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Key Stage 1 Literacy and Numeracy
Key Stage 2 SATs in English and Maths and Science.
GCSE and A Level in English Lang. English Lit. Maths (GCSE) , Geography, History, Business, Economics and Politics (to the linear specifications).

I also tutor English as a Foreign Language - EFL (online or at home tuition is available) and IGCSE English as a first or second language and Functional Skills in English, ICT and Maths .

Theres is a 4 lessons minimum in 4 weeks.

Discount Information first (personal info after please read all the details).

Further discounts for sets of 4 lessons monthly by bank transfer or paypal ongoing can be agreed at £1 per lesson for payment in advance, individual lesson payment with cash at the beginning of the lesson is also ok.

I give a discount for 1.5 and 2 x hourly lessons the price is £35.00 for 1.5 hours and £40 for 2 hours. 2019/2020 1hr15mins £30

I am available Monday and Tuesday daytimes for College Students.

Fortnightly lessons at weekend mornings are also possible for younger students or greater travel distances. Fortnightly weekday evening lessons are available too.

Online tuition is possible.

For any Exam review/Test evaluation/Single lesson for catchup (ie not weekly or fortnightly ongoing lessons) fee is the single lesson hourly fee plus £15; see subject info…

Areas Derby, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.

Please note feedback is from long term tutees.
Cancellation notice for any lesson with less than 24hrs notice will incur a £10 fee for preparation and/or travel if rescheduled in the same week. Emergencies excepted, if the tuition lesson is not possible and the tutor arrives at your home the unless rescheduling in the same week is possible the lesson fee is due.

Rescheduling outside of the current week ie moving tuition on a week/s in the first plan of 4 weeks tuition does attract the missed weeks payment as other students could have been booked. Fortnightly lessons are available, usually as double lessons. For long term students individualised plans can be agreed e.g. family holiday weeks.

*** Personal Details Follow ****

I am a PGCE and BSc Hons in Environment Studies and Business Administration from Nottingham Trent University 1999 and 2000 and I offer tuition in all subjects except Modern Foreign Languages and Music.

I tutor English as a Second Language.

I believe there are significant gains from employing a private tutor.

After Tutoring for many years, I believe that tuition is important and invaluable for students who are struggling with and wish to improve their grades and have issues about

a) organising their studies

b) who have not made clear notes right through their course that they can use to revise with

c) students who wish to boost grades from (SATs through GCSEs to A Levels) and need to focus on the requirements of the National Curriculum/ Examination Board Specifications.

d) Need to boost or keep their English Language reading and writing skills and abilities.

e) need help with which textbooks or revision guides to buy and help with topic tests.

A period of one to one tuition session over a number of weeks can provide valuable insights into how to study effectively, how to structure revision, and how to create those necessary revision notes linked to the relevant specification without stress.

A weekly tuition lesson with speaking and writing English tasks in between lessons can really boost a students ability at any level but especially in the long summer holidays.

Discussing subject topics without distractions and in a safe situation without the interruptions from the whole class means one hour can be worth a whole week of School or College.

Younger students often look forward to learning and find the classroom with its interruptions and fast learning pace takes away their love of learning. Tuition can restore students enjoyment of subjects necessary for their future, no matter what their aspirations. The fact that tuition sessions are personal is an important factor, the tutor can reflect on what is missing in the students personal learning path and focus on it for the following session.

Students who need extra time to understand topics or have missed lessons for whatever reason can catch up more easily.

Students who have difficulties often find a one to one situation much easier to cope with and can regain confidence.

Tuition can restore a love of learning and education or help transition from one level of education to the next particularly the change from Junior to Secondary School where differences in primary and junior schooling are more pronounced. it is so easy to lose a love of learning and one to one tuition can restore confidence and boost grades.

Similarly in the change from GCSE to A Levels a much more in depth knowledge is required.

Schools have to keep a fast pace to deliver the requirements of the examination board specifications and this can leave some students bewildered and confused and teachers are so busy with different age groups and organising lesson plans, resources, delivery of lessons, setting homework and balancing the needs of whole classes that individual students can feel demoralised as being part of this large system that seemingly does not respond to them as a person or individual.

Tuition can help remove this concept and by tailoring tuition sessions to the areas the individual student has problems with we can make significant progress.

If your child or if you as a student personally, feel that you would like to book a set of tuition sessions tailored to your specific needs, please message via First Tutors for details and contact information to arrange the first tuition lesson.

Lessons are mostly in blocks of four tuition hours and are booked in repeat blocks of four sessions. There is a minimum of 4 lessons in 4 weeks.

If travel is over a 20 mile round trip there is a small expense fee in addition to the tutoring fee.

