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Classics scholar and narrative researcher offering tuition in language and literature at all levels!


PhD in Classics & Ancient History, University of Manchester, May 2016: A.R. 1.609-1077: An Intertextual and Interpretative Commentary

MPhil in Classics & Ancient History, University of Manchester, April 2011: ‘Unstable by Design’: The Programmatic Use of Perspective in Catullus 64

BA in Classics (1st), King’s College London, June 2001

First Handford Prize in Classics 2001
Ronald Burrows Memorial Studentship 2001
Warr Memorial Prize in Classics 1999


2010-2017: Department of Classics & Ancient History, University of Manchester. Seminar Leader on Literature modules and Tutor on Language modules. I taught literature to undergraduates at all levels (linguists and non-linguists), language to mixed undergraduate and postgraduate groups, graded written coursework (both formative and summative), and marked examination scri pts.

2016-17: Poetry of Ovid
2015-16: The Odyssey; Gods, Kings & Heroes; Poetry of Catullus; Greek Tragedy, Stories & Storytelling; Advanced Latin 2
2014-15: Poetry of Catullus; Advanced Latin 2
2013-14: Advanced Latin 2
2012-13: Poetry of Ovid; Advanced Latin 1
2010-11: Greek Epic; Advanced Latin 3

2002-3: Department of Classics & Ancient History, King’s College London (Latin Language Levels 3 & 4).

Outreach work in Classics: Judged Sixth Form Latin and Greek Verse, on behalf of the Manchester Classical Association, at the annual Manchester Schools Reading Competition on four consecutive occasions (2013-16).

Tutoring Experience

From 2010-17, I worked as a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Manchester. I taught Language classes (covering grammar, syntax and the course set texts) to groups of both undergraduate and postgraduate students. I have considerable experience teaching literature classes (average class size 12-15) on a wide range of texts offering explication of themes and concepts and encouraging students to have confidence when suggesting and discussing their own readings.

A fundamental component of my own research and therefore my approach to literary analysis is the practical applictions of modern narrative theories to prose and poetry. I have a great deal of experience (two postgraduate research degrees and seven years teaching the method) in the analysis and interpretation of narrative, examining e.g the use of evaluative language, paying attention to iconic word-order, to who is narrating, to who is focalising and so forth.

Beyond the requirements of accurate translation, I encourage students to pay close attention to details and to potential nuance. I have led seminars on a range of Latin and Greek literature in English translation for the non-linguists: Catullus, Ovid, Apuleius, Homer, Greek Tragedy, Hesiod, Pindar, the Homeric Hymns, Herodotus and Apollonius; courses which required communication of cultural background, stylistic appreciation and the evaluation of both specific passages and commentary on thematic concepts.

Marking duties on language modules involved the formative assessment of written work (alternating unseens and prose composition), and marking of mock papers/class tests. My duties on literature modules included assessment both formative and summative and marking final examination scripts for linguists and non-linguists (translations, commentaries and essays). I also held regular office hours for face-to-face feedback and consultation, offering advice on essay assignments, discussed plans and drafts, provided recommended reading and so on.

Tutoring Approach

Flexible and thorough. I prefer, in the first instance, to establish the strengths and weaknesses of the student and work out a suitable approach from there.

With language tutoring, I place great emphasis on the understanding and correct application of syntax as there is little sense drilling morphology into students without them grasping the sense of what they are attempting. I want my students to think, and not simply to recite. I strongly encourage composition from English into the relevant language as the surest means of comprehending the syntax of both languages and successfully navigating idiomatic usage.

For literature students, I encourage both close reading of the texts analysing stylistic and literary features e.g. alliteration, anaphora, use of metaphor alongside consideration of narrators and audiences (both contemporary and modern), situating the texts within their contemporary discourse frames.

Whether you are an adult learner keen to learn a language or tackle a particular text, a student seeking to improve their grades, or you’re working towards an ‘A’ level or GCSE, I can help you get there, and enjoy the process of getting there.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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King's College, London2001BachelorsClassics 1st
University of Manchester2011MastersMPhil Classics
University of Manchester2016DoctoratePhD Classics

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