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Liverpool Tutors & Liverpool Tuition

The city of Liverpool is situated in North West England. The city itself has a population of nearly 500,000, but the surrounding metropolitan area is home to 2.24 million people, making it the fifth largest in the United Kingdom. Due to internationally popular bands such as The Beatles originating from the area, it continues to be a popular tourist destination. Liverpool has received numerous awards, including nomination as a European Capital of Culture and designation of parts of the city centre as World Heritage Sites.

Meet some of our Liverpool Tutors



Masters: Masters in Mathematics (2003)
from government of Pakistan in A-level for getting the 2nd position in my city. now I am doing "award in education and training" level 3 which will finish at the start of August. I have about 4 to 5 years of teaching experience in two different schools in Pakistan, where I taught from year 2 to A-level students. also I taught the tutions to different age group students. firstly I pay close attention to the...


PGCE: Teacher of Geography in Secondary Education (2008)
recently relocated back to Liverpool becoming a Head of Humanities at a grammar school in the North West. My Geography department has a fantastic reputation for making Geography lessons exciting, informative and an environment where every person can make progress. Exam results 2018/2019 were excellent. All tutees grade A*/A AND 100% 8/9 at GCSE! I have successfully taught up to Alevel/GCSE Geography for 10 years across the Edexcel and AQA syllabus. I am currently Assistant...


Masters: 2009 - MSc Organizational Psychology, Merit (2009)
fund my studies during my Bachelor and Masters degrees, I decided to advertise private French tuition. As a result, for the past 10 years, I have enjoyed teaching GCSE, A level, University students, and professionals seeking to improve their French for exams, travel, or even just for pleasure. It has been an enriching experience and I have decided to take it further and set up my own tuition business. I have worked in 6 primary...


Masters: Merit MSc Forensic Science and Criminal Justice (2016)
in Forensic Science and Criminal Justice. I have a passion for Science and Maths and enjoy helping other people expand their knowledge, skills and abilities in these fields. I have experience in training people in my field of work and working with people to help them understand, expand and use their knowledge efficiently and work on their self confidence. I also have connections in schools that help me keep up to date with current curriculum's...
UCL. But apart from now being a teacher I have worked in industry for 10 years plus so I am familiar with what businesses need. I have taught companies English who have specialists arriving in the UK for short term contracts. Teaching you confidence, good essay skills and good grammar. I am here to support your learning process . I believe it is this 1:1 thorough and detailed approach that gives the best results! For...


PGCE: QTS (2008)
teach year 3 in a lovely, rural school in Shevington. I particularly enjoy teaching maths and utilise a plethora of different creative techniques in order to instil both a love of learning and clear, confident understanding of the subject. I quickly develop strong relationships with children as I am excellent at gauging them and their specific needs. I love talking to children in order to fully understand them and decide on the most appropriate methods...
to enable them to reach their full potential. I have a Masters degree Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages and have excellent knowledge and strategies to motivate and challenge my students throughout their academic life. Throughout my own academic Life I have undertaken seven years of tutoring and teaching experience. During this time I have worked with a range of students from primary to further education. I have previously been employed by Wirral council...


Doctorate: PhD in Sociology (2010)
an excellent rating from my college studentsand business individuals (such as an NGO director and a company director) with respect to the various teaching components of the course. I also offer my students the advice and guidance for travel matters in Japan and exam/qualification preparations (the Japanese language Proficiency Test, for example). I am fluent in verbal and written English and Japanese. My teaching experience also includes 18 months as an English language instructor to...


School: Mathematics (2011)
have worked in many schools around Suffolk and Essex. The past 4 years, I have worked with children and adults of all ages as a tennis coach as well. I currently live next to Sefton Park in Liverpool. I am a very patient person which has helped in my previous jobs and with tutoring. I have tutored several pupils at GCSE levels in preparation for their exams. I have also tutored younger pupils as well...


PGCE: French and German teaching (1977)
and East Yorkshire. I have taught French up to GCSE and 'A' level throughout my career and regularly taught German up to GCSE level. I have been a Head of Modern Languages Department for over 20 years and also been involved in teacher-training in secondary schools. I have just taken early retirement from full-time teaching and have been teaching a full timetable of French with some German right up until July of this year. I...

Subjects Taught: Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Combined Science, French, German, Italian, Spanish, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Business Related, Greek (Ancient), Psychology, Government and Politics, Computer Studies / I.T., Economics, Law, Entrance Exams, Special Needs, Drama, English (Foreign Language), Japanese, Urdu, PE / Sport Science, Study Skills, Medicine, Classical Civilisation

Lowest Price Liverpool Tutors

  • Vittorio, Liverpool
    Joined: 17/04/2018 | Av. Price: £9.00 p.h.
    Maths, Italian
    Bachelors: Bachelors in Engineering (2021)

  • Beniamin

    Beniamin, Liverpool
    Joined: 16/04/2018 | Av. Price: £13.00 p.h.
    Maths, Physics, Polish
    College: A (2017)

  • Peter

    Peter, Liverpool
    Joined: 22/04/2018 | Av. Price: £13.00 p.h.
    Masters: History MA (2017)

Fastest Responding Liverpool Tutors

  • Akiko

    Akiko, Liverpool
    Joined: 08/02/2013 | Av. Price: £24.92 p.h.
    Doctorate: PhD in Sociology (2010)

  • Joanne

    Joanne, Liverpool
    Joined: 30/08/2017 | Av. Price: £20.00 p.h.
    Maths, English
    PGCE: QTS (2008)

  • Saba

    Saba, Liverpool
    Joined: 11/07/2014 | Av. Price: £21.67 p.h.
    Maths, Urdu
    Masters: Masters in Mathematics (2003)