It is possible to share tuition with a fellow student and share costs - and two or three students to a lesson hour will still provide learning tailored to each students specific needs.

(NOTE - important info) To obtain Tuition, it is necessary to pay a small registration fee to First Tutors - (if you add any email or phone contact information on their online message system without paying the registration fee, First Tutors will delete those contact details).

I can only contact you via email or phone after the First Tutors commission fee is cleared.

Please review fairly for a long term tutee, Thank you.

My profile and message area on the First Tutors online website is checked daily and any message exchange is usually to determine availability and tuition subject information.

Hours available are any combination of 6 hours daily between 2pm and 10pm.

Your first hour's tuition is initially arranged using the messaging system and direct message/email following registration.

I focus on English Lang and Lit. Maths (Maths to GCSE) Business Studies, Geography, History, Leisure and Tourism, Economics and also Environment Studies. I am happy to assist with revision for any GCSE subject other than MFL or Music and most A Level subjects.

I specialise in revision planning too.

Personal Information

I started a small Tuition Business in 2007 and ran it until 2012 (when the Educational Maintenance Allowance was paid to students, I did not continue it when the EMA grants ended). This is the reason for the 'almost 5 stars' in my reference - I had a gap in my tuition business from 2012 to 2015).

I restarted my Private Tuition business in 2015 as the demand for Tutors began again.

I have taught in both Junior and Secondary Schools and trained in a special needs department as part of my PGCE.

I have 20 years experience in the 'academic world'.

I am a Tutor who wishes all students to excel in their subjects and find confidence and competence as well as enjoying the learning process.

I will prepare tuition sessions appropriate to my Students current studies in class, focused on their year level or qualifications or to specific areas of study that need more practice.

I have also worked in Industry for many years and know that once embarking on a task it is important to do everything possible to make sure the outcome is as successful as possible.

I worked with Quality Systems and Problem Solving and I particularly like to ensure there are no gaps in my tutees curriculum or specification requirements for examination subjects (as Schools and Colleges can often find the whole curriculum difficult to fit into the teaching time).

Similarly I am able to help tutees catchup on areas that need most attention or if they have had to have time off, or are struggling with secondary education for whatever reason.

I am prepared to work with modern Tutoring/Teaching techniques i.e. using interactive online resources.

I have many students who gained improved grades.

I believe that now A Levels are linear and two years of study is required prior to examination it’s more important than ever to structure learning all the way from the beginning of Secondary School: even Junior School to Secondary School transition can have an effect all the way to GCSE level. Study input at home is important as a lifestyle concept.

There is a real and lasting benefit from a One to One (or 2-3 shared students) tuition for at least one hour per week. It is really important to have a full and focused learning plan and to also have confidence and enjoy the learning process.

I am happy to tutor all ages (over-8's to Post 16 and even mature students)

I have a DBS from 2015.

I have worked in one of Europe's largest Companies and have a wide experience of Business in the local area and training and approach learning as part of a personal development concept.

I have been a teacher in Local Authority Schools and a Tutor for over ten years.

Our children need a wider range of skills than previous generations and many kinds of learning styles are needed including online, to be able to fully participate as their experience and learning increasingly comes from ICT and media styles however their examinations have returned essentially to written exams after two years of study.

Persuading a child-student (even adults) to complete 90% of their work in writing in full sentences can be daunting particularly if the learning style is online or whiteboard focused.

Ensuring a student (at any age) to make time to write can be difficult. This can be beyond many parents or carers and students have endless ways to avoid the necessary practice. It really benefits any student to have a one to one learning situation and I have found a system that seems to work over many years.

A truly reflective teacher or tutor can motivate and encourage and ensure the student keeps up with their learning plan.

Tuition can both help boost learning or catching up and de-mystify modern education.

It is the responsibility of the Tutee or their representative to determine and communicate the exmination board or course and students attendance at exams. Tutors can only help achievement within the tuition times, refunds for not improving grades or passing courses are not made. A small agreement is available regarding cancellation of sessions which usually involves rescheduling in the same week. A regular study plan is important.

Travel over 20 miles round trip:-

For travelling over 20 miles I do ask for a travel expense added to the fee.

Hours 14:00 to 22:00 Weekends 10:00 to 14:00 Saturday, 10:00 to 12:00 Sunday

My own resource finding and creation plus administration takeup around 3 hours a day Monday to Saturday, lessons are tailored to student needs.
Data Protection update

Tutoring - An email request from has been sent to First Tutors for any guidelines.

Information held by the Tutor is the same as the Electoral Roll ie name of the person engaging the tutor and home address plus phone and email. Details are kept only while tutoring takes place and are deleted when tutoring is completed.
Records of tutoring contact exchange details are on the online tutor agency website for the individual tutors and the individual enquirer only.

