Why is Asian education storming ahead of the UK?

by Sarah Adams

Why is Asian education storming ahead of the UK?

Grating news today for UK educationalists, as the OECD publishes its report comparing education systems across the world (focused on Maths and Science). We're not at the top, barely in the top 20 in fact.

Assuming that educationalists accept with the report's methodology and findings, the question must be asked, why is that whilst the West mostly flounders, the Asian tiger continues to roar? What is it they're doing differently?

Well, according to the OECD's education director, the difference lies partly in expectations: "If you go to an Asian classroom you'll find teachers who expect every student to succeed. There's a lot of rigour, a lot of focus and coherence," says Mr Schleicher.

Furthermore, he suggests, they're very good at putting the right people in the right place: "These countries are also very good at attracting the most talented teachers in the most challenging classrooms, so that every student has access to excellent teachers." You can read the fully story from the BBC here.

So how does that differ to the UK experience? Or is it that the UK is facing a different set of challenges? As the people living the reality of the UK's education system every day, we'd love to hear your views, so join us on Facebook.

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