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How Does First Tutors: Dance Work?

To use our online self-selection service simply follow five easy steps:

Step 1: Search to dance instructors offering their services in your area.

Step 2: Register as a student, parent or client (for free).

Step 3: Return to your search and browse your prospective teachers. Send your selected dance instructor(s) a message detailing your requirements.

Step 4: Your selected dance instructor(s) will be contacted and asked to accept or reply to your request for lessons. You can read their responses and ask them further questions through your member's area. Once your teacher has accepted you as a student, you can confirm your choice of dance instructor.

Step 5: Pay £5.00 online for the release of your chosen dance teacher's contact details.

If you have further questions, or are unsure about any of the information supplied, please contact us using our support form and we will provide additional guidance.

See How It Works...

Which Instructor?

You're looking for a dance instructor who really can make lessons fun, and who will return every week with dedication to helping you or your child succeed in their dance ambitions.

To assist you in selecting your dance teacher we've given each instructor the opportunity to talk about their qualifications, experience and approach to teaching dance.

Teaching Approach

Consider your prospective instructor's approach to dance lessons. You might be looking for someone to prepare your child for dance assessments, or alternatively a more casual teacher to help your child gain confidence through dancing just for fun. Alternatively, you might want an instructor who can provided personal training, or who can advise you on how to get into the local dance scene in your area. Often the best working relationships are formed when student and instructor have something in common. Matching clients with dance teachers who share a similar interest will definitely make that first lesson more relaxed.

Class Continuity

It is important to specify the length of time you will require the services of your dance instructor. If you're looking for lessons for the next few years be sure to state that you'll need someone for that duration.


We encourage students, parents and adult clients to give feedback about their dance teacher so other users can benefit from recommendations.