Company Background

In 2005 First Tutors: Business (then was launched as a web-based find-your-own trainer service. The business was developed by investigating what trainers and clients wanted and with the goal of making the private tuition sector more efficient for all concerned. First Tutors: Business remains extremely popular with both trainers and families.

Please note that is the original site that we continue to operate; other similar looking websites are not related to us.

The Team

First Tutors: Business is made up of a young, vibrant team of software and marketing professionals. Enthusiasm for what we do and commitment to excellence are our two key requirements from everyone in our team.

Anita Lee, Managing Director
Anita is a client-facing marketer with a background in product management and copy-writing for venture-backed new media and telecoms businesses. She has a BA (Hons) in History and Social Anthropology from Cambridge University.

Paul Norman, Technical Director
Paul is our lead developer and has worked on many projects ranging from new media to the public sector. Paul has an MSc (Distinction) in Information Systems from the University of Leeds and a first class BSc (Hons) in Physics from The University of Nottingham.

Sally, Customer Services Manager
Sally is Bilingual in English and Spanish and has over 18 years of fast-moving e-commerce experience. When she's not helping our clients, she also enjoys playing piano.

Sarah, Customer Services Administrator
Sarah has a background in Early Years Education and is finalising a Degree in Childhood and Youth studies. As well as admin duties, Sarah works closely with the rest of the team to help with a variety of projects.

Caroline, Compliance Manager
Caroline has a background in leading a team in Customer Support Management, NHS and Police Communications. In her spare time she also works as a School Governor.

Anna, Content Marketing Executive
Anna has been a private trainer of both English Literature and English Language for fifteen years having taught all levels from nursery school right through to university level. She is a writer, content marketing executive and a busy mother of four lovely children.

Recommended by...

First Tutors: Business has been recommended by The Good Schools Guide for several years and has also featured in various national and regional newspapers. See what we've been up to recently on our Press Coverage and Awards page.


Well, occasionally yes! First Tutors: Business has won Best e-Business at the prestigious Big Chip Awards and its company founders have also won the odd entrepreneurship award. See what we've been up to recently on our Press Coverage and Awards page.

Company Details

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