I have worked in International Banking for 39 years until I was made redundant in November 2010, working predominantly in senior managerial roles in Derivatives, Treasury Operations, Internal Audit and Compliance. I studied for my Teaching Degree immediately upon being made redundant and gained a Distinction in my overall result.

I have been married for 36 years to my wife Lorraine and have 2 sons aged 27 and 25.
I enjoy most sports, especially football, rugby, swimming and athletics.My hobbies include listening to music, mainly 60's and 70's, reading, socializing with family and friends, DIY and gardening. I am a qualified football referee and sports coach.
I consider myself to be reliable, conscientious, hard working and honest. I have had an excellent Banking career, but now equally enjoy teaching and tutoring, which I have done on a regular basis, with regular clients for the past two years.
I have been CRB checked by 5 sources, including 2 Primary and one senior school, as well as 2 agencies in Bromley, Kent.

Tutoring Experience

I have 9 years tutoring experience, working with around 5- 20 pupils on a regular basis, aged from 8 to 16, as well as teaching Maths to a Mature student who wanted to enter the teaching profession. I teach Maths up to and including GCSE, Grammar and Independent School entry exams and SAT's .I also tutor Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning, which I have done for the past 7 years.
Since being made redundant in December 2009 having successfully worked in Investment Banking for over 40 years, I subsequently studied for and gained my Teaching Diploma in March 2011 and have been working at two local primary schools 3 full days and a further two mornings weeks to gain some valuable classroom experience, as well as gaining an insight into life at a primary school. I have predominantly worked with Years 3, 4 and 6 children in small groups, helping them with their Numeracy and Literacy, as well as running the 'Brain Academy' on 3 mornings a week at one of the schools for the more able pupils, setting them daily maths challenges and other challenging tasks. I have worked under two supervisory teachers, carrying out general TA duties, as well as giving my full support to the teaching and learning process. My tasks have included supervising and assisting small groups in activities set by the teacher, preparing classroom materials, providing regular feedback to the teacher, helping implement lesson plans and behaviour management policies, and freeing up the teacher so that they can work in groups.

During my time at the above schools, I have helped pupils develop their social skills through close interaction with them, as well as helping in the inclusion of all children and in aiding and supporting pupils to become more independent learners.
I have also assisted individual pupils in education tasks, such as listening to them read, helping them on a Maths topic or in their 'Creative Writing' planning, as well as with their physical needs. Whilst helping out, I have always been vigilant of early signs of bullying and disruptive behaviour and would take immediate and appropriate action if an incident was detected, reporting it to the classroom teacher if deemed necessary.

Over the past 6 months I have been working as part of the 'Numeracy Partnership', helping less able children in Years 3 and 4 with their Numeracy, using maths games, puzzles and other techniques to help them to improve and become more confident with their maths.
Currently, I am tutoring 9 children between the ages of 6-15 with their Numeracy and Literacy up to Key Stage 3 and GCSE maths.
During the past year, I have also carried out some exam invigilating at two local secondary schools for the January and May/June 2011 and 2012 sittings of the public examinations, as well as voluntary police 'Front Counter' work at Belvedere Police Station, dealing with enquiries from the general public, ranging from lost property to minor traffic offences. Since June 2012 to date, I have been working full time as a Learning Mentor at local secondary school, working closely with the Head of Mathematics, assisting pupils from Years 7-11 who require additional help in the subject.
Currently working in the maths department at Bishop Justus supporting students of all abilities across the different year groups, 7 to 11 to help enhance their current grades as well as giving them a better and comprehensive understanding of maths to improve their confidence in the subject.

I am very passionate about teaching and enjoy maths as a subject, as well as teaching and tutoring it to mainly children and young adults.

Tutoring Approach

Firstly, I like to meet the tutee's family and give them a brief insight into my education and professional background, as well as having the opportunity of meeting the student I will be closely working with , so that they feel comfortable working with me and vice versa. I have always got on well with my tutees and enjoy helping them in every way I can, especially in an educational way. I find building relationships with children easy, and over the past 5 years I have formed some great relationships with my pupils, as well as their parents. I think it is very important the relationship between pupil and tutor is strong, and it continues to grow, and that there is excellent communication and understanding in the relationship. I have always tried to create this.
I like to work hard with my students, but at the same time have fun, so that they enjoy the learning process. During the time I have been tutoring I will prepare work prior to the sessions, set questions from books or use my own and go through new topics, or topics pupils are having some difficulty with. I like to work in a relaxed atmosphere, always offering encouragement and praise when pupils have worked hard, understood something they have previously found difficult or generally had a good session. I like to have a few minutes social chat with them at intervals to relax them and to ensure they are enjoying the tutoring session. I will generally have a brief chat with parents at the end, if I feel this is of benefit and let them know if I have any concerns, or need them to just go over anything in readiness for the next lesson. My main priority is to ensure the pupils enjoy the way I teach, build up a mutual respect for each other, as well as building a good relationship and having fun along the way, but working hard and closely together to achieve the desired results. I will closely monitor the child's progress throughout the tutoring to ensure progress is being made, and if not bring it to the attention of the parents and consultant. So far I have not had to do this, as the students I work with are all doing well, either moving up to higher sets or preparing well for their forthcoming entrance exams. I will always encourage my pupils to work hard, but I will rarely give out homework, as I feel they work hard enough in the hour or so I work with them. If I see a pupil is worried or struggling in any way during a lesson, I will do my utmost to overcome this, by going over things with him slowly so that he fully understands what he is learning, and not advance until I am completely satisfied this is the case

LanguagesEnglish (British), French
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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Stomebridge College,Bude, Cornwall2010CollegeNCFE Level 4Teaching Diploma
Stonebridge College, Bude,Cornwall2010BachelorsSIC Teaching Certificate -DIP SIC
Securities & Investment Institute,London2009ProfessionalChartered MCSI
Open University, Milton Keynes2009BachelorsDiploma Business Studies

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