Highest Rated Liverpool Tutors

  • Saba

    Saba, Liverpool
    Joined: 11/07/2014 | Av. Price: £21.67 p.h.
    Maths, Urdu
    Masters: Masters in Mathematics (2003)

  • Amy

    Amy, Liverpool
    Joined: 31/03/2015 | Av. Price: £42.50 p.h.
    PGCE: Teacher of Geography in Secondary Education (2008)

  • Charlotte

    Charlotte, Liverpool
    Joined: 18/01/2010 | Av. Price: £25.00 p.h.
    Masters: 2009 - MSc Organizational Psychology, Merit (2009)

Newest Liverpool Tutors

  • Osama

    Osama, Liverpool
    Joined: 21/09/2018 | Av. Price: £22.86 p.h.
    Electronics / Electronic Engineering, Computer Studies / I.T.
    Masters: Energy and Power Systems (2016)

  • Maria

    Maria, Liverpool
    Joined: 19/09/2018 | Av. Price: £20.00 p.h.
    PGCE: Modern Foreign Languages (2018)

  • Helen

    Helen, Liverpool
    Joined: 13/08/2018 | Av. Price: £52.50 p.h.
    Doctorate: Non applicable (2016)

Featured Liverpool Tutors

Liverpool has about 73,000 students served by about 200 schools, and First Tutors gives parents a way to easily connect with personal tutors in the area. Pupils have the opportunity to work with their private tutor via an online learning environment or in person. Personalised tutoring sessions can be held throughout Liverpool and the surrounding areas in the home, a cafe, a library, a park, or in any other place of your choice. Those families who simply do not have the time to facilitate in-person tutoring sessions may find it is easier to arrange for personalised online tutoring sessions. These virtual sessions can provide the flexibility necessary to make private tuition part of your family routine.

Primary School Tutors in Liverpool

First Tutors understands how important it is to begin building a strong academic foundation from the earliest years of primary school. It is during Key Stages 1 and 2 that pupils are bombarded with completely new concepts. Students begin learning the fundamentals of numeracy and literacy that will be used throughout their academic careers. The skills students master during their primary school years will set the stage for their studies all the way through to university. Fortunately, there are many fantastic primary schools in the Liverpool area, including:

Primary School


Percentage of Pupils Meeting Expected Standard

Emmaus Church of England and Catholic Primary School



The Beacon Church of England Primary School



Whitefield Primary School



St Sebastian's Catholic Primary School and Nursery



Longmoor Community Primary School



Private tuition provides your child with a significant advantage in terms of both guidance and support that can be invaluable when it comes to reaching one's academic potential. No matter which school your child attends, their classroom teacher still must meet the needs of the entire class, leaving limited time to devote to the individual education of your child. Alternatively, a private tutor can take the time to discover your child's learning style, academic strengths, and areas of opportunity. This information can then be combined to create a unique programme of study designed to help your child reach their academic goals.

As your child moves towards completion of Year 6, they may begin to feel more pressure to develop subject mastery. The importance of effective study skills may also become more evident. This is an area that is frequently overlooked by children and their parents, especially when academic achievements have come naturally to the child. However, as pupils are introduced to a more rigorous academic environment, the need for these skills becomes more evident. This is just one area where a student can benefit from the attention of a personal tutor.

Secondary School and Further Education Tuition in Liverpool

Once your child begins their secondary education in Year 7, they may experience an increase in the levels of pressure they feel as they begin preparations for the GCSEs and A levels. This has been exacerbated in recent years as both tests have been undergoing dramatic changes. Classroom teachers and administrative staff are facing new testing criteria that has led to a shift in instructional methodology. Without the familiarity of routine, some teachers may still be attempting to discover the most effective ways to prepare students for these looming exams.

A private tutor who is well versed in the new requirements can help your child prepare for these exams from the start of their secondary education. Some of the highest performing secondary schools in the region include:

Secondary School


Grade 5 or Above in English & Maths GCSEs

The Blue Coat School



King David High School



The Belvedere Academy



Christian Fellowship School



Liverpool College



The importance of GCSE grades cannot be overstated. These scores are influential in determining what A levels will be available to your child. Working with an experienced tutor provides your child with an extra layer of support and an additional opportunity to master the skills they will be tested on.

First Tutors can help you locate a tutor with subject area mastery and an ability to effectively evaluate your child's skill level, time management strategies, critical thinking skills, and revision techniques. The tutor can also work with your pupils to help alleviate testing anxiety, which can cause some children to test lower than their ability level.

University-Level Tuition in Liverpool

Liverpool and the surrounding area have a large selection of options for continuing on to university. Some of the best in the area include:


UK Ranking

Global Ranking

University of Manchester



Lancaster University



University of Liverpool



Liverpool John Moores University


Top 600

University of Central Lancashire


Top 800

No matter which university you or your child plan to attend, First Tutors can help connect you to a personal tutor who will offer you the guidance and support necessary from the admissions process all the way through to graduation.

Home tuition for Liverpool students is offered in many different subject areas, including:

  • Biology
  • Citizenship
  • Classical Civilisation
  • Computer Studies
  • Critical Thinking
  • Dance
  • Electronics
  • English
  • Entrance Exams
  • Finance
  • Foreign Languages
  • Geography
  • Government and Politics
  • Greek (Ancient)
  • Marketing
  • Maths
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Music
  • Physics
  • Presentation
  • Public Speaking
  • Religious Studies

With a professional tutor, students of all academic levels and ages can improve their skills and confidence levels. First Tutors connects parents and students with personal tutors in a centralised and user-friendly location. From primary school to university, First Tutors wants to help you find a tutor who can unlock the academic potential of you or your child. Find an experienced tutor now by entering your search criteria.