Pupil Premium funded private tuition

by Isa

As the new school year very rapidly approaches we know schools are contemplating how best to invest their pupil premium funding and some are considering private tuition as a strong potential option. We've been talking to headteachers over the summer about just how much impact this funding could have and three things have become very clear:

1. We all want to see the cash used in a way that really delivers good value education, not money for old rope.

2. That, as ever, we need to track the impact of any intervention so that progress is measurable. The methods we use must be intelligent.

3. One size does not fit all. Schools who serve diverse communities, often with specific challenges at a per pupil level, need tailored solutions.

We are naturally keen to work with schools to develop tuition services which will meet these needs, and not just because it is good business. So why should you work with us?

  • We enjoy designing innovative solutions and ideas, and because we're a relatively small firm we can actually implement them quickly!
  • We have tens of thousands of tutors registered with us and we collect reviews every time one meets a new client. We can find you some very good tutors.
  • We already track huge amounts of data about private tuition, including motivations for seeking tuition from parents, demographics, etc. We like designing this kind of software and we know how to present data in an easily usable form.
  • We have won awards - including 'Supplementary education firm of the year', 'Ebusiness of the year' and various entrepreneur prizes - and we've been positively reviewed by some pretty firm critics, including The Good Schools Guide.

So, if you'd like to chat with one of our directors, please contact us.