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I am a professional Arabic teacher and a journalist with long experience in teaching Arabic for all levels. My experience in teaching Arabic for agencies and companies gave me the opportunity to deliver lessons to students from different disciplines. I taught Arabic to diplomats, politicians, journalists, and office workers. My lessons have been delivered one to one, in-person and online. I became a popular tutor on the portal and received excellent feedback from my students with 4.9 out of 5-star reviews. I was chosen as an ambassador for the company that I work for, giving a public speech at Reading University that was broadcasted on the BBC and ITV3. I have cooperated with and taught officers in global companies such as Google, McKinsey, S-RM, BBC and financial times..etc.

I am also an Arabic teacher at the Islamic Cultural Centre & London Central Mosque (ICCUK) for the last 3 academic years in London where I taught Arabic for Communication as a Foreign Language to more than 200 mature students.

Tutoring Experience

S-RM company, London. 2019-2020
• Guiding students in rich learning experiences with and application of research and reports, and understanding Arabic culture.
• Presenting an in-depth overview of sociocultural differences in the Arab world and utilising authentic material such as films, drama series and TV interviews to teach different dialects which enabling officers to use the language effectively.

The Islamic Cultural Centre, London. 2018-present
• Planning and delivering group lessons, maintaining students’ engagement and enthusiasm through subject passion and effective communication. Adopting a communicative approach, enable them to use language in authentic contexts.
• Led the course and diversified the teaching methods away from the previous reliance on ‘’chalk and talk’’ and for the first time in course history, it was approved and certified by OCN London (UK recognised Awarding Organisation ).
• Evaluated, monitored and recorded learning needs, progress and achievements of 200 adult students over three years and helped them achieve good levels of competency. Have received positive feedback from students and management staff

Chatterbox Languages, London. 2017-Present
•Teaching adult students, especially Arabic for professional and academic purposes,
using the flipped classroom methodology.
• Course and curriculum design, assessment, materials development.

Private tuition 2015-present

• Teaching Arabic for journalistic, political, and diplomatic purposes for adults.
• Delivering one to one and in group sessions using my own designed materials to help the students reach their competency level in Arabic.

Tutoring Approach

I mainly adopt the communicative approach in my lessons. The lesson will be based on the PPP format which is a paradigm used to describe typical stages of a presentation of a new language item. It means presentation, production, and practice. In the presentation stage, students are exposed to the new language item where I create a meaningful context or a situation to present the language naturally and that will prepare students for what is to follow and generate their interest.

There are many ways to present the language such as pictures, text, mime, visuals, and explanation. When the conceptual meaning of the new language has been clarified, the language should be introduced through a linguistic model which will be followed by the students’mechanical repetition. I check the student’s understanding continuously by asking concept checking questions. In CCQs I will elicit use of the new target language to check that it has been learned.

In the practice stage, learners should spend much time and attention on using the new language accurately where I guide students into the production stage, and that can be done through assigning restricted oral and written exercises. These exercises can prepare students for freer practice. In this stage, I create a safe environment for the learner to practice, and use the language while I guide, correct, and motivate. Several practice activities can be used in this stage such as drills,gap-and-cue exercises, multiple-choice exercises, transformations. I use several correction techniques such as reformation, clarification requests, oral elicitation, echoing, and elicitation through gestures.
The production stage which focuses on fluency and can give more freedom to learners to use the newly learned language. In this stage, the exercises should be more communicative, and examples should be meaningful. The activities include dialogues, presentations, and the production of sentences and texts e.g., role play. In this stage, I minimise my assistance to students and activate their autonomy.

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SOAS University of London2019PGCEPostgraduate Diploma in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language
Damascus University2011BachelorsEnglish Literature and Language

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