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Business training tips

Here are a few tips on ensuring your training sessions run smoothly:

Business not pleasure

You will no doubt be brimming with confidence and enthusiasm for your specialism, but please remember that your client may be a reluctant learner, accepting training because there is a business need rather than because they have a burning desire to learn more about your subject. Hopefully, you'll bring them round, but remember that at the outset the client may be uncomfortable venturing into an area which is outside of their comfort zone in terms of knowledge.

Potential issues to overcome

When delivering training, try to be sensitive to the following challenges:

  1. Difficulties with expression. Your client may struggle to express themselves when they are dealing with a subject which is new to them and for which they do not have the vocabulary to express themselves. This could leave them wondering if the learning curve is too great, so you must encourage them to believe that they have lots of value to contribute to training and seek to understand the problems on their own terms until they are better acquainted with the subject matter.
  2. Your client may feel intimidated. If you're a finance genius and they last studied maths 30 years ago, remember to tread softly and build confidence as they may be overwhelmed.
  3. Your client may be confused as to how to work together with a trainer, having never received training before. Ask them how they would like to proceed and make clear you are happy to lead but also to receive feedback on what direction the client wants the training to go in where curriculum is concerned.

Training: How did you do?

Good trainers always ask for feedback from clients, but you can also reflect on your training session yourself to consider what worked well and where delivery could have been improved. Here are some ideas to help you reflect upon your business training provision:

How well did I .....? Very Well Satisfactory Could Be Better
Prepare for the business training   
Get the training underway (establish aims, etc)   
Ask questions and engage the client   
Handle the client's comments and questions   
Respond to the client as an individual and build rapport   
Keep the focus and not become distracted   
Maintain client interest   
Help when the client had trouble   
Ensure key points were understood   
Draw the training session to a professional close   

New to Business Training?

First Tutors: Business is a great place to begin your business training career as you can begin promoting your services to clients immediately.

During the registration process you will be asked to declare which specialisms you feel you are qualified to offer training in and to outline your methods and career experience.

Identifying your specialist areas

Think carefully about what you can offer as a professional business trainer; it is normally better to do a few things well than take a scattered approach which may not leave your prospective clients with much confidence in the depth of your knowledge. If you want to be sure that you will seem credible, have a look at other trainers in your area and see what they are offering and charging for their services.

Entering a training arrangement

Here are some preliminary things to consider before you agree to offer business training to a new client:

  • Where will the training take place? Manage the client's expectation in terms of whether you will travel to their premises or expect them to travel to you.
  • Are you delivering a programme of training or creating a bespoke curriculum?
  • Are training materials included in your hourly rate?

Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Examples of the cover we can provide?

Here are a few examples of the cover they can provide:

  • Cover for your personal liability as a result of your negligence for injury or damage to pupils and their property whilst being taught in your own home.
  • Cover for damage to property or injuries caused to others by your negligence whilst teaching in their home.
  • Cover for failure to provide adequate tuition services or errors in your selection of curricula or coursework.

Peace of mind from just £100 a year

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