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*I have now been in the teaching profession for two decades; having built up my experience in all three of the educational sectors : private school / state / private tutoring and have successfully taught hundreds of students; successfully guiding them through their academic careers.

*I am a naturally well organised and structured teacher, being myself the product of a seven year grammar school education; going on to university and then obtaining my teaching qualification, whilst also getting married and having children.

*In my opinion the (guiding principle) foundation purpose of education - the golden rule so to speak, is to develop each student to their fullest potential.

*How is this then achieved ?

*The best student to teacher ratio (achievable in a classroom) is a ratio of 1 : 1 and this is found only with private tutelage ( which therefore naturally creates the best teaching environment in which a student can learn and develop their fullest potential).

*As a 1 : 1 student, you will always have the undivided attention of the teacher; you can learn and set your own pace, rather than just being rushed through a topic, whether you understand it or not.

  • Lesson plans are always individually tailored, structured and targeted to your required needs.

*The skill of teaching is simply the power of explanation and structuring.

*The better the explanation and structure, the better the teacher.

*I am happy to explain my educational approach in more detail face to face if you are kind enough to purchase my details.

Tutoring Experience

*In my teaching experience,when a student is asked why they have difficulties with a certain subject, they will inevitably respond that they dislike the subjects that they do not understand and have no structure for.

  • If this confusion and lack of structure is allowed to persist, then with the passage of time, the student in question simply switches off (intellectually) and the damage is done.

*The solution is simple : supply a proper explanation and structure and then the healing process (academically) can then begin.

*I am a professional teacher, (DBS checked) with twenty years experience, having taught all age groups (ranging from primary school to those over 65+ years of age).

*I provide a friendly and relaxed educational environment in which students (young or old) are able to concentrate and develop their full potential.

*I have an excellent reputation in my local area as a professional tutor, with a client base of happy parents whose children I have taught.

Tutoring Approach

*Education (and my approach to tutoring) involves a gold standard (which applies to any age group, topic taught or level involved) and it is split into 3 distinct parts.

*A for Understanding

*B for Memory Recall

*C for Application of Knowledge

*As a private tutor, it is my responsibility to make sure that each topic being taught is properly explained and that the student in question has a written note that is clear, concise and formatted, so that it is of use for their future revision...

*As each layer of knowledge is acquired it must always be :

*1. Understood (clearly), 2.Recalled (accurately) and then 3.Applied (properly).

*The ABC principles are thus the gold standard in education and we will never be fully educated until we have mastered and acknowledged all 3 principles.

Additional Notes : (all time slots are approximate timings)

  • I have the following time slots available for study: Term Time (including half-terms) only

  • Friday : 4.00-5.00pm / 6.00-7.00pm - (subject to availability)

  • Saturday : 10.00-11.00am / 12.00-1.00pm / 2.00-3.00pm / 4.00-5.00pm - (subject to availability)

  • Sunday : 10.00-11.00am / 12.00-1.00pm / 5.00-6.00pm - (subject to availability)

  • Please check lesson time availability before booking.

*Due to lesson timings and other considerations, travelling to a client is not always possible; it is however offered as an option.

  • Please confirm that all travelling arrangements have been agreed upon before purchasing my details ( and that there is (free) easy access parking for my vehicle).

*If you are a distance away, then double lessons every fortnight will be offered rather than a weekly lesson.

*If travelling to you has been confirmed, a minimum travelling fee of £2.00 will be charged if over 2 miles away from my home.

  • A minimum of 24hrs notice must be given if a booked lesson is to be cancelled;

*After the first lesson, any or all (future) lessons (from tutor or client) may be cancelled permanently at any time ; no reason need be given, except for a polite notice of cancellation - by e-mail, text …

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