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About Me:
An experienced tutor with over ten years’ experience and a proven record of boosting students’ exam grades significantly. I teach primary, secondary, college, undergraduate and post graduate students. Please note, my profile is a description of all levels which I teach. If you would like further information regarding any specific level, you are welcome to contact me, and I will be delighted to answer any questions you have.

My reviews on First Tutors from students and parents prove my very successful tutoring approach. These reviews span from primary to post graduate level and are a small snapshot of my reviews overall. I do not expect students to adhere to my tutoring style; I assess each student individually and tailor my approach to fit their needs as closely as possible. I also have further reviews and can provide details of students’ parents if you would like to talk to them.

I have not had a student fail their exams / modules after being tutored by me. Students often come to me distraught and worried about their exams or essays, however after one lesson they understand difficult concepts due to my teaching methods and are much more confident in the subject area. This includes eleven plus through to post graduate level; every student I have prepared for eleven plus has passed their exams and been admitted into their choice of school.

Masters at distinction in International Business and Management
Undergraduate degree First Class Honours International Business and Economics
CELTA (teaching qualification accredited by University of Cambridge)
A-levels – All at grade A
GCSE’s – All at grade A*/A

***PLEASE NOTE - Eleven plus spaces have now become available. The entrance exams will be taking place within the next few weeks to place students in groups based upon their attainment. Please enquire for further information. Please note, spaces are filled quickly. In the event of places being full, your child will be placed on a waiting list.

Tutoring Experience

I am currently an:
Economics and Business lecturer at university
Private tutor in the subjects listed below - from primary through to post graduate level (10 years)
Have worked as an Economist and run my own business.

In addition to the above, I am an examiner and produce exam papers, therefore I understand exactly how questions should be answered to achieve the highest grades. The skills I have accumulated from my above roles are taught to students in a very effective and succinct manner. This assists them to understand content and answer exam questions exactly how examiners expect them too. I use actual mark schemes to give students a realistic expectation of what is required from them. Once the mark schemes are explained to students, they naturally answer exam questions in accordance with the highest band on the mark schemes. This technique allows my students to improve their grades significantly within a few lessons.

I have taught a range of students, including those for whom English is a second language. As I have earned a CELTA, I understand the art of explaining concepts to those who struggle with English.

All of my students have consistently achieved well and whichever examination/coursework they have come to me for, they have passed. To date, 37 students who have been tutored by me have attained their choice of school once sitting the eleven plus. All GCSE, A-level, undergraduate and postgraduate students have passed their exams with high grades and have been surprised with how much they have improved. Again, this is proven through my reviews.

Below is a series of results: : (please note I have sought permission from these students to post their achievements)

Postgraduate and undergraduate
I assist with the following:
Coursework, assignments, dissertations, proofreading, exam preparation, understanding content and exam questions.
A few achievements of my students are listed below: (please note I have sought permission from these students to post their achievements)

2018 Matt International Business, Finance and Economics at University of Manchester started with a 2:2 and achieved 2:1 (1% off a First)

2018 Sania Business and Management Diploma, ended with a distinction

2018 Sandra MSc International Business and Management at University of Manchester started with a pass and achieved a distinction.

2017 Sehar Economics and Management at Oxford University – started with a 2:1 and achieved a First

2017 Arya BSc Economics student at University of Liverpool – started with a 2:2 and achieved a First.

2017 Stan Economics and Business at University College of London – started with a 2:1 and achieved a First.

2016 Marie Undergraduate Business and Economics student at University of Liverpool - started with a 2:2 and achieved a 2:1.

2016 Tom Undergraduate Economics at Nottingham University - started with a 2:1 and achieved a First

2015 Undergraduate Business and Economics at University of Salford - started with a fail and achieved a 2:1

2015 Undergraduate Business and Management at Manchester Metropolitan University - started with a fail and achieved a First.

College / Sixth Form
I assist with the following:
Coursework, exam preparation, exam timing and understanding course content.

2018 Adam Pre U Cambridge board – started with M2, achieved M2.

2018 Sara Economics A-level, exam board AQA - started with D, achieved an A.

2017 Lisa Business AS, exam board AQA-started with a B and achieved an A.

2017 Andrew Business A-level, exam board Edexcel - started with an E, achieved an A.

2016 Josh and James (group session), Economics A-level, exam board OCR started with U’s in both subjects, achieved an A and B.

