Home schooling your child?

by Sara

In the 19th century more children received education in the UK from home than in schools. Nowadays, most children attend school although recent data estimates there is an annual increase of 17% of children who are home schooled in this country.

Education from the age of five is a legal requirement in Britain, but there is no law that enforces children to attend school. However, all children must receive an "efficient full -time education suitable to their age, ability and aptitude." There is no obligation to follow the national curriculum, sit exams, mark work or follow term times.

Nevertheless, if a local authority considers that a child is not receiving a suitable education it does have powers to oblige a child to attend school.

There are many different reasons why parents choose home schooling for their children. Here are some of the most common justifications.

  • Religious or philosophical reasons.
  • Parents were educated at home.
  • Child unhappy at school due to bullying.
  • Children with special needs.
  • Unable to obtain a place for their child in their school of choice.
  • Family live in a rural area.
  • Child's ill health.

Help with home schooling.

You will need to think carefully about the kind of education you will be providing your child. If you decide that you would like your child to follow the national curriculum you will most likely need external help. You may be capable of teaching your children at basic levels of education but if your child is going to take GCSE's they will benefit from the help of a private tutor. This help could be ongoing or just to prepare your child for upcoming exams.

First Tutors have seen a gradual increase in requests from parents who provide home schooling. Many parents wish to have one tutor who can provide tuition in several subjects but this is not an easy task. Many private tutors supplement their day time job as a teacher in a local school so they don't have the time to provide lessons during the day. Other tutors may have the time but are not confident enough to teach more than 2 or 3 subjects. Another aspect to consider is commitment - finding a tutor that will commit to long term tuition (perhaps more than a year) is easier said than done.

Considering the above circumstances, we advise parents to search for tutors well in advance. You may find the perfect tutor for your child but he/she has no immediate availability (good tutors are booked up very quickly!) but you may be able to discuss long term tuition with the tutor starting at a later date, perhaps for the following term or year.

We can help you find private tutors for home schooling, feel free to contact as many tutors as you wish and take your time to discuss all your child's tuition needs.