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About First Tutors: Business

First Tutors: Business is a new service enabling you to find business trainers in the local area. Our orignal site, First Tutors: Academic was first established in 2005 as the first of its kind and now offers the widest choice of tutors available across the country. First Tutors: Business has followed with the aim of also providing access to the widest range of Business trainers across the UK. As with our private academic tuition site, we seek to create transparency in the market and as such provide a facility for clients to give feedback on their business training. First Tutors is widely recognised in the media and industry and has been recommended through a number of high profile awards and press recommendations.

Why Use Our Service?

Accountability - Our feedback system means clients can comment on the quality of their business training. The effect this has is that good trainers are recognised and recommended and any negative feedback (of which we receive very little) is dealt with swiftly. Whereas an agency trainer might be sent out to another client after a complaint, our feedback process means that prospective clients are not in the dark.

Choice - Browse and select from a range of business trainers. Our profiles enable you to see prices, experience and qualifications up front and to compare directly.

Cost Effectiveness - First Tutors: Business ask for a £5.00 introduction fee and that's all! (and you only pay it once you've used the members area to discuss arrangements with your trainer). There is no agency commission or extra mark-up enabling your business to keep costs much lower. We understand that many businesses are happy to manage their relationship with a private trainer themselves and would prefer simply to make invoicing arrangements directly with their trainer and not to continue paying an agency.

Flexibility - Our service can be accessed 24:7, whenever suits you. If your business works round the clock, so does our online service!

Accessibility - First Tutors: Business is easy to navigate and designed to meet accessibility standards. We have a professional development team focused on delivering a high quality user experience and welcome your feedback on anything you feel could be improved in this respect.

First Tutors: Business vs a Training Agency

First Tutors: Business is different from training agencies, in these key ways:

  • You choose your business trainer - it is your choice who you select for your needs, we aren't the middle man
  • Contact business trainers directly to discuss your needs - use our forums to do so free of charge before reaching an agreement.
  • You need to check any client referrals or qualifications to your satisfaction. Professional trainers will expect this request.
  • We ask for a £5.00 introduction fee and that's all. We do not charge extra commissions but equally we cannot fairly intervene if you are not happy with the trainer you have chosen because we do not manage the ongoing relationship. We do however collect feedback from all clients regarding their business trainer a couple of weeks after making an introduction for the benefit of other clients.