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My Ballroom Dancing Experience

March 28th, 2013 by Dexter Findley

I'd never been the most co-ordinated individual, but when my school (an all-boys school) started a Ballroom Dancing Society with the local girl's college, I decided that risking embarrassment and mockery was a small price to pay for being able to finally socialise with women. I had no previous interest in Ballroom dancing, or any other form of dancing for that matter, but some things are worth trying new things for. For a fifteen-year-old in a somewhat repressive environment, female interaction is one of those things.

So one Thursday evening after 9pm, a group of us, the awkward, the frustrated, the desperate and the pitiful, rallied in a Spanish classroom and waited for the mythical females to arrive. Our instructor - a Maths teacher who we'll call Ms. Walker for the purposes of this blog post - was as nervous as we were: this idea was, after all, her brainchild.

We were not disappointed. About thirty girls came, slightly outnumbering us boys. Ah, what it was to fin... Read More »