible results.

Although the tests themselves have changed, the importance placed upon the scores have not, and it is essential that your child prepare for them adequately. First Tutors can help you locate a Southampton tutor who can help your child reach their academic goals.

University-Level Tuition in Southampton

Even before graduation, many students are already thinking about which university they want to attend. The area of South East England is home to the most prestigious university in the world: the University of Oxford. However, it is also home to many other notable academic institutions. Here are a few of the top universities within the region:


UK Ranking

Global Ranking

University of Oxford



University of Southampton



University of Reading


Top 250

University of Surrey


Top 300

Brighton and Sussex Medical School


Top 350

No matter which university you or your child chooses to attend, home tuition can be beneficial in a variety of subject areas, including:

  • Cantonese
  • Combined Science
  • Computer Languages
  • Drama
  • Economics
  • English
  • Finance: Banking
  • Geology
  • German
  • History
  • Latin
  • Marketing: Strategy
  • Maths
  • Medicine
  • Public Speaking
  • Security: Encryptions/Decryptions
  • Welsh
  • Writing

Students of all ages, from the first day of primary school through graduation at university, can benefit from the assistance of professional tutoring. First Tutors offers parents and students a centralised location to connect with highly qualified tutors in the Southampton area. Find a personal tutor who can help you reach your academic goals by entering your search criteria now.