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Online English and Biology Tuition

About yourself:
Hello, please make sure to read my profile before sending me a request.

I am a teacher of 9 years, specialising in secondary (key stage 3 and 4 [GCSE]) and college (key stage 5/A-level). I have been tutoring for 12 years and have a tailored approach to each student that I take under my wing. I currently tutor in English literature and language at GCSE and psychology at A-level. I may resume my other subjects at a later time. I must also note that due to the pandemic, as well as the fact that I am at high risk (and shielding measures apply to me), I am only doing online tuition for the foreseeable future using Skype.

Please note the following before requesting tuition:
*Please do not request in-person tuition at this time under the guise of online tuition.
*First Tutors only allows me to post 4 qualifications at a time, so there are more (GCSES and other A-levels etc) that I have but cannot upload here.
*I will only respond to requests from parents/guardians/those over the age of 18. If you are younger, please ask an adult to contact me on your behalf.
*No international students please, only in special circumstances.

Some notes about classes:
*Tutoring is minimum 1.5 hours for GCSE and 2 hours for A-level students;
*Discounts for A-level subjects are offered when 3+ lessons are booked for the same subject per week. This discount is removed if you change your hours to fall below that and cannot be added back once you have changed it (even if you increase your hours again). The discount is a change from the normal rate of £35.00 to £30.00 per hour for completely new students / £30.00 to £25.00 for students who have previously had tuition or have had a sibling have tutoring - when you have 3 or more hours.

Tutoring Experience

In addition to my degrees, I have excellent GCSE grades in the following subjects:
English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science, Additional Science, History, Religious Studies, ICT and Arabic.

My A-Level qualifications are four As and two A*s in:
English Language, Biology, Sociology, History, Psychology and Chemistry.

My qualifications have been verified by First Tutors (see qualifications).

I have extensive knowledge of these examination boards – especially when it comes to syllabus updates – which will ensure that you are getting the most recent syllabus taught to your child. This means I am able to help tutees realise what they should be doing to achieve the top grades in their exams.

Tutoring Approach

I use a well known calling app (Skype) and use the audio (please note that I do not teach using video calling), along with Google Docs where we can both see what the other is doing in real time, where applicable, which enables me to share a document for the lesson with the student, whilst I go through it and explain it to them – this works particularly well for GCSE and A-level students, as well as adult and degree learners. I also use Google Docs as my whiteboard.

*I only accept bank transfer and lessons must be paid for on a lesson-by-lesson basis (prior). You may also pay fortnightly or monthly (I can also do termly payments). I do not accept cash or any other platform, as bank transferring is the safest method (and there is also proof of payment).
*Furthermore, I do not accept payments in arrears (because teaching for four weeks and then not getting paid is not very pleasant!).
*I expect payments to be made 2 days before the lesson, or the lesson booking for that week will be given to the next person on the list. I do not prepare for a lesson until it has been booked for that week so please do keep that in mind.

Please find an outline of the terms for tuition below. I must stress that if any of these are not agreed to, I cannot proceed, as they are my terms of service. If you are contacting me for tutoring, please let me know that you agree to these terms below.

    *You can absolutely cancel the lesson up until 24 hours before the class (e.g. if the lesson is Saturday at 4pm, then it should be cancelled strictly by 4pm on Friday).
    *If the lesson is cancelled less than 24 hours before the class you will be charged for the lesson. Additionally, if you want to change the lesson less than 24 hours before the lesson time you may, but will not receive a refund for the session cancelled and will have to pay for a new lesson. If you cancel or ask to change before this time period you will not be charged and are welcome to do this. This applies to all reasoning for the absence (especially because as of late absences are frequently being put down to reasons that are not true / cannot be validated).
    *Additionally, if the student is more than 15 minutes late to the lesson or is a no-show, this is an automatic cancellation and you will be charged for this lesson.

    *Fixed times must not be changed, except for when agreed by the tutor.
    *The area that tuition is taking place in should be calm - there shouldn’t be disturbances or too much noise. *Please do not include other people in the lessons, unless agreed to with the tutor beforehand.
    *If you are a sibling (or other relative) or friend of another student I tutor, please do not try to switch lessons with them, as I will not accommodate this.
    *Consistent non-payment of lessons on time and not adhering to my cancellation policy will lead to termination of tuition.
    *Lessons will not be prepared or booked until the booking invoice has been fulfilled.

    *At the time of writing (September 2021) and onwards, please refrain from requesting tuition with me only to get a reference. I cannot provide references for university or college students for their exams/UCAS as I have to be working with you at an official institution and must know you for several months, as well as having much evidence of your achievements. In this instance we are working as private tutors with our students. I have had people return months later asking (and demanding) references and marked work as evidence. Please make note that I cannot partake in these as a tutor as you are not working with me at a school or education institute.
    *Please be absolutely certain that you want to proceed before contacting me, so that you do not waste your own time or mine.
    *I do not partake in trial lessons.
    *Please don’t ask for me to teach more than one subject if you’re only having an hour per week with me. I strictly operate with one hour per week per subject. This applies once tutoring starts too (no subject switching please!).
    *Do not discuss subjects that the enquiry is not related to. If you open a request about English, please do not ask me to teach your child ICT etc. This is especially pointless if I am not advertising this subject.
    *Additionally, students I work with must be weekly commitments, not monthly, fortnightly or any other arrangement.
    *Finally, as a teacher, I require working with students who are flexible with my schedule. This means that, there may be occasions where I need to move the lesson to another day. On the other hand, I cannot have students moving their lessons around as I have a very tight schedule.

If you are okay with these arrangements, then I will be happy to proceed with tuition. By reading my profile and accepting tuition services, you are agreeing to this wholly. For those who agree but then do not comply with this, I will no longer offer my services. I am a teacher who needs to keep a system going in order to run services smoothly and so, I must ensure these rules are kept in place. If they are, it is a very enjoyable experience! :)

LanguagesEnglish (British), Arabic
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
References Available On File


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University of Nottingham2015BachelorsBA
University of Leicester2018MastersInternational Education (with Distinction)
Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College2011CollegePsychology
Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College2011CollegeEnglish

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