2016 Janet Business A-level - started with an E, achieved a B.

2015 Saresh AS Economics, exam board OCR started with a C, achieved an A.

2015 David A-level Economics, exam board OCR started with a B, achieved an A.

Secondary School
I assist with the following:
Coursework, exam preparation and understanding course content.
A few examples of how I have assisted are explained below:
Adam was studying GCSE Economics. He did not have the confidence to draw diagrams and was reserved in class due to not understanding material. Within a few weeks with me, we went through each topic Adam was experiencing difficulty with. He regained his confidence in class and achieved an A* at GCSE.

Sarah was studying Business at GCSE. She had taken time out of school due to ill health, therefore had significant catching up to do. After forming a schedule and ensuring she understood all the main concepts of her curriculum, we went through thorough exam practice. This assisted greatly and her grade went from E to B.

Primary School
To date, I have successfully assisted 37 pupils (both online and face-to-face) to pass their eleven-plus entrance exams for a range of schools. I work with each pupil and adapt my teaching style to their requirements. I have taught both the CEM and GL style questions for eleven plus. Therefore, I am familiar with both assessment types. A few of the schools which my students have gained entrance into are:

Altrincham Grammar School for Boys
St Ambrose College
Altrincham Grammar School for Girls
Stretford Grammar School
Loreto Grammar School
Urmston Grammar Academy
Sale Grammar School
Handsworth Grammar School
Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School
King Edward VI Five Ways School
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls
King Edward VI Handsworth School
Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls
King Edward VI Aston School

Tutoring Approach

I successfully tutor a range of levels and adapt my approach according to the age and level of student. I have tutored students with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties. Whatever your or your child’s needs are, I provide a tailored approach to encourage and complement each individual.

Primary and secondary

The approach I take differs with each student. Some students are self-motivated and thrive in a relaxed environment, others thrive in a slightly pressured environment. Following an initial consultation with parents regarding the child’s academic needs, I conduct a discreet assessment of each student and adapt my teaching style accordingly. Whether students are visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learners, I tailor my approach to each student’s needs. For all students, I keep in close contact with parents to provide regular updates and feedback, if required.

I make the process of learning as fun and enjoyable as possible. I encourage students to ask questions and work with their ideas, to improve their confidence. This infiltrates into confidence for the subject and really assists to improve their grades. When students ask questions, they fully understand topics, rather than memorising what they need to know. This helps when students are expected to use various formulas or concepts in different questions.

I am well versed in all eleven plus assessment styles. This includes CEM and GL amongst others.


Following an initial consultation with parents and/or students, I gain an understanding of the students’ academic needs. Each student will be following a specific examination board which ranges from AQA, OCR, Edexcel, Pre – University and WJEC amongst others. Each board has a different way in which they expect students to answer.

I initially cover any gaps in knowledge using the specific syllabus which students are covering. The method used to communicate this knowledge is adapted and tailored to each students’ learning needs. Following this, I work upon exam preparation. Whether I cover exam preparation first or cover gaps in knowledge depends upon the exact needs of each student.

I am very well versed in each board and work as an examiner, in addition to setting mark schemes. Therefore, I provide a guide on how to answer each type of question. Within class, I mark questions using the examination board mark schemes whilst explaining them in thorough detail. This helps students to naturally have the mark scheme in mind and answer questions exactly how examiners expect them to. This eventually helps student to achieve the highest levels.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Each university teaches their students in a different manner. This includes lecturers teaching the same subject, using various methods and covering selective topics from each broad module. I focus upon exactly what your lecturer has taught you and reinforce this material. This helps to keep the focus and assist you with your coursework and/or passing your exams.

I prefer to take an approach where I explain topics thoroughly for students to understand, rather than memorise without understanding. This allows students to gain in depth knowledge, which eventually assists greatly with memorising.

I concentrate on understanding course content and exam preparation. As I have experience in setting exam papers and marking exams, I teach students exactly how to structure their answers. However, this does depend upon your exact requirements, what you feel you need to focus upon and whether you have resits or are sitting the examination the first time.

For postgraduates, each case is completely different. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements. I will then devise an academic plan according to your needs and goals.

LanguagesEnglish (British), Punjabi, Urdu
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
References Available On File


Aston University2012BachelorsFirst Class Honours BSc Hons International Business and Economics
University of Manchester2014MastersInternational Business and Management (Distinction)
Abbey College2007CollegeAlevels: Economics, Sociology, Environmental Science
Cambridge University2013ProfessionalCELTA

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