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5 tips for stress-free homework

November 9th, 2016 by Anna Michaelidou

Homework is one of those things that children hate and parents seem to dread. It can be the cause of family arguments and anxiety in those faced with it. But homework doesn't have to be full of stress. With a well-planned after school routine and a few of our simple tips, you can turn homework into something natural and a time for some extra learning whilst giving your children a sense of accomplishment.

... Read More »

Why is Asian education storming ahead of the UK?

May 13th, 2015 by Sarah Adams

Why is Asian education storming ahead of the UK?

Grating news today for UK educationalists, as the OECD publishes its report comparing education systems across the world (focused on Maths and Science). We're not at the top, barely in the top 20 in fact.

Assuming that educationalists accept with the report's methodology and findings, the question must be asked, why is that whilst the West mostly flounders, the Asian tiger continues to roar? What is it they're d... Read More »

Why the School Day Should be Extended

April 9th, 2013 by Sam

The length of the school day has always been a contentious issue. It has long been debated whether extending it would have an impact on children's educational achievements, either for better or worse: would the extra time allow for a richer educational experience, or would it cause pupils' minds to 'burn out'?

Although schools have slight regional variation up and down the country, the ave... Read More »

Pupil Premium funded private tuition

August 29th, 2012 by Isa

As the new school year very rapidly approaches we know schools are contemplating how best to invest their pupil premium funding and some are considering private tuition as a strong potential option. We've been talking to headteachers over the summer about just how much impact this funding could have and three things have become very clear:

1. We all want to see the cash used in a way that really delivers good value education, not money for old rope.

2. That, a... Read More »

School performance 2011 - The truth!

February 6th, 2012 by Sara

Last week, the Department for Education published data on more than 3,300 secondary schools' GCSE and A-Level exam results. Now parents have more information than ever about how their child's school is performing, this is an increase of data of 400 per cent than in 2010.

Performance tables for 2011 now include:

level of performance of disadvantaged children. if pupils with high, middle and low achieving results continue to make progress.... Read More »

Debate of the week: Children denied their first choice of school

March 8th, 2010 by Emily

It's a tough time for thousands of Year Six pupils and their families. Last Monday was "national offer day", when local councils send out letters to around 540,000 families across the country to let them know whether they had been given a place at their preferred choice of secondary school.

Sadly, around 100,000 children were left disappointed as... Read More »

Debate of the week: All work and no play

December 21st, 2009 by Emily

Teachers, tutors and educational campaigners have expressed alarm at today's announcement that a state school with a 10 hour working day is to be piloted in the UK.

Based on a charter school programme in America, the new academy will open at 7.30am and run until 5pm or 5.30pm to "maximise opportunities for learning". The philosophy behind the programme, wh... Read More »

Public spending on schools in no danger

October 1st, 2009 by Emily

In his latest address to the labour party, Prime Minister Gordon Brown has pledged not to cut spending on schools and other places of education. In addition to this, he has also promised vital work experience opportunities for young school leavers who are looking for work, more ... Read More »

Teaching assistants 'hinder children’s progress'

September 25th, 2009 by Emily

A recent government-funded survey has revealed that pupils who receive classroom help from teaching assistants actually make less progress than those that don't. The report explained that support staff tend to spend more time with the children than the teachers do, thus reducing their ability to learn.

However, the blame wasn't aimed directly at teaching assistants, as lead researcher Professor Peter Blatchford explained: "This is not something that we should blame on teaching assista... Read More »

Free school meals for all?

September 21st, 2009 by Emily

A £40m trial is underway in County Durham and the East London borough of Newham that enables pupils to have free lunches. Children's behaviour, health and academic standards will be closely monitored to see how they are affected, and if it is successful then other parts of the country may soon benefit from the scheme.

The tria... Read More »

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