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The university town of Cambridge is located within the county of Cambridgeshire, which has an estimated population of about 849,000. The area serves nearly 85,000 students in more than 300 schools. Cambridge is home to one of the most respected universities in the world: the University of Cambridge. The area is considered a hub of technological innovation and has a thriving startup culture fostered by the expansive opportunities in higher education.

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Walpita Rahul
and its subsequent association within exam questions. My teaching will be tailored to your individual needs, wants and expectations. I will focus on the setting and achievement of goals with a structured study plan. I will also supply relevant course handouts and reading material where possible. My experience with students, over the last 13 years, has lead me to believe that most students when taught under the right conditions can learn the required material in...


PGCE: PGCE (Maths and Physics) (0)
to the pupil's home. Lessons can be arranged at any time of the day to suit the student. 23 years teaching experience - Maths up to A level 10 years experience of private tuition in Maths I have given personal tuition for a number of years to improve pupil's grades at GCSE and A level - Pure Mathematics, Statistics, Mechanics and Further Mathematics. I am patient, considerate and understanding, my pupils improve their confidence in...


Masters: Mathematics - First Class Honours (2014)
tuition in subjects I have studied to at least degree level, I pride myself in offering the level of tuition you could expect from an Oxbridge tutorial. All of my students are provided with a personalised plan of action, and continual constructive feedback. They are welcome to contact me by email or phone at any time of day, and I endeavour to reply within an hour. Due to the flexible working arrangements in my PhD,...


Doctorate: Mathematics (2011)
visualisation using R's various statistical and machine learning packages as well as writing my own code from scratch. RUSSIAN. I have more than 6 years of experience in tutoring Russian on a one to one basis (children and adults). MATHS. I am a strong believer in 'learning by doing'. Mathematical concepts can at times be a little bit overwhelming and hard to decipher. So it really helps to look at simple examples first. Once you've...


Doctorate: Ph.D. (1984)
adult education when I taught adult part-time students. I have also provided tutorials for students with many different requirements including A level and undergraduate Physics & Mathematics courses and Army officer selection exams. The details of the correct approach vary from one tutee to another, but the principles remain the same. I seek to establish the student's ability within the context of a given aim and to then set realistic objectives. I think that most...


PGCE: PGCE (FE) (1995)
we are going to cover what we need to cover, and will keep you informed with updates about the progress you are making. I am very happy to receive e-mails or have phone conversations with parents if helpful, and feel that the more I know the more effective I can be. How you will progress and develop : With me yоu cаn develоp skills, аs well аs extend yоur knоwledge, аnd аdd depth tо yоur...


Masters: Environmental Technology (2007)
A-level tutoring, I have tutored two boys through not only maths but primary level English and Science too. I have also spent a lot of time looking after children from 3 months old to 12 years old babysitting and nannying. Prior to the birth of my daughter and son, I spent two years teaching at a school in Italy. I truly believe that maths can be fun. As a tutor I aim to make the...


PGCE: qualified teacher status (Leeds) (2013)
to occur and address them appropriately - something my students regularly comment I have the knowledge and experience to do. I currently have availability on weekdays and weekends. It is important to master topics one at a time. I like students to go over each topic in sufficient detail, covering many possible variations before moving on to make sure your knowledge is secure. If the sessions are in the run up to exams working through...


Doctorate: Physics (2015)
got A's in both papers and thanks to your help I will be going to University of London for my degree - Maria" "William has greatly benefited from a crash course in math in preparation for his Maths A-levels, that helped him go from a C grade to A in a very short time. Ahmed has been nothing short of a brilliant tutor. I would highly recommend him"
 "Ahmed has been a great help in...


Doctorate: Image Processing/Computer Vision (1996)
the tutee's particular needs. As a tutor it's very important to me that I understand the personality of my tutee in order to make him/her fully comfortable in my presence and also to gauge what mode of teaching is most suitable for him/her. I have learnt some students are better audio learners whilst others are more visually driven. This not only encourages my students to ask questions they would otherwise be hesitant to ask but...

Subjects Taught: Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Combined Science, French, German, Spanish, Latin, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Electronics / Electronic Engineering, Business Related, Craft and Design, Greek (Ancient), Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Psychology, Government and Politics, Computer Studies / I.T., Economics, Law, Entrance Exams, Music, Drama, English (Foreign Language), Sociology, Philosophy / Critical Thinking, Media / Communication Studies, Study Skills, Medicine, Classical Civilisation, History Of Art, Mechanical Engineering

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  • Lana

    Lana, Cambridge
    Joined: 13/03/2018 | Av. Price: £10.00 p.h.
    Bachelors: BA honours 2:1 (2017)

  • Samuel

    Samuel, Cambridge
    Joined: 30/04/2016 | Av. Price: £15.00 p.h.
    School: A* Chemistry A Level (2015)

