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About First Tutors: Languages

First Tutors: Languages is an online language teacher-matching service. Our sister site, First Tutors Academic, was established in 2005 with the aim of providing access to the widest range of tutors possible, the first of its kind. First Tutors: Languages soon followed, based on the same founding principle. We are committed to making the tuition market more open and merit-based. We have won industry awards, been recommended by The Good Schools Guide and appear regularly in the educational, regional and national press.

First Tutors: Languages vs a Typical Agency

First Tutors: Languages differs to Learning Agencies and it is important that you understand how:

  • Browse and select your language teacher yourself: there is no middle man.
  • Contact your chosen language teachers directly through our private forums to discuss your needs - no payment necessary.
  • We don't perform CRB checks ourselves - this means you must ask to double-check any references/CRBs your teacher offers.
  • We ask for a £4.99-19.99* introduction fee and that's all. We don't ask for a £4.99-19.99* fee on top of every hour a teacher teaches but equally we cannot fairly intervene if you are not happy with the teacher you have chosen because we do not manage the ongoing relationship. We do however collect feedback from all learners regarding their language teacher a couple of weeks after making an introduction for the benefit of other parents and learners.

The cost difference between choosing your own language teacher and using an agency:

First Tutors: Languages Typical Agency Saving
Introduction £4.99-19.99* £0 - £50 ~£5
10 hrs of tuition £200** £500 £300
Total £205 £500 £295

* Our one-off fees are variable and linked to the tutor's price per hour to make our service as affordable as possible

** This is based on the average fee across all language teachers in our database: £20 per hour (some of our teachers charge as little as £9 per hour)

Why Use Us?

Reassurance - We now conduct ID and reference checks on all our tutors, so you can choose them with confidence.

Choice -Choose from over 4,000 language teachers nationwide, catering to all skill levels in a wide variety of languages. Whether you need to prepare for an A Level Oral exam or speak your first words of Spanish, First Tutors: Languages caters to everyone from all different age groups.

Affordability - We ask for a £4.99-19.99* introduction fee and that's all! You only pay it once you are happy to go ahead with tuition, after you've used the members' area to discuss the necessary arrangements with your language teacher. Some agencies may charge an additional £10 for every hour a language teacher teaches, but with First Tutors: Languages, there are no additional agency fees or hidden costs. We understand that many learners, be they private or businesses are happy to manage their relationship with a freelance language teacher themselves and would prefer not to continue paying an agency for that service.

Flexibility - There is no minimum or maximum number of hours you can book a tutor. Our service can be accessed 24:7, whenever suits you.

Accessibility - Our site is secure, functional and easy to navigate. We have a professional development team focused on delivering the highest quality user experience. If something is wrong, just let us know and we will fix it!