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A private tutor for 20 years, I am a professional. Tutoring is my passion and I don't just do it as an extra. I'm fully aware of the issues that students have when they come to me and I am able to identify problems very quickly and know how to remedy them. This has led me to help students regain their confidence, achieve higher grades than expected, identify strong mathematicians that school have missed due to their one-size-fits-all structure, and allow students to reclaim their self-respect.

Although I charge more than the 'average' - this is why. Normally, private tutors teach the same way that the school does. But since the school method has not worked for you or your child, more of the same won't work! That's why I tutor in a completely different way.

Having taught hundreds of students in 20 years, I have a lot of experience with students who have lost their confidence, don't understand what their teacher is saying anymore, or can tackle questions in class, but not in the exam, or just feel lost. Although these are often the most common reasons my services are required, I am also able to help advanced students and push them further by testing their understanding or showing them new ways to look at ideas. I take a patient and more advanced approach for all, which has led to a 95% success rate amongst my students and 100% in 2013 and 2017 in particular.

Apart from this, I have developed my own method for doing maths far more easily which is far superior to school's outdated and pedestrian offerings. Every concept that is learnt at school is taught by me in an easier way, which leads to interesting lessons and ideas that put it into context. Everything is explained WHY it is, rather than being told 'it just is' at school. The video shows one of these many improvements. One of my students demonstrates how to multiply easily. This new method has been published by the UK's largest publisher and is also in Kindle edition form on Amazon. I get messages from people all over the world who tell me their method has 'finally' helped them, as they've struggled for years until they read my book. I have also created an online video channel for students to be able to revise a method as many times as they like!

Tutoring maths is my passion as well as my profession and it still gives me a buzz when a penny drops for a student. One of the joys of my method is that not only do you become brilliant at maths, no matter where you start from, you begin doing things that are far beyond the abilities expected, and you lose any feeling of shame and reclaim your self-respect. Parents recommend me often and I can provide over thirty separate glowing references.

As a mathematician, I am also able to detect and realise latent mathematical ability in students, as well as push those who have already been identified as being gifted and talented.

I also donate 20% of my fee to a local charity I volunteer for. Details on request.

Apart from lessons on a weekly basis, I offer a 5 day intensive GCSE course and a 7 day intensive A-level course. These have worked extremely well and every student I have taught this way has got the grade required. These are bespoke packages tailored to you. The location can be your choice, materials required are provided by me and I guarantee the grade requested. The fees for these are:

GCSE 5 - Day: £4,995
A-Level 7 - Day: £9,995

Please contact me for more details.

I offer a free 30 minute sample lesson. We can meet and I can give you an idea of how I teach and whether you feel your son or daughter (or yourself!) will progress.

However, it's difficult to tell just from this blurb what I'm like. The best thing to do is for us to meet each other. Once you've paid the fee for my details, I will refund you if you don't feel I will be right for you.

I have only relatively recently discovered this site, so my number of reviews is currently low.


Junior Certificate Maths - 1994
A* at GCSE Maths - 2009
A at A-Level Maths - 2010
BSc Pure Science (University of St Andrews) - 2002
Introduction to Engineering Mathematics (edx MOOC/University of Texas at Arlington) - 2016
Introduction to Steel (edx MOOC) - 2016
Level 3 Award in Teaching and Education - 2016
A-Level Physics - 1997
IGCSE French - 2013
IGCSE Spanish - 2013
IGCSE Italian - 2014
GCSE Polish - 2014
A-level French - 1997
French for Scientists (University module) - 2002
Grade 5 Music Theory (Merit - ABRSM) - 2014
Associate Member of the Institute of Mathematics & Its Applications
NVQ in Aeronautical Engineering - (2018)
BEng (Hons.) Engineering at the Open University (completed 2020)
NVQ in Aircraft Avionics (2019)

Current Projects:
MSc in Space Science & Mathematics
Learning Polish and Russian languages
Piano grades.

Tutoring Experience

20 years as a private tutor of all ages from 8 upwards and 2 years in secondary schools in Lincolnshire. I've tutored in Lincoln since 2005, with some work in London, online (I currently have a student in Australia!) and secondary schools in Lincoln and Cumbria. I have also published many books on my method to positive reviews. Also qualified as a adult teacher in 2016 with a Level 3 Award in Education and Training. I'm CRB checked.

Some of the 100s of students I have taught include: the daughter of 'Doctor Who', Peter Capaldi; the son of the Vice-President of Syria; and the son of Tony Cunningham, ex-Man City, Newcastle and Lincoln footballer.
I have also taught people how to tutor, one of whom went on to tutor Oliver Stokes, of Benidorm fame, on set.

The large majority of my students are on an E but are keen to get C or above. As a result I am extremely well practiced with their issues.

Tutoring Approach

My approach is to first identify any issues the student has via an assessment. From this I can develop a strategy for the student to understand maths more easily, with which they can take on board to increase in confidence, knowledge and ability. The student will begin to find maths much more easy than they had previously thought. The normal pattern is that the student has failed by using school techniques, so repeating more of the same won't work! My methods are logical, easy and intuitive.

I usually tutor at home. I also tutor online using a whiteboard.

LanguagesEnglish (British), French, Polish, Spanish
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
References Available On File


St Andrews University2002BachelorsBSc Pure Science
Open University 2020BachelorsBEng (Hons) Engineering

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Subjects taught
Casual Learner£100£90
Casual Learner£29£26.10
Mechanical EngineeringIn-personOnline
Casual Learner£50£45
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