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If you prefer to speak with an education advisor about a personalised tutor match, please call Varsity Tutors UK at 0203 962 1468, to connect with an education advisor.


Private Japanese Tutor in Liverpool

I am a Japanese national who has completed two Japanese language beginners courses (60 weeks and 20 weeks respectively) as a large international company's language instructor at colleges based in central Liverpool and Manchester. In keeping with my professional status, I am adept at recognising how best to target my teaching approach, particularly with respect to students who have little or no knowledge of the Japanese language. In a formal course review exercise, I have received an excellent rating from my college studentsand business individuals (such as an NGO director and a company director) with respect to the various teaching components of the course. I also offer my students the advice and guidance for travel matters in Japan and exam/qualification preparations (the Japanese language Proficiency Test, for example).

I am fluent in verbal and written English and Japanese. My teaching experience also includes 18 months as an English language instructor to college students in Japan, in one-to-one, and group teaching as an employee at a language school. In addition, I was employed within the Japanese university sector as a translator of English to Japanese and vice versa. I therefore have language teaching experience acquired over several years based in the UK and Japan.

Tutoring Experience

Teaching for beginners and casual learners for more than 12 years.
Recent Teaching Experience:
GCSE Japanese examiner in May 2023
60 weeks (120 hours) in beginners Japanese at language colleges in Liverpool and 20 weeks in Manchester
12 months providing English language instruction to college students in Japan
18 months English-Japanese language translator at a Japanese University
60 weeks at a business establishment (Sony Entertainment) in the North West
34 weeks with the private tuition with various company managers(Sony)/directors

Tutoring Approach

I am able to provide personal tutoring (a local child or adult)and group tutoring (such as local business) as required. In terms of on-site teaching, the arrangement and terms need to be discussed first. I charge a face to face lesson with small extra on my teaching rate. I currently do not provide evening visits and evening courses (online ones are negotiable). With regards to outside teaching, again, I am willing to travel business settings upon the tutee's requirement, however, the arrangement and the cost need to be agreed upon first. I offer
1st lesson free for the tutee who purchased 5 lessons and more. My teaching is conducted with Zoom teaching and am equipped with 1080p HD Web cam and external microphone. An approachable and friendly style to engage students in fully comprehending an unfamiliar language. Tuition is provided in verbal and written Japanese using language props as an aid to understanding, with textbooks and various teaching materials. I have excellent writing skills and I am comfortable at teaching in both formal and less formal surroundings. Tuition can be arranged on a regular or irregular timetable according to the needs of the particular student(s).

AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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Surrey University2010DoctoratePhD in Sociology
Surrey University2001MastersMSc in Research Methods
London University2000BachelorsBSc in Social Policy

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