  • Daniel

    Daniel, Cambridge
    Joined: 14/05/2017 | Av. Price: £16.25 p.h.
    French, German, Spanish, English (Foreign Language)
    Bachelors: Modern and Medieval Languages (French and German) (2020)

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First Tutors connects students with experienced private tutors in the Cambridge area. Students can choose to work with their personal tutor in person or in an online environment. Private tutoring sessions can be held throughout the city in a venue that best fits the needs and schedule of the pupil. Whether this is in the home, library, park, or neighbourhood cafe can be determined by what makes you or your child feel most focused and productive. Families who are worried that there is no room in their schedule for private tutoring may prefer the option of working with an online tutor. Online private tutoring offers all the same advantages of traditional in-person tutoring but allows for greater scheduling flexibility.

A highly qualified personal tutor in the Cambridge area can support you or your child at any stage of the learning process.

Primary School Tutors in Cambridge

First Tutors is aware of the importance of establishing a firm academic foundation, as well as the difficulty of maintaining a steady rate of academic growth. This is especially true for students in Key Stages 1 and 2. During this time, pupils are being continuously challenged to learn and integrate new material that will be necessary as they continue their studies in secondary school. Without mastering these skills during primary school, students may struggle into their university years or as they move forward on a career path.

Private tuition affords your child the opportunity to benefit from enhanced guidance and support from a qualified personal tutor who can help them achieve their academic potential. A tutor can work with your child on the exact areas they are struggling with, or they can introduce new educational concepts to provide students with the challenging material they need to stay engaged in the learning process. A private tutor will work to understand your child's unique academic strengths and weaknesses, and then the tutor can use this knowledge to provide unique study materials specifically designed with your child in mind. Professional tutors understand that no two children are exactly alike and that there is no single approach to tutoring that will work for every child. This individualised, one-on-one approach is important and powerful.

Some of the best primary schools in the Cambridge area include:

Primary School


Percentage of Pupils Meeting Expected Standard

Bourn CofE Primary Academy



Ditton Lodge Community Primary School



Elsworth CofE VA Primary School



The Elton CofE Primary School of The Foundation of Frances and Jane Proby



Bury CofE Primary School



Regardless of which primary school your child attends, you may notice that the pressure to master specific skills intensifies as they approach the end of Year 6. This includes the ability to properly map out study time and the implementation of effective studying techniques. These critical skills are far too often overlooked by pupils and parents, but they become increasingly important as children transition into secondary school. Thankfully, time management and study skills can be dramatically improved with the assistance of private tuition. A private tutor can also assist your child with preparing for grammar school entrance exams.

Whether your child will be attending a grammar school or another secondary school, the transition from primary school to a more rigorous learning environment can cause unexpected stress. Private tutors can work with both your child and other members of the family to make this transition proceed more smoothly.

Secondary School and Further Education Tuition in Cambridge

Once your child enters Year 7, expectations will continue to increase throughout the rest of their academic career. First, they will need to prepare for the revised GCSEs and A levels. Some parents and pupils have become comfortable with the familiar structure of these exams, but recent changes have left many parents confused as to how to best help their pupil succeed. Private tutors with experience in the new formats can be invaluable in this endeavour.

A few of the best secondary schools in the vicinity of Cambridge include:

Secondary School


Grade 5 or Above in English & Maths GCSEs

Wisbech Grammar School



Chesterton Community College



St Bede's Inter-Church School



Comberton Village College



Cottenham Village College



No matter which secondary school your child attends in Cambridge, their GCSE results are critical. These are the scores that will determine which courses and A levels will be available to them. A personal tutor can help your child as they master the material in the years leading to the GCSE and as they approach the final few months of preparation.

First Tutors is experienced in evaluating a pupil's ability and academic needs, as well as in preparing a programme of study to support them in achieving their academic goals. The additional support provided by a professional tutor can make a significant difference in your child's ability to earn the best grades possible.

University-Level Tuition in Cambridge

The most famous university in the area is the University of Cambridge. There are also many other excellent choices for students who want to pursue an advanced degree. Some of the best options include:


UK Ranking

Global Ranking

University of Cambridge



Imperial College London



University of Essex


Top 300

Anglia Ruskin University


Top 350

University of Bedfordshire


Top 800

Regardless of which university you or your child wishes to attend, First Tutors can help you connect with an experienced subject matter tutor who can help design a path towards academic success.

Home tuition is available in many areas, including:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Combined science
  • Economics
  • Entrance exams
  • Foreign languages
  • Geography
  • Government and politics
  • History
  • Law
  • Maths
  • Sociology

With the assistance of a highly qualified tutor, pupils of all ages can make gains in their subject area mastery. First Tutors makes it easy to source an experienced tutor from within a centralised platform. Let First Tutors help you find a professional tutor now by entering your search criteria.