People requesting tutoring can request to see, and be sent, their own enquiry details presumably by requesting the information from First Tutors or by emailing their Tutor if currently taking tuition lessons.

It is up to the online tutor agency to allow any individual enquirer to make any record private.

Tutoring Experience

I have sucessfully tutored students in their SATs, GCSE's and A Levels and also English as a second language for students to be able to pass tests and exams.

I have many tutees who have found increased confidence and improved their grades.

I have taught in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Local Educations Schools and have worked with students as a Tutor for many years.

Now the National Curriculum has changed and the Key Stage 3 and 4 tests are no longer used in Schools because of Government changes - it is really important for students to be able to study to a similar incremental system one term at a time rather than have examinations and tests only at the year end. I feel that it is more important than ever to engage a tutor even if it is only for one term to find HOW to study in the linear way.

I have taught Mathematics, Business Studies and ICT, PSHE, General Studies and the Extended Project Qualification. I have worked for many years in Industry before taking my degree and PGCE in 1999 and 2000 and trained young employees on the equivalent of Apprenticeship Programmes.

I have taught in a local College as well as in Schools.

As a Tutor for many years I focus mainly in two areas, lower school English and Maths and GCSE and A Level Business Studies and ICT, and include Key Skills and the Extended Project Qualification.

I am keen on boosting confidence for younger students in English and Maths or Students who have learning difficulties where my aim and objective is to instil a love of learning that is often lost if a student feels they are falling behind in class. One to One tuition can be invaluable for struggling students and I like to ensure that a student can become or continue to be a fully participating member of their class.

As most PGCE qualified teachers who study for a PGCE in one year following their degree, I trained in both Junior School and Special Needs Departments as well as qualifying to teach Secondary Students in any subject (the PGCE allows a teacher to teach any subject at Secondary level).

I offer English Lang. English Literature, Geography and History, Maths (GCSE) (my own degree is Environment Studies and Business Administration) and support students who need all round assistance to GCSE or A Level.

I have also trained as part of the PGCE course in a Junior School for six weeks and am happy to work with younger students particularly with SATs.

I have completed a Special Needs course with my PGCE Training and am happy to help students who need to catch up with missed studies or gaps in their learning or who have special educational needs in English or Mathematics

The tuition rate should, according to teaching organisations, reflect 2.5 x the ordinary teaching salarly equivalent hourly rate (calculated on a 39 week year) and as such would be approximately £42.50 per hour. My rates are therefore excellent value for one hour pre lesson work, travel time and expense and the hours tuition in the tutees home. The rate is similar to tuition where students attend a centre. A 4 weeks minimum lessons taken within 4 weeks is the tuition business accepted minimum.

Refunds are not made if students do not improve their grades as tutors cannot control the full time education information and style of lessons or examination process. Struggling students may be able to apply for assistance for readers, writers or extra time in exams.

Tutoring Approach


I prepare tuition sessions specifically for the student at whatever level and make sure that the sessions are enjoyable, informative and progress steadily throughout the terms towards the desired goals.

I have taught in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Local Educations Authority Schools and Colleges and have a fairly relaxed approach.

I am however very structured regarding weekly planned study time at home and wish students to have a thorough knowledge of the theory (which becomes the subject language and short form of subject communication (jargon) - and without which good grades are impossible) of their subject. To this end I am prepared to make lessons - tutor time - interesting (with top company information in the case of Business Studies).

I am happy to offer all National Curriculum subjects from Key Stages to Post 16, with the exception of Modern Foreign Languages and Music with lots of interesting resources. The same goes for Functional Skills and the Extended Project Qualification Tuition and I can also tutor the Office Computer Skills.

For standard Examination Board qualifications I like to research the subject specification resources and discuss them with the student and agree a programme to match their School or College studies or other course content. In particular I am keen to work through the recommended text books and the questions and answers for each chapter with discussion around those topics and am prepared to work with this system with online tuition as well as use online resources.

For BTEC and Tech levels (some vocational subjects are moving to Tech levels with the possibility of Applied Business Studies being included) evidenced work is part of the Specification and we can work on examples.

I have many tutoring textbooks and am keen on the Student having a text that they are happy with.

For basic English and Mathematics there are Challenge Series workbooks and similar resources at most levels.

For tuition at Mature Student level - it would be practical to have some insight into the reasons for the Tuition at the initial contact stage. I am happy to offer tuition to Mature Students who are taking work courses or educational courses and also happy to Mentor at Undergraduate level or just assist with areas where individuals may wish to improve their personal expertise; such as working with Microsoft Office Programmes and basic ICT or Social Media Account set-up and maintenance and content writing. I can assist with basic web-design (using online Software and not coding ie

I suggest extra at the first tutoring session to complete a simple agreement detailing costs, who is travelling, aims and objectives etc. This can be completed in around 15 minutes free time and then the tuition begins for the first hour at the hourly rate: then hourly sessions booked in blocks of four.

