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What is First Tutors: Arts & Crafts?

If you're looking for help to develop your acting skills, learn a new hobby or improve your elocution, First Tutors: Arts & Crafts can help you by putting you in touch with a local teacher. Our service matches local teachers with those seeking help on a one-to-one private basis in a range of arts and crafts related spheres. The First Tutors family of sites was launched in 2005 with First Tutors: Academic, which helps families to find local private tutors to assist with school subjects. Observing that families and individuals often also seek professional help in extra-curricular areas, First Tutors: Arts & Crafts continues our mission to help you find professional teaching easily in a wider range of subjects.

Why Use Us?

The choice is yours! With First Tutors: Arts & Crafts you choose the teacher of your preference rather than having one assigned. You can see what your potential teacher outlines in terms of experience and qualifications before contacting them so you are sure of quality from the outset.

The right teacher for your budget. You probably have a rough idea of what you can afford to spend on your hobby and with First Tutors: Arts & Crafts you can find a teacher who caters to your pricing needs. All teachers outline their hourly rates on their profiles, meaning there are no surprises.

Find a teacher at any time! If you work long days or barely have a chance to breathe because you're busy, you don't want to be stuck trying to make calls during office hours. Because we're an online business, you can access our service any time, 24 hours per day, seven days per week - whenever works for you! For teachers who work during the day and provide services in the evening, this means no more awkward phone calls at lunch time because now you can pick up enquiries at a time that suits you!

Fully Accessible! First Tutors is recognised as an award-winning site and we hope to make using the site accessible to all. If you have a comment on usability please do contact us so our developers can try to help you.

How we are different

First Tutors: Arts & Crafts differs to agencies:

  • Select your own teacher - you choose who is right for you.
  • Discuss your needs - we provide a forum for you to chat to teachers before making a decision
  • We don't perform CRB checks - this means you must ask for any references/CRBs your teacher offers
  • We ask for a £4.99-19.99* introduction fee and that's all. We don't ask for a £4.99-19.99* fee on top of every hour of teaching but equally we cannot fairly intervene if you are not happy with the teacher you have chosen because we do not manage the ongoing relationship. We do however collect feedback from all learners regarding their teacher a couple of weeks after making an introduction for the benefit of other learners.

* Our one-off fees are variable and linked to the tutor's price per hour to make our service as affordable as possible