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Please do read my profile before sending a request.

- Refrain from contacting me if you are not serious about tuition, as I do not like to waste my time holding lengthy discussions if it is not going anywhere.
- Do not ask about trial lessons, as I do not partake in these.
- Do not discuss subjects that the enquiry is not related to. If you open a request about English, please do not ask me to teach your child ICT etc. This is especially pointless if I am not advertising this subject.
- DO get back to me even if you decide not to go ahead, so that I can close your request and give the space to someone else.
- DO ask for help if you are stuck or confused about the subject or the process.

Also note:
Please do not request in-person tuition at this time under the guise of online tuition. Due to the ongoing situation with the CV-19 I will be moving all of my lessons online. So, at this moment please only request tuition if you would like online tuition.


A brief background: I have been teaching for nine years. I have experience in several subject areas - with different age groups: from primary school children and pre-schoolers to degree level students and adult learners.
I specialise in sciences and psychology and sociology, and I have achieved a high success rate with all of my students, with most of them achieving a B grade or more, never having one achieve below a C grade.

I use a huge range of resources which accommodate a wide variety of learning styles and methods.
I give my students 100% at all times. I maintain the ability to adapt my lessons to each student and I enjoy the challenge of improving grades and tackling difficult topics.

I would like to ask all potential students to read my profile fully before sending a request.

1. First Tutors only allows me to post 4 qualifications at a time, so there are more (GCSES and other Alevels etc).
2. First Tutors has a service charge that they outline when you sign up; owing to the fact that I receive requests from people who are not willing to pay it / are not seemingly aware of it, I will no longer be responding to requests where the student is not willing to pay it as it is an admin fee from the website (please read carefully when signing up).
3. I will not respond to requests from students who are under 18. I would rather deal with the parent / guardian. This is due to a lot of requests coming from children of 15/16 recently, which usually end up resulting in misunderstandings or the child agreeing to something they don’t understand. Most of the time these end up not going anywhere and it results in me wasting a lot of time with the potential client. Thank you for your understanding.

I currently have availability on Sundays and Saturdays, as well as weekday evenings.

Tutoring Experience

In addition to my degrees, I have excellent GCSE grades in the following subjects:
English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science, Additional Science, History, Religious Studies, ICT and Arabic.

My A-Level qualifications are four As and two A*s in:
English Language, Biology, Sociology, History, Psychology and Chemistry.

My qualifications have been verified by First Tutors (see qualifications).

I have extensive knowledge of these examination boards – especially when it comes to syllabus updates – which will ensure that you are getting the most recent syllabus taught to your child. This means I am able to help tutees realise what they should be doing to achieve the top grades in their exams.

Tutoring Approach

With younger students, and those in key stages 3 and 4 (GCSE), I use a whiteboard to assist in teaching. In this way, whilst explaining, I am able to draw diagrams or demonstrate working out for problems and questions.

I am available for making notes only too, or for an extra cost in addition to lessons, if this is what the student needs.

For online students: I use a well known calling app and use the audio (please note that I do not teach using video calling), along with the screen-share feature, where applicable, which enables me to share a document for the lesson with the student, whilst I go through it and explain it to them – this works particularly well for GCSE and A-level students, as well as adult and degree learners. I would not recommend it for children below the age of 12, as it is difficult for them to use.

Tutors travelling to teach students are doing so for the client's convenience and therefore I will not accept tuition requests from people who refuse to pay the travel fee.

I only accept bank transfer and lessons must be paid for on a lesson-by-lesson basis (prior). I do not accept cash or any other platform, as bank transferring is the safest method (and there is also proof of payment). In some cases I will accept payment by PayPal (using the family and friends service).
Furthermore, I do not accept payments on a monthly basis in advance (as it can never be certain that you will have every lesson for each weekend if illness or other obligations crop up) or in arrears (because teaching for four weeks and then not getting paid is not very pleasant!). I expect payments to be made 2 days before the lesson, or the lesson booking for that week will automatically be moved further back or cancelled. I do not prepare for a lesson until it has been booked for that week so please do keep that in mind.
If you are okay with these arrangements, then I will be happy to proceed with tuition.

Please note: I do not teach in Leicester Forest East, Beaumont Leys, Abbey Rise, New Parks, Park Rise, St Matthews, Eyres Monsell or Braunstone (and it's corresponding areas). I also do not teach in Anstey (however an exception is made for those living around the Glenfield doctor accommodation area).
Furthermore, I do not teach in Wigston, Wigston Magna, Mountsorrel, Rothley, the outer areas of Oadby (basically areas where the Arriva / First route does not reach i.e. Manor Ext) because I am not able to reach these areas.

Please note that the travel fee will be waived depending on location, the day of the week and the number of hours

Please also note that all prices are final and cannot be bartered.

Additionally, students I work with must be weekly commitments, not monthly, fortnightly or any other arrangement. Minimum hours for travel are 2 hours per week. For those who want less, I am available for online tutoring. Exceptions are made for students who only need a completely one-off lesson e.g. for help with coursework.

Finally, as a teacher, I require working with students who are flexible with my schedule. This means that they need to be able to move lessons to where is appropriate for me to travel and need to understand that, given my job as a teacher, I cannot accommodate it the other way around (rescheduling and cancellations should be kept to a minimum). For those who agree but then do not comply with this, I will no longer offer my services. By reading my profile, sending me a message and accepting tuition services, you are agreeing to this wholly.

LanguagesEnglish (British), Arabic
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (evenings)
References Available On File


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University of Nottingham2015BachelorsBA
University of Leicester2018MastersInternational Education (with Distinction)
Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College2011CollegePsychology
Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College2011CollegeEnglish

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