What makes a good tutor?

by Sara

One reason students and parents turn to one to one tuition is the lack of attention the average teacher is able to provide in a standard classroom setting.

A competent tutor has the acuity to communicate their passion for learning while being a patient, understanding and trustworthy person. It is not always indispensable for a tutor to be highly intelligent or intellectual but they must be able to empathise with tutee learning needs.

Good tutors will have the following characteristics:

Evaluation/preparation - The tutor must understand what they are going to teach and what tutoring approach would be suitable for each student. This is often prepared following a brief assessment of the students strengths and weaknesses.Preparing the lesson in advance is a must.

Positive approach - The tutor will convey a positive outlook, no matter how bad a student's academic situation may seem.

Passion - A tutor will have a natural desire to help others without intimidating the student with their own self knowledge. A tutor should be able to convey their faith and commitment to students to help them learn and grow.

Reliability - Building trust and confidence with students by not just being punctual but conforming what you say to what you do, is a vital feature of all good tutors. Helping a tutee acknowledge their realistic expectation of what can be achieved is essential to both students and parents.

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