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How to prepare for business training

Establish what you want to achieve

The more you can tell your trainer about what you are looking for in terms of help, the more they can deliver. So, for example, if you need help with Excel and and want to focus on pivot tables, tell your trainer, "pivot tables," not just, "Excel" so you don't spend your session learning about basic functions because this wasn't made clear between the parties.

Your trainer should ask you what problem you are trying to solve so by being as specific as possible, you can ensure every minute of your training is time well spent.


It is also worth clarifying where training will take place in light of any equipment or software that may need to be provided. If your trainer has a library of resources they would like to refer to, it may make sense to visit them. Alternatively, if you have work in progress you want them to advise upon, request they come to you.

Your initial training session

  • Is an opportunity for you to see how you get along with the business trainer.
  • The trainer will want to talk through what you are seeking to accomplish so your session is immediately relevant.
  • The trainer will seek to establish your level of ability.

Communicating with your trainer

  • Be clear with your trainer if you are finding the pace too easy or difficult so they can adjust the tempo.
  • Advise the trainer if, during training you realise there are other areas you would like covered or elements which can be removed from any agreed programme.
  • Help other clients by providing feedback about your business trainer through First Tutors: Business.