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Private English and French Tuition in Southwark

I am an Oxford University graduate in Medieval and Modern Languages, I am fluent in English, French, and Spanish, and I love both teaching and mentoring.

I have worked as an elite professional tutor for over a decade, specialising in providing Oxbridge-standard tuition, to clients at home and abroad. I teach a wide range of humanities subjects: French, Spanish, English Lit., history, history of art, philosophy, and I also provide coaching in exam skills, and revision technique.

In addition, I have considerable experience as a translator, and as a provider of TEFL, (English as a Foreign Language,) tuition. Finally, I specialise in the preparation of candidates for Oxbridge interview and entrance exams - in which highly competitive field, I am pleased to report that so far, all candidates who followed my preparation method have been offered places, across a broad range of subjects.

Notwithstanding this achievement, I still consider the best testament of my ability as a tutor to be the experience of my long-standing clients: it is immensely gratifying that I am frequently headhunted to fulfil challenging tuition briefs, as a result of their word-of-mouth recommendations. Please see their reviews below, and do not hesitate to contact me with any enquiries, or requests for more detailed references. I look forward to meeting you, and hopefully to teaching you!

Tutoring Experience

Having worked for a variety of elite Oxbridge Tuition Agencies for a number of years, I was headhunted in 2011 by K & R Educational, a company specialising in child psychology-led tuition, founded by the Abramovich family’s tutors.

This opportunity allowed my reputation as an academic mentor, and my client list to grow by word of mouth, which prompted my move to freelance tuition. I have worked as a senior, private family tutor ever since, providing targeted academic help, mentorship, and holistic cultural education, (e.g. arranging theatre trips/guided museum visits,) as per the needs of my clients.

I also bring many years of experience to bear in the preparation of my students for a variety of examinations: 7+, 11+, 13+, (both Common Entrance and scholarship,) GCSE, A2, IB, and undergraduate. In fact, by this point, I have taught everyone from a four year old to a forty-six year old - so please, don't feel shy about contacting me with your request!

Just as important as my own experience of teaching, is the fact that I myself have been tutored over the years, so I know what it's like to be on the receiving end. At school, I was tutored in French because I completed both A-Levels and A-level Extension Levels several years ahead of my age-group, and in maths, because I was briefly struggling.

At Oxford University, I was privileged enough to receive many hours of one-to-one tuition from world experts in a broad array of academic disciplines: translation, philosophy of translation, literature, literary criticism, grammar, linguistics, phonetics, philosophy, essay-writing, to name but a few. I continued this practice on my year abroad from Oxford, where I once again sought out experts in various fields, to consolidate my language skills, and to fast-track my fluency.

Tutoring Approach

As a result of this immersive educational background, I am passionate about broadening the intellectual horizons of my tutees. My lessons are designed to foster both self-confidence and pure technical ability, as I know both to be integral to lasting academic success.

Beyond this, my aim is always to awaken and extend the intellectual curiosity of my tutees, in order to encourage them to learn and discover independently. To do this, I work to forge a strong professional relationship with each and every tutee, and I believe in tailoring my lessons to suit the different ways we all like to learn.

As I hope my personal testament of both having provided and received tuition demonstrates, I am a firm believer in the benefits of personal tuition, as I will now expand upon:

Why is private tuition helpful?

The school classroom is often a difficult place to learn in - it goes without saying, that focus, aptitudes, and abilities range significantly. In addition, more often than not, class numbers make individual teacher-pupil attention impossible, with students often encouraged to keep quiet, rather than to ask questions, and make the mistakes they could learn from.

This situation tends to disadvantage two types of pupil: brighter students, who need but do not get intense academic stimulation, who then become bored, and then stop learning. And students who struggle in that particular subject, or with the teaching environment more generally - these children tend to react by jumping to the conclusion that they are not 'linguists', or worse, that they are simply not 'academically gifted'.

Why is having language skills so important?

The world is changing rapidly, and we are now more than ever global citizens with global problems. In a cut-throat employment market, today's students simply cannot afford not to develop their language skills. Many city employers, (e.g. investment banks, law firms and management consultancies,) will now not consider a candidate, whose application does not demonstrate language skills, (applications are now almost exclusively completed online, leave the required field of ‘additional languages' blank, and the computer will not submit your details,).

This attitude comes with statistical clout: Spanish is the world’s fastest growing, and therefore most influential language, after English, and French’s influence as the language of international diplomacy will only continue to grow if the U.S. and the U.K. continue to isolate themselves politically. Speaking from personal experience, I have been given several valuable professional opportunities simply because I spoke languages, or demonstrated linguistic learning potential that my competitors did not.

What is my approach to tuition?

I wish to dispel the apocryphal notion that 'being a linguist' is something that can be either obtained or irretrievably lost in a school classroom; in my experience, there is no correlation.

My policy therefore is to adapt to the needs of each individual student, whether this means re-engaging a mind through different learning techniques, (studying bite-size pieces of literature is rewarding in and of itself, but it also targets any weaknesses in the student’s understanding of grammar, vocabulary and syntax,) shoring up any grammatical gaps impeding progress, or focusing us on the development of a particular skill set.

I am happy to help children and adults of any age and ability, (although it should be noted that I am not a SEN specialist,) and I look forward to discussing your personal tuition goals.

LanguagesEnglish (British), French, Spanish
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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Oxford University (New College)2009BachelorsDegree: Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages (French and Spanish) from Oxford University.
The King's School, Canterbury2004SchoolAdvanced Extension Level: French
The King's School, Canterbury2004SchoolA-Levels: English (A) French (A) Spanish (A) History (A) AS Levels: English (A) French (A) Spanish (A) History (A) Chemistry (B)
The King's School, Canterbury2002SchoolGCSEs: English lit. (A*) English lang. (A*) Maths (A*) Double Science Award (A* x 2) French (A*) Spanish (A*) Latin (A*) History (A*) Music (A)

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