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My schedule is now full. I only have availability to teach ONLINE ONLY during weekday mornings/early afternoons.

I have taught at Harvard University and was awarded a certificate of teaching distinction for my contribution to their undergraduate community. I have also been a guest lecturer at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I have stopped lecturing at university in order to spend more time on my theatre work, but continue to offer private tuition as I find the one-to-one element to be the most rewarding experience. Not only is it a chance for the student to grow and learn, but if offers me the opportunity to develop deeper skills as a teacher as well.

I am passionate about learning and create a nurturing, stimulating, fun and warm environment for my students. It's important to me that they feel confident and relaxed, and be unafraid to take risks and make mistakes. Each child I work with is an individual and I pay attention to their personalities and learning habits, making sure they receive exactly the kind of support and encouragement they need to do their very best.

I continually research new teaching methods/techniques/tricks that will help my students find new pathways to successful learning (and remembering all those important exam techniques and information!) If something does not work with a student, I make sure to find a better way of working that will suit them.

I am a warm, optimistic, flexible, innovative and imaginative person. I am empathetic, sensitive and insightful - qualities that lend themselves beautifully to working one-on-one with children and young adults.

Outside of tutoring I create, run and teach private theatre workshops for professionals who want to develop their craft. From time to time, I also direct or dramaturg theatre projects.

My personal interests tend to be sports based - I am currently training for a half-marathon and do astanga yoga. I am also very interested in cutting-edge nutrition and health matters.

**** Please note that I have a strict but fair cancellation policy. Cancellations within a 24 period will be subject to the full amount. Cancellations within a 48 hour period will be charged at 50%. Likewise, if I cancel within those periods, you will be entitled to paying 50% for the next lesson, or a free lesson I I cancel within a 24hour period.

Tutoring Experience

Lead Lecturer in Dramaturgy, ROYAL CENTRAL SCHOOL OF SPEECH AND DRAMA, LONDON. Sept-Dec 2010,11,12.

Lecturer in Theatre Directing, HARVARD UNIVERSITY, BOSTON, USA Jan-April 2006.

Lecturer in Theatre Directing, HARVARD UNIVERSITY, BOSTON, USA Sept-Dec 2005.

Lecturer, Introduction to Theatre, HARVARD UNIVERSITY, BOSTON, USA Sept-Dec 2004.


7+ English. Entrance exams to City of London Girls School.
This student needed support and practice with exam technique to help her with this very competitive entrance process. It was quite an intense time for her, with two sessions per week throughout the summer holidays, so I made sure to keep them varied and introduce some learning games throughout to keep her engaged and attentive.
thus student was accepted and starts at her new school this September **

English Literature and Language, Age 16
GCSE Preparation at St John’s Cass Redcoats
*** This student recently achieved two A* in her GCSE English Literature/Language exams***

English Literature, Age 16
Support in Shakespeare studies.
This student was stumbling over the set Shakespeare text in the lead up to her GCSE exams at Godolphin & Latymer. I helped to illuminate the text and practice essay writing technique.

English, Age 10 (Sept’ 14 - Jan ’15)
Entrance Exam Preparation for 11+ to St Paul’s
*** This student was offered a place at St Paul's***

English, Age 10 (Nov ’12 to Feb ’13)
Entrance Exam Preparation for 11+ to St Paul's
This student was accepted to St Paul's

English, Age 10 (Nov ’12 to Feb ’13)
Entrance Exam Preparation for 11+ to Godolphin & Latymer

English, Age 12 (Sept ’12 to Feb ‘13)
Entrance Exam Preparation for 13+ to Charterhouse

English, Age 8 (Sept ’12 to Feb ‘13)
Entrance Exam Preparation for 10+ at Kings Wimbledon

Tutoring Approach

I feel strongly that learning should be enjoyable and instill a sense of confidence, accomplishment and self-esteem, as well as teaching self-discipline and self-motivation. Through studying and learning, you grow as a human being and discover that you are capable of things you previously thought impossible. This is best done in a one-to-one environment, where the student receives a deep level of personal attention and encouragement from their tutor.

I advocate a Socratic approach to learning – one in which the teacher leads through questioning, encouraging the student to use their own mind to seek answers and find solutions. As such, I believe in a flexible teaching approach that is sensitive to each individual’s needs, strengths/weaknesses and personal goals.

I believe in simplifying and structuring seemingly complex and overwhelming tasks, approaching them in a way that demystifies the learning process and empowers the student. A tutor teaches their student how to learn, how to structure their thought processes and tackle a task by breaking it down into manageable steps - and how to confidently structure and communicate their thoughts under exam conditions.

NB: All of my students are required to have a dictionary with them during our sessions, so they can lookup words for themselves. They will also need a set of highlighter pens, a pad of paper and a pencil/pen. Although I am not responsible for the child's learning outside of my time with them, I recommend that parents provide their child with a folder in which to keep the work we do together. I will ensure that the student properly files work in the folder and keeps it organised going forwards.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekdays (daytime)
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ART Institute of Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University and The Moscow Art Theatre School2006MastersDramaturgy
Harvard University2006OtherDistinction in Teaching

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