For younger students I like to organise a timetable plan with agreed rewards that myself and the parent or guardian, carer can agree on - as it is a large commitment for the over-8s to 16 years to agree to tuition. These rewards obviously need to be appropriate.

For older students the 16+ Examination time can be particularly stressful so it is useful to factor in a plan all the way to examinations with monthly reviews and possibly rewards for them too. Incentives cannot be under-estimated as long as they are appropriate.

I am available online to set subject specification text book questions and mark answers and am prepared to accept essay plans if educational work time is short and feedback is obviously a key component of success. This can be online with my own Intranet and student access or by email or skype.

I am available to tutor in my local area of Nottingham at a suitable venue e.g. a Library or in your home if the travel distance and transport is under 20 miles, or at an agreed location halfway. I can tutor at a library in your home area. We do need a desk to work on and student college rooms are not appropriate but the common rooms are.

The Tutor First Company run the website and administration and charge a small registration fee for full Tutor Contact details. There is an opportunity for discussion online to determine the basics for the tuition sessions ie Days before the agreement is made online. I have to accept you as a tutee before the First Tutors system allows you to unlock and pay the small registration fee.

As stated, I offer a first tuition session (paid) to complete necessities i.e. Subject and Examination Board (if appropriate) Location of Tutoring, Dates and Times. This simple agreement can be completed in 15 minutes and the cost is free (plus any travel for the first session). Lessons-Tuition sessions are booked in blocks of 4 sessions (min 4 lessons in 4 weeks) minimum- longer bookings can attract an extra payment/discount. Each tutoring fee includes an hour’s preparation. Fees are paid at the beginning of each Tuition session if possible. It is possible to pay each 4 lesson sessions, (usually monthly tuition) hourly payment in advance with a discount of £4 per month.

The four session agreement is to allow tuition time to be reserved each week. Payment shoild be made at the onsett of each session.

Tuition is normally booked in blocks of 4 lessons and over 4 weeks minimum, small discounts are available for 1.5 or 2 hrs and/or payment in advance as stated. Discounts of £1 per lesson can be made for one month in advance. Term discounts in advance can be discussed.

A Lesson cancellation fee can waived if lessons rescheduled with 24hr notice. Cancellation of tuition requires a weeks notice. Rescheduling should be made in the same week.

All Single lessons for Key stage or GCSE for analysis of tests for example are the ordinary rate plus £15.00.

In revision weeks single lessons late revision lesson bookings must be weekends and £50 for 1 hour to avoid inconveniencing students who are ongoing termly tutees.

A Level tuition assessments on a one-off basis for retake planning are £65.00 for 2.5 hours.

Similarly groups can be taught for £65 for up to 2.5 hours Payment should be in advance.

The minimum number of hourly lessons is 4 (or equivalent to 4 weeks within 4 weeks) Planning and Admin may be charged on early cancellation without the 4 hours minimum in 4 weeks after some tutees in 2018 have not considered that they are taking the day and time period for long term more dedicated students. (ie Students who travel to tuition centres lose the lesson time if absent in the month or agreed period)

Group tuition cancellation costs are the hours booked for one week.

It is the responsibility of the Tutee or Tutee's representative to determine and advise the tutees examination board details and communicate them to the Tutor.

The small agreement provided gives details and it is the students responsibility to work hard towards and take the examinations, Tutors do all they can to help boost grades but refunds are not made if the examination results are not improved. Every opportunity is provided however to help the Tutee within the time agreed. There are no refunds based on disappointing or good exam results

Teaching organisations recommend tutors charge 2.5 x the basic teaching salary converted to hours which currently equals £42.50 per hour, so the rate requested (including an hours work before the lesson time, and travel time), represents truly excellent value and compares with other learning companies but i visit your home address to tutor.

I work 4pm to 8pm Mon-Friday and some daytime tuition is available. I also write resources, make web-blogs for tutees and maintain my online tutor agency information.

I check all subject Specifications and find suitable textbook and online resources, which is a big project when Specifications are changing and resources are need to match Examination Board requirements. I prepare individualised lesson plans and resources tailored to Students and this and Admin takes another 2-3 hours daily. This is a dedicated tuition business in the same way as the tuition centres except the tutor comes to you.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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Nottingham Trent University1999BachelorsBSc Hons
Nottingham Trent University2000PGCESecondary
Literacy Matters Ltd2007ProfessionalReturn to Teaching Course

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